The SECRET to MANIFESTING ANYTHING You Want With The Law Of Attraction! (In As Little as 24 Hours!)

  1. wow you make it look so easy! whenever i see your videos i feel like i can do anything! Thank you,and happy solstice to everyone😊

  2. Awesome video as always
    I suggest you do a favor for your fans ( us ) and make a program sleep video fulled with self esteem speech so we can do self brain wash when we fall a sleep

  3. Since we are not our body (avatar), if we focus our intent from our consciousness (rather than our subconscious) level, then we won't manifest anything.

    So by taking action that is directed by our intellect, we won't manifest anything.

    It must come from our being level – the subconscious.

    Problem is, most of us are not aware of our subconscious level.

    That is why few of us could manifest our desires so we give up.

    Me including!

  4. This is amazing videos.. I am most grateful.. ThankYou 💖 just that I found her talks so fast with that heavy American accent.. preferably with English accent n slower pace if you may in the coming futures.. 😀

  5. This is a great video. Personally for me the most profound portion of manifesting is the period of time between the decision to do something and the obtainment of the goal. This is where the magic of the universe steps in if you have faith in your outcome and you create a bridge between the decision and the obtainment of your goal. You must withhold judgement and not think negative thoughts in order to create a void for the universal consciousness to step in and help you with people, circumstances and events. You must give the universe the opportunity to help you by giving it a safe space to do so in which you have no negativity or doubts, only love and confidence in the outcome.

    I am reminded of the Disney song When you wish upon a star. Walt Disney was a DeMolay and honorary Freemason and used its principles throughout his lifetime to create great things. The song lays out the process of manifestation from beginning to end. From the wishing upon a star for the desired outcome, all creation comes from a single point of light. You hold on to your faith in the outcome with love, "Fate is kind, it brings to those who love, the sweet fulfillment of your secret yearnings" and "like a bolt out of the blue, fate steps in and see your through".

    Again, the most important thing to remember is to simply give the universal consciousness the opportunity to help you.

  6. i want to manifest a ancient object in the form of a gem that enhances your ability to manifest your desires do you think it's possible to obtain, does it exist because i thought it and hence i brought it into existence ???

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  8. I just LOVE your stuff.. I feel so indebted (and Grateful) to you. 💝Peace Be With You. Light and Love to you Always, Charlene Feno-Garcia

  9. As simple as prayer and faith. God will give you power and PROTECTION ! All praise, glory and thoughts belongs to the Creator. So….. simply create positive thoughts and the universe don't align shit. Christ did already. John 3:16. We have bad days and good days. We can't really find love on bad days. Learn to find it Everyday. Trials and tribulations! God do!. Because it was destined from conception. But what we do as human we activate it with positivity, deactivate it with negativity , find a purpose with when love is present. Meaning the Son (forgiveness) /Sun (present(tomorrow(the next sec) will Shine because the love was present. Thank you God for that word!!

  10. If there is someone who can help me, I would be very Grateful. I have tried every technique I can think of for the last 3 years with No results. I have been sincere and disciplined with each method. 4 Years ago I lost everything I had worked so hard for and I can't find my way back, Please Help. Thank You

  11. Welp, that worked fast. Thank you! Two days ago I ordered something and was told it would take 2 1/2 weeks to come in because they were out and backordered. I did this technique yesterday afternoon. Guess who called to say my product came in on the noon truck? Yep. They only got ONE in. Mine. Thank you!

  12. Very glad I've just discovered this channel! It's along my current path of studies on my journey. Very informative, very specific, and deeply intuitive. Manifestation is a powerful tool at our disposal. I can only become a better man, father, & musician today than I was yesterday because I chose to. I will be a better and truer version of myself tomorrow than I am today because I'm choosing to do so, and will act on that choice! Thank you for such a great video. Hope you had a great holiday, and cheers to a happy and blissful New Year!!!

  13. I loveeee how you explain this. I never really wanted kids but now, I can’t wait ! This is like Bill Nye The Science Guy-ish . Kids can benefit so much !

  14. Great video. Very helpful information presented in a video that has crystal clear sound , which I greatly appreciate. Thanks for this video !!!!

  15. Winning The 2019 HGTV Dream Home Is My Goal So Universe Make It So!!!

    LOVE & Blessings 🙏🏽🙌🏽🙏🏽

  16. Thank you.
    I got a great well paid job. I find an amazing partner for my life. Im healthy. I got lots of great friends around me. My family is doing great. I win in euromilion!

  17. This one 100% works. Tried it this morning. I lived in a horrible situation and needed to move fast. I asked in the same way I've been instructed by this video. I asked for a solution within 24 hours. Three hours later and I was offered by my sister to go and live with her in the uk countryside. Thank u so much first for the guidance and second to the universe for manifesting this for me. 🤩😎🙏💪💖🤑🤗😁😍🙏

  18. I live the life of abundance, money and love flow to me with ease. I am grateful and happy about every blessing in my life.

  19. I like this, so simple and effective! it's a shame the conscious mind trys to figure stuff out. A lot of people get this intellectually but can't get it at a deeper level. I'm still practicing and keeping positive and learning how to let go. I've had wonderful people arrive in my life the past month and it all happened the day I said fuck it I'm gonna just concentrate on what I'm good at and let what will be, BE! THAT'S WHEN THE MAGIC Happened. SOMEONE THAT I KNEW FROM 15 YEARS AGO APPEARED IN MY LIFE FROM NO WHERE ASKING ME TO COME AND WORK FOR HIM AND IT'S LIKE THE PERFECT JOB FOR ME. SO STOP LOOKING LET IT FIND YOU 😉


    I AM FREE!!!


  21. Iam 30 million rich now i have decided to buy myself a new 3 bedroom house in lazuli iam so happy and greatful i love my new neighbourhood it is done

  22. I'm healthy, I have financial freedom, I'm abundantly love, I have confidence, I will accomplished my goals.

  23. What a clear explanation. Thank you so much for this vital information. 🙏🏾 #inspired #thankful #onwardsandupwards

  24. I receive a brand new rv this month and travel the US…I no longer have to work..I have 400 million dollars in my account.

  25. I won the lottery and now have $100 million dollars 💵 in my account! And married to the best man in the world! Full of abundance and blessings . My family, friends and love ones get to travel the world and live life to the fullest. And get to help so many people along the way ! Thankful and grateful! Amen 🙏🏻😉

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