This week’s news without the bullshit (week 32 2019 uncensored)

Jesus fucking Christ, a lot of shit happened this week. Let’s start with Pedophilia. Billionaire and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, has been found dead in his jail cell after he was taken off of suicide watch. The circumstances of the death are at the very least suspicious, with at least one of the guards posted to his area not being a trained correctional officer. When looking at the context of the event, it would also not be difficult to imagine the death being a product of foul play. Mr. Epstein had allegedly directed an underage girl to perform sexual acts to a long list of powerful individuals. These include: Prince Andrew, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, criminal defense attorney Alan Dershowitz, former senator George Mitchell, a well known unnamed prime minister, and supposedly another member of royalty living somewhere in the world. When such a critical person dies with the knowledge to identify a large number of powerful pedophiles from around the world, It certainly seems to be a loss for Humanity. With that being said, some of the two biggest names in pedophilia finally have some competition. Moving on, North Korea continues testing missiles, the US president gets himself in more trouble, Russian democratic protesters are being censored, and more Brexit shit is happening that no one understands. Meanwhile in Hong Kong, Protesters against Chinese authorities heat up to a new height, with citizens shutting down one of the busiest international airports in the world. Thousands of protesters flooded the airport terminal building, which resulted in most flights being outright canceled. The protest was sparked by riot police shooting a woman in the face with a beanbag bullet, Potentially blinding her in the right eye, which resulted in the event slogan being: “An eye for an eye”. The airport protest has since been broken up by riot police arresting several of the participants. The Chinese government has declared these protests as acts of terrorism, and large numbers of armored carriers have been seen just thirty Kilometers from the city of Hong Kong. Many viewers will of course make connections between this scene, and another one that took place in 1989. At the same time, the world just lost an absolute metric fucking shit ton of ice, and another oil company is being dodgy. While all this was happening, India has revoked the autonomy of the region of Kashmir, meaning it is now effectively under the power of the Indian state. The Indian government has cut off all phone and Internet services in the country, Meaning that information about the situation is both hard to find and impossible to confirm. From what can be gathered, most of the current and former politicians have been arrested, the entire population of 12 million people have been put under military curfew, and there has already been at least one confirmed report of a violent incident, involving a 17 year old male. A resident political affairs in a list of the Sir Swag News team calls the entire situation “Pretty fucked up”. In American culture: Two mass shooting attempts were foiled this week, and another one has been reported to be stopped by a concerned grandmother. The attempts come just weeks after Uruguay, Japan, and even Venezuela, warn citizens from traveling to the country over concerns of mass shootings. Another shooter was taken down by an unarmed man in Norway, by a 65 year old man, and the New Zealand government has handed out millions in a firearm buyback program, five months after its tragic Christchurch massacre. The Sir Swag News team would like to pay its deepest respects to the victims of whatever mass shooting happened between this video being written, and it finally being released. Meanwhile, an elderly couple kills themselves over high medical bills, a guy who thinks the world is flat is going to launch himself in a homemade rocket, and a straight pride event organizer says this, while trying to convince his local council to let him organize an event to celebrate heterosexuality. Don Grundmann: We haven’t done anything, we’re a totally peaceful, racist group, (Laughter erupts) In more positive news, Luxembourg legalizes cannabis, and the city of Barcelona can appreciate a good set of tits. In technology: A high school student pointed out a security flaw in his school software, and was rewarded with suspension. Russia fucks with mobile Internet to annoy democratic protesters, while Hong Kong protesters instead turn to Tinder to organize events, and use Pokemon Go as an excuse to explain large organized gatherings. in entertainment: “The Boys” becomes Amazon’s highest-rated original series of all time, Disney announced its pricing for its upcoming streaming service, and the film arm of Fox makes loss of a hundred and seventy million dollars. In gaming: An Apex Legends tournament was pulled from ESPN, with the channel stating that this was done out of respect for the victims of two recent mass shootings. video games as a whole also came under fire by a longer list of high-profile US politicians, who linked the medium to the recent list of tragedies. These include Texas leftenant governor Dan Patrick, former FBI agent Maureen O’Connell, and the current US president. A study published earlier this year by Oxford University attempted to find a link between violent video games and teenage aggression, but no such connection could be found. The Sir Swag News team also attempted to find if there was less violence before the invention of video games, however, this search quickly became fruitless. Meanwhile, the new Overwatch hero goes live along with role queue, the Apex Legends microtransaction update has launched, and the 16 year old who won three million dollars in the Fortnite World Cup was swatted. This type of content doesn’t make any money from ad revenue, but viewers who want to support this clusterfuck can do so with links in the description. Cheers.

