The Untold Truth Of Mike Bloomberg’s Girlfriend Diana Taylor

Since Mike Bloomberg is currently competing
for the 2020 Democratic nomination for President of the United States, media scrutiny has been
intense for the new guy going up against Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie
Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and the rest of the now-dwindling Democratic pack. And while many know Bloomberg as the billionaire
former mayor of New York City, details about his personal life tend to be less in the spotlight. For instance, the 78-year-old has been dating
former New York State Superintendent of Banks Diana Taylor for 20 years, and even she admits
she’s a bit of a unicorn. In fact, she told the Washington Post in February
2020, quote, “I’m a unicorn in a unicorn campaign.” So what do we know about her and her connection
with the former mayor? In their two decades together, the pair hasn’t
tied the knot, and 65-year-old Taylor admitted to the Post, “Nobody’s come up with the language around
what we are.” She’s not a fan of the phrase “girlfriend,”
saying it sounds “so temporary” and “very junior high.” But no matter what you call Taylor, one thing
is clear: She’s a huge supporter of the 12th richest man in the world’s campaign, telling
the Post, “He is a man of incredible capabilities and
resources. I’ve always thought that he’d be a really
good president.” “Michael Bloomberg is a man of total and complete
integrity.” Similarly, Bloomberg thinks highly of his
partner, telling Harper’s Bazaar in 2011, “She’s very smart, very driven, very insightful,
and she’s capable of doing anything.” Even though she campaigns for her partner,
Taylor doesn’t get stuck in Bloomberg’s shadow. The Greenwich, Connecticut native has always
been a career woman through and through. Outside of the state-level banking oversight
gig she’s perhaps best known for, she’s held several high-profile jobs, including managing
director at Wolfensohn Fund Management, a private equity firm. Taylor attended Dartmouth as an undergrad
and got an MBA from Columbia University. Throughout her career, she’s had a go-with-the-flow
attitude, telling the Observer in 2011, “I’ve never really planned anything. I’ve basically seen opportunities as they
come up and they’ve turned out to be really good ones.” Being so busy is apparently what keeps her
relationship balanced. In that same profile, she said of Bloomberg, “He’s doing his thing and I have my life,
too, and things that are important to me.” But unlike her partner, Taylor opted out of
politics, despite reportedly being approached by Republicans to run for Hillary Clinton’s
Senate seat in 2010. She later told Harper’s, “It wasn’t the right time. I want to make a difference, and how I’m doing
that now is through the not-for-profit work.” She felt like if she was a, quote, “junior
member of a minority party,” she wouldn’t be able to accomplish all she would’ve wanted. While Bloomberg has two adult daughters with
his ex-wife Susan Brown, including Georgina, seen here with her dad and Taylor at the 2016
U.S. Open, Bloomberg and Taylor, who is also divorced, haven’t had any children together. Not having kids reportedly helped her career
to take off, as Taylor told the Observer, “I never had to run home and help anybody
with their homework. That was a whole very time-consuming aspect
I didn’t have to worry about…You have to do what you’re comfortable with and what makes
you happy and that’s not the same for everybody.” The reason behind that choice is pretty simple,
too. She told the Post, “I never had kids because there was never
anyone I wanted to have kids with. I define myself first and foremost as I’ve
had a fairly successful career. I define myself by my family: my parents or
my brother or sister and their families.” Just like her partner, Taylor only recently
became a registered Democrat. She met Bloomberg, in fact, at a 2000 business
luncheon, telling Harper’s Bazaar, “We were seated next to each other because
I was the only Republican in the room.” In a 2011 interview, Taylor self-identified
as a Republican, but clarified to the Observer, “I’m socially very liberal. I don’t understand why anybody cares who marries
who. I think that guns should not be in the hands
of criminals, and I’m rabidly-pro-choice. It’s nobody else’s business, and I’m fiscally
quite conservative.” She was also hyper-critical of then-President
Obama, saying, “For somebody’s who’s going to come in and
be the great unifier, you know, that hopey-changey stuff, it hasn’t worked very well.” Taylor told the Post in February 2020 that
she knows which side she’s on these days, saying, “I’m sort of a unique partner of a presidential
candidate on a lot of different levels. I think I have a pretty good idea of who I
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  1. Will the commitee for banking oversight, and the other corporations she worked for be there at her funeral saying what a great worker, we miss her? No. Far better to chose children over a career and have a meaningful life and loves than a vapid corporate existence.

