The Spanish moments of the Democratic debate, translated

  1. Trump already won when these fools starting yapping in spanish. What a disgrace to America.

    -From an asian guy

  2. Pathetic, useless bunch of tools… the lot of them. What an embarrassment. I expect nothing more from the Democratic screw up of a party.

  3. LOL. I am left leaning but this lineup is a clownshow.
    It is an English speaking country.
    They are also outright lying about Trump.
    Since when is controlling the border demonising immigrants?
    Public healthcare is fine if it is citizens only, extention of it to the whole world is crazy.
    The working class will be taxed to death!


  5. So I lived in America, went to school in America, and even have 4 degrees from several American universities. Why the F do I have to go somewhere to translate what they said into English so I know what they are saying?
    I wonder if they figured out hardly anyone wants them in the USA, so they are going to try to expand our boards across the world. Seriously, after these stunts I doubt they really think they will win. Like other than them not being Trump and saying they want to help non citizens over citizens. What are they actually going to do if they win? I know 1 of them is for some bus policy in the 1970, I know another is just against big business, and that's pretty much it other than anti Trump and open boarders.

    What I fear is what happens after Trump is done with his 2 term. Like I don't trust any republicans, and I really really don't trust dems. At least the ones that run the show.

  6. Why the hell are they speaking Spanish?!! When will they understand that stuff like this doesn't matter. O__o

  7. If you can't speak/read/write English, then you have no business voting in an election in the United States of America. That would cancel out the need to speak a foreign language to potential voters.

  8. I don't mind if the Democrats beat Donald Trump in 2020. With that being said, they need to a LOT better than this. This is MANIPULATION.

  9. I find it funny how nobody in the comments respect these pandering, manipulate politicians. YouTubers are smarter than I give them credit for. Thanks for having at least a dozen brain cells, everybody! <3

  10. Socialism and Democratic Socialism cannot solve the problems we created in the nations of the world by ignoring the written wisdom of our Creator, Savior and God in the Bible.

    Socialism like most governments lures us to a lifetime of glorified slavery called employment to pay taxes for wages and unnecessary projects that make more employment to lure more people away from the true freedom and abundance our Creator designed for all.

    Raising the minimum wage is not a solution, it raises the cost of almost everything for our people.. The solution is to end costs and taxes for unnecessary projects, so the price of food and goods goes down for equal benefit to all.

    We cannot escape the bondage, pollution, diseases and afflictions and conflicts and wars until we forsake the wrong way and embrace the right way. The decision should be easy for all; we can exchange health care insurance bills and disease for good health, peace and joy.

  11. Being from a Mexican family, This debate was so cringey to watch. The jig to speak Spanish only hurt them. Really?? Spanish? just to pander for votes?? I'm sorry but this is an American election coming up, and you isolated so many Americans with that ploy. Talk about desperation.

  12. The most unAmerican thing to do is to leave linguicides forgotten and speaking another coloquial language at the face of thousands of indigenous Americans

  13. Ill translate for u folks…BETO "i got caca…."COREY "daaee daee daaaaaa…eeèe..taco bell taaaaaaaaaaaa

  14. This was quite laughable. I hope they continue to speak more Spanish so I can get a good laugh at how terrible they sound.

  15. These 2 clowns are pandering along with the rest of the democrats running for top job. Its pretty sad to see Americans stooping in desperate ways just for botes but offer nothing to beat trump

  16. As a general rule- don't embarrass yourself in public pretending to be fluent in a language you aren't- to people who speak better English than your awful Spanish.

  17. My mom was saying Spanish curse words at Booker coz he butchered the language while the rest of us were laughing our asses off

  18. Please dont pander to me I'm a latino. But I speak English and im here legally. I find it highly condescending when you speak spanish.

  19. So disrespectful to the American people to speak a foreign language when answering questions at a debate. Does someone need to remind them what position they are running for? Speak English. I guess now we know where their loyalties really lie. If they don’t even have the decency of speaking English at a debate for the position of presidency of the United States, then I know they won’t have America’s best interest if they ever got into office. Disgusting.

  20. 😒Lawd HAM🍖Mercy,,,,🙄neither one of them were interested in reaching out to Latino voters until they saw Julian Castro,I don't know who in da HELL they trying to be🤣😂… fake,,,CORNEY Booker should've dropped out long time ago with Ol'rookie 😂🤣

  21. Bonjour, je ne sais pas de quoi tu parles.

    नमस्ते। मुझे नहीं पता कि तुम क्या कह रहे हो

    Namaste. mujhe nahin pata ki tum kya kah rahe ho.


    Nǐ hǎo. Wǒ bù zhīdào nǐ dàodǐ zài shuō shénme.

    Merhaba. Ne diyorsun bilmiyorum.

    Sawubona. Angazi ukuthi uthini isihogo. In other words: hello, I don't know what you are saying.

  22. I wish it included the question being asked in English, it makes it so much funnier when you hear the spontaneity of the Spanish speaking

  23. Man, Robert Francis, even in Spanish you're wrong. We're not a democracy. Say it with me, politicians: Constitutional Republic

  24. This would be like someone standing up to become prime minister of Britain and speaking Arabic… they would absolutely get crushed in the election

  25. This is a disgrace. The founding fathers intended for America to be a white English speaking country. This is a fact. They would be turning in their graves to see the cesspool it has become today.

  26. caray, probablemente los hispanos en los Estados Unidos se sientan representados si estos candidatos usan sus habilidades con el idioma para ese fin, está claro que O'Rourke lo tiene más fácil que Booker, sin embargo ojalá se enfoquen principalmente en las urgentes necesidades de los estadounidenses respecto a la economía y el empleo

  27. So did the Latino Americans who are eligible to vote forget how to speak English? Why not start speaking Vietnamese, tagalog, and Chinese ?

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