This Queer Muralist Is Turning Her Art Into Activism

I think the average person goes about their nine-to-five and drops out their kid at school and isn't actively thinking about issues that don't affect them directly murals are a non-traditional way of getting out these messages of disruption and of like throwing a grander wrench in the machine that's meant to keep them just going on and on and on and not thinking about anyone other than themselves [Applause] my name is Jessica savoir and I am a first generation colombian-american muralist living in Daly City California I'm the daughter of two Colombian immigrants and so when I went to college I could only be a doctor or lawyer I started to become politicized during my time at UCSD so I was a political science major and after I graduated there's no way I was going to put on a suit and tie and work for some congressmen I was terrified of everything that I was doing and I was researching and I was seeing guys out there doing it like there was Shep or fear II there was they would show there was like all these just like dudes out there and I wish at the time I had someone you know like me to be able to teach me but unfortunately all there was was books and YouTube every time I begin a mural or a public art project it sort of begins as a research project who lives there what are the demographics that lived there who are the people that are gonna be impacted by this mural initially when I began it was about throwing images that look like myself or my community into public space and sort of forcing people to understand that we all live amongst each other the impact I may never know you know and that's okay you know once it's out there belongs to the people it belongs to the community if I don't see something then I have to create it if I don't feel that XYZ is being represented enough that I have to physically be the one to go out and create it I recently did a mural honoring the life of Chyna Gibson a black trans woman that was murdered last year let alone given the space to be able to depict what is relevant to our communities in our line of work that you can see around town most murals and public art are not created to challenge the viewer to reflect upon people other than themselves we're being chastised for who we are in public space my way to take up public space is to challenge that right back and say this is who I am this is who we are over here we're not going anywhere and what are you going to do to protect us and to stand up for us you

  1. Wow!! I didn't know it was a woman who did these murals! I've seen her work in Los Angeles and always just assumed it was another dude street artist. This is great. And she's a queer hispanic like me 🙂

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