The wall of eyes trained on the US – Mexico border

I want to put my hand in the border. I’m standing in the United States, it’s 103
degrees, and I’m looking across a river into Mexico. If someone wanted to they
could just swim across in like, two minutes. Border patrol has all of these mechanisms for making sure that
doesn’t happen. Eyes in the sky. GPS coordinates. Conex box. Motion X. Raid tower. ATVs. There’s a laser. Alpha 5. Shallow draft rain vessel. One sensor. Another sensor. Tactical operation centers. Binos. Scouts. Mobile units. Agents on horseback. There’s been all this talk about building a wall on our southern border. It could cost up to
seventy billion dollars. We’re building the wall. We’re building the
wall, folks. We’re building the wall. Turns out there already is kind of a
wall. In addition to the hundreds of miles of physical wall that exists,
there’s a wall of technology, of surveillance, where people and technology
and infrastructure spend days and nights staring at the border. That’s what I
went down to Texas to look at and I want to understand if the billions of dollars
that we spend on this technology is actually worth it. These white blimps, which are actually
called aerostats, are tethered to the ground. And they have cameras on them. These
cameras can zoom in to miles and miles away to see what’s going on in the
ground. They can see in the dark with infrared. They’re able to see any sort of
movement. This thing is called a raid tower. I just spent like 20 minutes
inside of the control room. Man, we were able to like zoom in on people on the
other side of the border and it was like super clear and perfectly focused. Then
you have seismic sensors. It’s picking up movement. Sensors are set up to kind of create a path. Let’s say you have one sensor go off. A few minutes later, another sensor goes off. So that lets the agent know that they’re taking
a certain route. Now, if it’s that one sensor and another sensor: okay they’re
taking another route. And you know how long it takes from point A to get all
the way to, let’s say, the highway. So it kind of gives us an opportunity to gauge
the amount of time that we have to respond. Another way the border patrol
does this job is with motion sensor cameras. Basically, cameras that are out
in the middle the brush that have motion trackers on it. So when someone walks by,
it takes a photo. Hunters actually use these to track, like, deer. And they can
see where deer are by taking a picture of them whenever they come in front of
the camera. Down in this area of southern Texas, there’s not a lot of walls, but
they use the walls strategically to funnel people to other places: other
parts of the border that don’t have walls, but where they have cameras and
where they have a lot of eyes. Now it’s time to go on some boats with
the border patrol. You have to get past us before you can even touch dry land. One of the tricky things about this specific sector, is that there’s a really
windy river that goes throughout the entire thing. Because of that a straight
line between two cities might be a hundred miles, but it covers 300 river
miles. No matter how much fancy technology they have here to stare at the border, the most important function and skill that these border patrol
agents have, is what they call cutting sign. There’s brand new fresh sign right there. There’s gotta be somebody here right now. What’s that? There’s somebody here right now. Sign can be anything: it can be a boot print, matted down grass, stuff left behind. His heel right here and how it’s kicked up,
that tells us that he’s running. They use old hunting techniques in order to find
out: who was in an area, where they went, how many people, what they were carrying.
Over the years these border patrol agents have developed a keen sense for
tracking down migrants. The Native Americans did tracking. It goes way back. If you’re hunting, you track. Might be a child. You never want to see children making this trip. One of the benefits to having the border patrol be this collection of people and
technology, is that you can move it around. Instead of having permanent
infrastructure always in one spot, you’re able to have this kind of fluid range of assets. We’re constantly adapting. We’re constantly looking at new technology and
different aspects that we can throw in their way. All of this costs us a lot of
money. The border patrol’s budget is 14 times bigger than it was in 1990. It’s just
gotten bigger and bigger every single year. A lot of that increase in budget is
going into this new technology, into this infrastructure. And so the next question
is: is this actually effective? Only 30% of the people who are actually crossing
into our country get caught by the border patrol, 30%. Even with all of this
technology and all these people and all of these mechanisms for staring at the
border, including walls, they still have a very difficult time keeping people from
entering our country. So in American politics if we’re gonna have this
discussion about securing our border, we need to come to terms with the fact that
this is an expensive and very complicated enterprise. And the idea that we can put
up a wall or any other technology that would just solve the problem is ignorant
and naive to the reality on the ground.

