1. Can anyone stop hating her? I mean, come on, she's our only chance we're gonna get to avoid Article 13– I said too much, haven't I?

  2. I can’t believe how turned off I am to this. It’s going in one ear and out the other. I can’t even get myself to listen to her. Just get out. You sat down with the opposition because you have one goal. To sell us into slavery. Evil witch.

  3. No one cares what you believe. We don’t believe in you. We believe you are a traitor so just go. May is the worst of the worst. A liar and a traitor. It makes me sick to my stomach just listening to her.

  4. She is the faakin worst ever prime minister …and that's some going when you think of some of the other faakin worst candidates like Bliar, Broon and Cameron. Even 5 year olds have known for ages that all these lackeys are servants of the rothschild zionists who own and run the disunited kingdom. She is undoubtedly the worst specimen ever…in a toxic pond reeming full of shit.

  5. just leave with out deal..

    germany will not stand for it and give the correct deal
    we are so anal about a small number of people in the EU vs the world population
    mps who dont want brexit just block it it makes not differance what the deal is to them
    we need to sign deal with the world TODAY and not when they tell us we can do these deals
    we need to grow a set of balls and if the snp whine then we should invade the weak country and take control and save them from the poor management the snp member are given there people

  6. She will go down in history as one of the most loathed, treacherous Prime Ministers in history.
    The woman has no shame.
    Goodbye Salad fingers….you will not be missed.

  7. "make our own supreme court genuinely supreme" you mean as opposed to individuals being able to use their rights as EU citizens to appeal to a more powerful court system to answer questions the Supreme Court cannot or to rectify injustices done by a social unaware judiciary? Oh and then hold the state accountable for its injustice? Yep sounds about right

  8. So implementing a badly informed first decision is better than an informed change of mind?
    And no deal is better than a bad deal.

  9. I met Mrs May twice when I lived in Henley (not personal but in the same room). She is not a bad person but is underwhelming. It might be her lack of children or her health issues with diabetes etc. She talks a good talk but doesn't get much done. I remember also back in the day being shocked when she went head-to-head with the U.K. police, cutting hours and rates etc. She caused much grief. She has never had a sense of reality.

  10. Hey any brave lefties here , british steel you know …have a think . well by eu laws the gov are not allowed to bail it out only to pile more debt on it …. have a think remainers …think

  11. Second Referendum a) Leave under WTO terms (negotiate after leaving), b) Remain (revoke Article 50), or c) General election ?

  12. BBC are fake news. Anyone who believes a word of their propaganda needs to seriously look at their life and wonder why they are so brainwashed.. Theresa may would of gotten the gallows years ago, lucky for her aye.

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