  2. How do u date for 20 years? I never had to rush home to do home work? Not having children really help my career take off? What a slap in the face of real women who make sacrifices and actually are the foundation of the society they profit off of. Smh
    …… loser.

  3. Is this just another hit site brought to you by the demlibaturds? …Slam Laura and praise Bloomie and his gf. ….yeah right. A slam site. Thanks for being obnoxious and obvious.

  4. I don't know what to think. For someone who has been with Bloomberg for 20 years, I would have said if you can't marry me, hit the road. Bloomberg is only running for president so Trump can win. He is afraid if a Democrat wins he will be paying taxes on his billions.

  5. I never had any kids for that EXACT same reason- never met anyone i wanted to have kids with.
    And my bloodtype gave me big problems when i did get pregnant a couple times( miscarries, blood clotting, etc)
    So i get it
    But she was fetting RICH, i wasnt

  6. He may be able to buy NY voters but good luck with the rest of the country. Rich doesn't mean you have integrity. Who cares about his girl friend.

  7. Nicki swift is campaigning for Bloomberg here. This wasn't the same as her other videos. Bloomberg probably paid for this video. Not a great look for Nicki swift.

  8. He didn’t get married because if he did he would have to split his resources with her and if they divorce he would lose a lot of wealth. Bloomberg didn’t become one of the most powerful business people in the world for no reason, he’s incredibly intelligent.

  9. Mike, Joe, and Bernie are 80 years old. 80 is too old to be president, Everyone knows how quickly a President changed. And no way do we allow anyone to buy the nomination!

  10. Of course she is going to deceitfully mention how wonderful he is AND how resourceful he is. She is the recipient of his offerings.

  11. Bloomberg obviously has something to hide or why have NDA? He is just like Trump and will bring the same results that Trump does. Lower taxes for the rich and laws that keep the little guy down. He is not the right person for the job.

  12. In case of a heart attack, do not attempt revival! He already has had one heart attack. Hes 80 years old. Game Over foe him₩! I dont csre how nice his woman is.

  13. Who cares doomberg
    can go kick rocks with
    out shoes for what he
    did to the Black and
    Hispanics communities
    with his stop and frisk
    that destroyed thousands
    of families he lock up for
    no reason.

  14. B.S. WHAT are you doing in China pimping your 16 yr. Old daughter to Chinese businessmen? Shame on you. AND you were on Epstein plane where you were given the name mini Mike. Looks like your girlfriend lies just like you.

  15. None of those democrats are good for America. Really wish the media and celebs would stop putting them up on a pedestal when they really don’t care what happens to the vast majority of Americans.
    I’m afraid we will never get a decent candidate on either side ever again.

  16. Hes a total rasis against woman and blacks like he said just throw um against the him farmers that work there ass off and feed the country are no good. And any one that runs a metal or machine shop are totally stupid…he is so rasis it pathetic..he Evan told one pregnant woman to get rid of her maybe that's why this lady don't have no kids..he probly told her if you do your out..he a joke ..hes been wated on hands and foot his whole life that he thinks any one one else us beneath him….

  17. Jim Jordan is a big liar….Ask him if he will take a lie detector test…..Those young boys suffered because of him…. He should resign from his job… he does not deserve it.

  18. Bloomers Undid All the Good that Rudy had done for NY. He pissed me off when he took away the last of the free parking in Manhattan. It used to be nice to take a ride to the city and see the sights. Now you have to use a bloomy parking garage.

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