1. This is an idiotic talking point for 3 reasons.
    1. Erdogan is not a right wing populist, he is an Islamic theocrat.
    2. The most tyrannical institutions in the world have been far left wing governments like the Bolsheviks of the Soviet Union that murdered 50 million civilians.
    3. It is not the populists that will erode our rights. Just the opposite. The populists are rebelling because the current leaders are eroding everyone's rights. Freedom of speech is already gone in most of Europe. People are monitored on the Internet and are thrown into prison for thought crimes. The democratic process is being ignored as has been shown by the British leaders refusing to implement Brexit. People's cultures are being uprooted and destroyed by unlimited immigration against their will. The globalist agenda of Jewish bankers is being forced on people when they would far rather maintain their national cultural identity.

  2. Dictatorship comes when people stop listening too one another. A dictatorship is what is required to hold a polarized nation together, often with force and intimidation, sometimes through manipulation. When the population is more interested in their rights rather than their responsibilities too one another.

  3. Steps to tyranny
    1. Take a culturally and ethnically homogenous nation and label it racist ie: its too brown and buddhist or it's too white and christian (which is racist)
    2. Implement racism to "fix" racism by implementing racist policies to "fix" racism ie: import masses of forigners.
    3. Have no arbitrary point at which diversity is acheived in percentage wise or in makeup or whether diversity can actually be achievable at all since everyone needs to speak the same language and follow similar customs and so therefore the unintended result is homegeneity anyway.
    4. Since people lose their identity through homogenity and lose their way of life and language of their home culture…. people conclude that any attempts for them to preserve their culture is racism.
    5. You then attempt to "fix" this racism by banning racism and "hate speach" by implementing more racist policies on a "recalcitrant" population (like the English did to the Irish or the chinese to qigers)….
    6. You then create a facist liberal state to tell those non-compliant people to behave themselves….. sensor internet, close bank accounts, jail people….. etc etc….
    7. Have no actual meaning with labels…. eg: "white nationalism" can only be used for westerners. You can't call Indians "Brown nationalists" or Japanese "yellow nationalists". Never define terms like hate speech because its so nebulous that any kind of speech can be deemed hate speech.

  4. Be it right-wing populism or Left-wing Globalism Justin Trudeau and Hilary Clinton's dream of a strong central Gouverment ruling every aspect of the country with little power to the Provinces or the States. A open global market around the world with the elite running everything.
    Either way the little man is screwed and NOT free.
    Just getting away with the political interference of a big company's trial that was most likely criminal in Canada Justin Trudeau and his Liberal left wing gouverment covered it up. Be it left-wing or right-wing they have full control.

  5. Hitler and Stalin were both progressives that believed they were building a better and unified Europe. The threat is from the progressives that want to control other countries not nationalists that want their own country to prosper.

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