  1. Almost done filming for Vox Borders! I've been to Japan, the Arctic, Haiti, and Mexico. Still have Spain and Nepal.

    If you're interested in following the project, the best way to do it is Facebook:

    The six full docs. will be released in Fall, can't wait to share them with you all.

    – Johnny

  2. If this surveillance was as good as you apparently want us to believe, why do we have millions of ‘illegals’ in the United States?

    Answer please…literally millions

  3. For anyone who doesnt support the wall, you have to realize, they arent paying taxes. The one thing that keeps our country running

  4. Physical barrier + observation + patrol = safe border. If you have thousands of migrants (currently 100,000 in Mexico) you NEED a wall to slow them down, so that patrol has time to react. There is major demographic explosion in failed countries who are good only at reproduction.

  5. Your statement that "a wall already exists" is not truthful. Yes, IN SOME PLACES there is a wall, but you failed to state the true situation. We do NOT have a 30-foot wall extending from the gulf in Texas to the ocean in California (excluding the regions that have natural non-passable barriers). We have many sections with very short walls, and we have sections with virtually NOTHING fences, AND (get this) we have sections with walls but where the walls have huge holes in them where doors were supposed to go, but no doors were ever added! (WTF?) So, this 30% figures is also VERY misleading. You are giving an average across the entire border, with many areas leaking like a sieve. Why not tell the statistics of the areas with 30-foot walls? Because then you would have to state a figure closer to 90%, that's why.

    You think your "matter-of-fact" calm manner is going to make up for the lack of factual rigour? I'm 100% sure that you did NOT get the border patrol's permission to publish that documentary, and you selectively edited it in a manner that goes against their wishes. They WANT a 30-foot wall, as such a wall WILL make a huge difference! Shame on you for trying to slow that down, or perhaps even to prevent it!

  6. So is this guy trying to deny the illegals that are streaming across the boarder despite having there's picture taken?

  7. Funny how the Host waits at the very end of this Clip to to say he is Anti Wall . Trump 2O20 Build the Wall !!!.

  8. Check the whole picture of the southern border! We are over run by illegals! Build the wall all along the Texas border!

  9. Man those Border patrol agents ain't s*** without those technology f**** gadgets and mtvs f**** a 🏇

  10. We need to divide the country into half. One with immigrant lovers and the other with Conservatives / White.
    Just like the way India and Pakistan were divided in 1947.

  11. If the law was changed to the death penalty . It would reduce the amount of people. I’m not saying to do so. Just saying following the law or stronger laws. That are followed . And not ignored would help

  12. What about Germany? They keeper people out with guards on walls all a long the wall with GUNS, SHOOT TO KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Build the Wall ! we spend $113 billion on welfare and give-away programs every years for Illegals, they are killing the taxpayers of America ! Central America is flooding over our Boarders! Soros and Pueblo Sin Fronteras are funding the caravans, they want to bankrupt America !

  14. We definitely need the wall also! I grew up in McAllen TX and we still have a home there but I would not live there again for a billion dollars!!! The Mexican drug dealers own South Tx now. We need to stop all immigrants coming into our country. We need more funding to help our border control agents and a very, very tall wall that goes into the ground at least 20 feet with censors on it!

  15. A US embassy should be built in Sonoyta MX , for border crossing detainees and asylum seekers.

  16. A US embassy should be built in Sonoyta MX , for border crossing detainees and asylum seekers.

  17. You assume that you know more… as for the cost the govt gives away billions to foreign countries and estimates (conservative) are that illegal immigration costs us $113 billion annually, but the cost in lives of the crime that transits the border far exceeds the monetary costs… tell an Angel Family they are ignorant and naive to their face… as a taxpayer for more years than you might have been alive I disagree with you… I would rather have my taxes going to this than the Dept of Ed which in my 21 years of teaching did nothing to help me in my estimation. There are many other govt expenditures I would rate a lower priority… finally we are still incentivizing illegal immigration… once we take away the jobs magnet and profit from crossing the border it will trend down dramatically.. the wall is only a part of it… I think it is working as those advocating open borders are having to ramp up their spending and advertising and lie to those they are marketing to. The agents think walls work too. Enough said.

