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what kind of role models do we have if we have role models and where do you see these kinds of role models social media some what are y'all seeing on social media I'm an educator I teach eighth grade humanities so it's an infusion of history and English with a heavy heavy emphasis on literacy I am bridging education and activism I make them question exactly the things that I'm questioning but from their own way and we walk down those streets and we look at these places and and on our walk we look at how the city looks we look at their own neighborhoods and we talk I started recording all my lessons because I needed to be able to show and this is before I was a leader in leadership but I wanted to show like no our kids can do this and so I started making videos and just putting them up because of my home being very abusive I knew I wanted to leave I had to get out of there and my mom she kind of experienced the same thing with my grandmother before I was born and so she ran away at 15 and she ended up you know so coming to the streets and so although I can't run away I have to go to college that's the only way out my story is what allows me to see my students and push them I can put myself in their shoes and then say what would I have needed or wanted in that reason for being insecure in life what's yours is already yours I'm going to say what's mine is mine I love seeing them take something that they're like what is it big body in their leg how he means it you know and it's like teaching them like you don't have to change your accent you don't have to you don't have to say say it the way you think you need to say it you're smart just the way you are if you're teaching anything that has literature it is your responsibility it is your responsibility to make sure that these kids walk away with a voice and everyone doesn't have to have the same passion and fight and it doesn't have to mirror yours mine is education there's to be something totally different but it's spark that help them find that before they go because everyone should be standing for something an affirmation means it is done and you say it like it is done how can we fix that to be an affirmation [Applause] hey NBC News viewers thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching

  1. So she pushes her activism on a captive audience of students? This political indoctrination is why public schools are subpar to charter schools that concentrate on education.

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