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  2. Imagine having the worst mass shooting epidemics in your country in history, and then blaming video games in 2019. Trump is Drumpf

  3. 2:14 absolutely nothing happened in that scene and those dumb naive Hongkongers prefer to back to suck British as colony instead being part of China.

    So sad 😔.

  4. This weeks news without the bullshit has me on the verge of tears. Especially the part where you put a piece in for the victims of any mass shootings that were between the days of production for this video.

  5. I'm sorry to tell you all but about the women who got shot in the face by the police, her right eye is gone and her right cheekbone fractured, meanwhile the government wished her to "get well soon". Also, police shot tear gas inside metro stations, shot protesters using pepper ball gun within a single meter, and pushed protesters down a stopped escalator. But thank you Sir Sway for telling everyone what's happening in Hong Kong. May God bless our beloved home.

  6. My prayers are with the People of Hong Kong
    You can do it!

    Also Kashmir
    wtf happened there?!
    Please keep us updated Mr Swag

  7. So for years all of us who believed in Epstein’s Pedophile Island got made fun of and now it’s just like “oh yeah it’s been common knowledge I’m smart.”

  8. Sir Swag, you are the fucking man. I love your news updates. You're the pinnacle of modern journalism.

    I say this with no trace of humour. No jokes, memes or sarcasm. You truly are the best of journalism right now. You're the fucking man.

  9. I miss the more upbeat and happy weekly news, not this depressing shit show the world decided it was gonna be this week.

  10. Decided to support you now on patreon because you just deserve it honestly and I'd be really disappointed if there wouldnt be a news video once a week

  11. 6:05 you have 400k and are basically picking at unpublished news articles shut the fuck up about support you hack!

  12. Bonus track: the Argentinian primaries election left the previous government as the obvious winner for next presidency, plus a sudden devaluation of the currency, the country is getting ready for becoming Venezuela 2.0

  13. Pro tips for those people who thought they don’t need guns to protect itself by just tackling active shooter.

    Do not tackle active shooter straight away which is 10 meters away from you.

  14. Video games makes people violent. Yeah that's a plausable explanation ignore the fact that we live in a society where money goes first before morals, also ignore the broken economies of huge powerful nations cuz of fuck ups of their past leaders, and ignore the home environment those so called "violent kids that played violent video games" grew up on you know like abusive parents neglectful parents and such just blame it on video games cuz it's fucking convinient blame the fucking things passionate (but sometimes not, fucking EA) people made blame the games that makes them a scum, trash, and useless to society then come crawling back when they're winning thousands if not millions of dollars (or yen cuz I live in Japan) from those "violent and useless games" its always like that every single fucking time it happens like me I got kicled out of the house cuz I'm useless so what did I do? I checked my wallet and I have enough money to sustain me for 2 weeks and what I did I grinded very very fucking hard on every game I know PUBG CS GO DoTA 2 etc. then I entered every small tournaments near the netcafe I'm staying and I played again and again till at the end of the month I won at least 4 very small tournaments then mom called amd saud she want's me back on the house sounding all pround and shit I got back to the house and packed my things cuz I'm getting the fuck out of the hellhole and here I am with my (ex internet) gf sitting here watching Godzilla KOTM in Chiba cuddling like 2 cats on a cold night ( just to be clear I'm a girl too so yeah)

  15. Soooo is noone gonna help the Chinese people overthrow their disgustin ass government? Those riot police would be dead if the people had gun rights, js.

  16. That elderly couple suicide made me really sad. I would hate for my grandparents to ever go through something like that

  17. 3:09 its not true, sprongfield guy was doing 2nd amendment audit, he didn't want to shoot up walmart, he filmed the whole debackle

  18. All I can do is hope the planet implodes with the old fucks who don't care about the global warming they are worsening before they die of old age.

  19. I will not eat any tacos this month out of respect for dogs who fell off airplanes.

    What? They're about as related as videogames and mass shootings.

  20. Its your local Hong Konger here again and yes, the female that got blasted in the eye was confirmed blind in her right eye and we literally have a protest about fighting for her eye back, please bomb our city so I don’t have deal with this shit anymore

  21. I mean, we never had any video game incidents in Slovenia, but watch out! If I get mad, I'm going to fucking shoot my school with ink!

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