  18. We know all that… so what is the solution.
    Oh yeah closing the loopholes; The major components of immigration control are:

    o The wall,

    o Electronic countermeasures,

    o E-verify,

    o Extreme vetting,

    o Orderly, merit-based legal immigration,

    o A 5-year ban on welfare and food stamps for any legal alien in the USA

    o No aids to illegal aliens,

    o Heavy fines and jail for employers of illegals.

    o Enforcement of laws. Not opinions of leftist fake judges.

    o Robust ice,

    o End of visa lottery,

    o Ensuring that our system welcomes new legal and well qualified immigrants,

    o And ensuring that all immigration laws respect the principles of due process on which this country is based.


    o Detection,

    o Express arrest,

    o Confinement,

    o Incarceration of parents who send kids to cross the border risking their lives,

    o Criminals locked up

     REMOVAL: robust legal system, express legal processing, express deportation.

    o Express deportation,

    o Deportation for felonies including DUI, illegal voting, conspiration for human traffic, ID theft or fraud.

  19. A wall will make a lot of the people at least think twice before trying to come over and a lot of them will not be able to make it over so we do need something

  20. People are like water, they will find their way. Important is that once you find out that they reach illegally, then deport them immediately.

  21. If you are an environmentalist then you should know that borders fluctuate all the time.
    If you are a historian, crowns roll in the dust and rust corrupts the coin.
    So is a border defined by a wall or anything physical? No, it is a product of the spirit and will. Technology be damned if it conquers my will, utopia will be a virtual reality where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Geopolitical monism shall only result in the marriage of Heaven and Hell. For there is no more a defining border than the one you cannot see, one that time isn't tied to, a wall of existence in writing; "My kingdom is not of this world."

  22. Illegals are crossing our borders in great numbers each day technology is not working, the wall needs to be built, get your facts straight you are out of touch.

  23. It’s very unfortunate that people don’t have respect for other countries borders and exactly why we need a very high and deep physical barrier system.

  24. If there was a wall the patrol wouldnt have to babysit the border so much and could do other things.

  25. But to not do anything is the same as giving up. Walls work at slowing down and diverting them to more heavily guarded areas

  26. i think your final conclusion is dead wrong. walls work, and Mexicans understand the need for walls as almost every business, home and hotel has a wall around it with secutity. if they can't afford a wall, they have a barking dog.

  27. Apuesto a que un letrero que indique que se encontrarán con una fuerza letal haría maravillas para disuadirlos de que simplemente ingresen.

  28. A glitzy pseudo-documentary with cutesy music doing a superficial and ineffective job of exploring the issue.

  29. I use to know a guy who i met when i flew to california. He said he came from Honduras and literally walk 30 min. He said the smugler was doing business with the border patrol, border patrol actually help him cross too USA

  30. A wall we won't be able to escape the US oppression coming. More like a firing squad wall. Escape the madness while you can! I'm accepting donations to leave, if you wish to help.

  31. Motion detect operated mingun every 100 yards. Or we could go low tech and man them with civilian volunteers. Who needs a fence.


  33. So what if you can see what's happening when you can't change anything by knowing we are being invaded. We need to be able to STOP what's happening and that takes a WALL. Facts are we are being invaded so this technology AIN'T WORKING. Build the damn Wall. Nancy Pelosi has a wall around her estate. Wonder why if they don't work like she says.

  34. Maybe expensive to build a wall but not as expensive as the billions we are paying for FREE STUFF for illegal alien invaders.

  35. How much the USA spends medicare or education again? If you are spending more money on the border than your education/medicare, you are doing it wrong. The USA is spending more money on killing people than saving lives.

  36. Not sure about the final premise. Ask anyone living on the wrong side of the Berlin Wall. They kept that pretty tight. Never mind Berlin. East west Germany was sealed tight.

  37. He's right, a wall won't put definitive stop to border crossing, however it will reduce the number of migrants who cross illegally.

  38. But the wall would be so cool! Look at the Chinese wall, so old and people still traveling to see it. Oh wait… they shouldn't be traveling, something went wrong there.

  39. Is it worth it? Ask the parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents & friends of people whom got murdered by illegal immigrants.

  40. What a whack conclusion. Did u expect people with brains to believe this nonsense story? You can't compare that system you document with what Trump is building. A mix match hodgepodge of some wall, sensors…to a 30 foot continuous wall stretching the vast majority of border. More misinformation from lying libs. When will it stop?

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