The Republican Party is DONE as a National Party

so you know swing state there’s a lot of different ways you can
vote strategically frankly it would probably i think the
republican party has done is a national party anyways so uh… to the extent that i would ever
consider voting uh… she met not in swing states to the extent that you would consider
that one would consider voting for the libertarian party to empower it as to
alway of undercutting the republican party on
national elections i don’t think that’s necessary if mit romney loses this election i believe you will the demographics are such with this country that the republican
party unless it undergoes a radical change will not be able to function as a
national party anymore they will win house seats they will still win senate seats senate seats in the even less amounts may look at this rate look at this here
in the senate the republicans have should be taking
control the senate it does not appear that they’re going to do so because the party is moving so far to
the right that they can even when it when they re
is eight-state full of people they did we wanted to small district in
its been gerrymander it’s just all like-minded not jobs watching fox twenty
four hours a day happened mingle with other human beings they’re gonna lose and so if mit romney does not win this
presidential election and perhaps even if he does out of these going to but if he does not i don’t think it’s possible for republican to win on a national
level unless they radically change their views
about immigration unless they’re adequate change their
views about things like climate change uh… unless they stop their or for voter suppression apparently people don’t like other people trying to take their vote
away and they also don’t like uh… other people try to take their
boat away of people you know if i’ll tell you something if i’m an
african-american i mean as a white person i find it
offensive if i’m not looking for this way if the republican party was explicitly trying to disenfranchised
jewish voters uh… hasn’t series by uh… by excusing of you know with mechanisms to disenfranchise jewish
voters in let’s say moser it would be particularly sensitive about
voting for that party new york or anywhere else for that
because election day with a kind of friday night exactly according to hold elections on friday night i don’t sell dosha baat but uh… uh…
you know i could actually go to the polls but if it was like we really don’t want the uh… the orthodox jews on sides are going to
have elections will be on saturday i during
the day um… enclose it sound i think i would have a problem with that
even though i don’t even did you see what lindsey graham said he said to be a bit there were running
out of uh… white angry men to vote for allows a couple weeks ago disabilities
that if we lose this election and people say it’s because we were conservative
enough although nuts research we don’t when danny african-american voters any hispanic
voters any young voters who responds to the people into here how can we play a conservative look there is gonna be uh… and we’ll
talk more about this tomorrow for one of things you’re going to see season eight attempt by the remaining at so-called moderate faction in the
republican party and that’s that put that moderate in quotes because they
have moved to the right as well but uh… to attempt to take their party
back there’s been talk of this for some time uh… you’re gonna see it in the house you’re gonna see it in the send it to
the extent that they they can anyways uh… they’re going to there they’re going to fail budget each should
be an interesting um… appeared at time in over the next six months the seem to
have an apology by because that they’re going to fail uh… they’re gonna be having a civil
war and i i am agin that on the left were also going to be having
a civil war

  1. Until they cut off the tumor of the Tea Party they're done nationally. The next hurdle for them will be the religious right which will result in talk of secession as they have national recourse.

  2. You make a lot of good points. I agree, as long as a large portion of our electorate is socially backwards we will have a GOP. That being said, there WERE better options than Romney, it is just that none of them were dumb enough to challenge Obama. Coming into capaign season he was pretty popular and the economy wasn't bad enough to sway the public to a large degree. Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Nikki Haley etc. are waiting for 2016. And Ron Paul is just not a viable candidate nationally.

  3. I think there's a limit to how stupid people can believe in things in the face of reality, especially since that disbelief directly and increasingly harms their own interests in real life. This election is simply one sign that the limit is nearly reached.

  4. Not done yet. Don't forget the stupidity of American voters knows no limit.
    The American people still have reelected Bachmann and some other crazies. They still control the house of representative. Some voters have wake up, but there are still a lot of idiots.

  5. i can definitely see the party splitting with libertarian voters on one side and 'moderate' conservatives on the other in which case how on earth could a conservative win the presidency again with the right wing vote split? excellent!

    However i could see it happen to the democrats down the line if they don't shape up and be more progressive else the same thing could happen to the left, where progressives break away from the centrists

  6. An accurate commentary. However, an essential aspect of excising this malignancy that is the current incarnation of the GOP, we MUST demand the reversal of Citizens United.
    The GOP may continue to talk to their ceilings and insist their imaginary friend directs their every move. But they cannot be allowed to continue with this delusion that money is speech and that corporations are people.

  7. The Republicans will merely adjust their LIES and keep on truckin'. Look at how successful they have been LYING their asses off. I'm sorry, but they aren't going away.

  8. Whats truly delusional is California having 55 electoral votes!! Voting numbers were about the same as Florida who have just over half as many electoral votes! Cal has 1/5th of what a candidate needs to win. The amount of people who actually voted here did not match the need for the highest number of electoral votes! Ohio didnt elect Obama…the states with too many electoral votes elected him!!

  9. not only will the party survive, but it will not radically change… will slightly change over the next few years…..theyll prolly mainly start actually distancing themselves from the racist and totally anti government people..they have time to change slowly and not dissolve….ps sorry for spelling, im an electrician not shakespear

  10. white conservative christians might need to be placed in special camps they are not even a majority in this country atheist have been takening them to court over false number statistics, christian are not 80% they might not even be 40% let alone

  11. I'd like to welcome the GOP to what the 2000 elections felt like to us. Maybe now you guys understand that blocking electoral reform can work against you as easily as it can work for you.

  12. considering the democrats are mostly conservative center right like all the names you just mentioned except muslim brotherhood doesnt exist in the USA, and the Communist Manifesto has no support from any liberal or socialist for that matter since they do not believe in it you could at least stop watching fox news, liberal values are american values any way, fact conservative christians are a problem since this country was founded. they have to go, they try everything to destroy the economy

  13. I keep hearing from Republican strategists that the party needs to "Change its message to secure more votes." That's such a BS excuse. That message can go in one ear and out the other to a normal person. What they don't forget is how your actions have affected them.
    This party needs to throw out any of the remaining Tea-partiers it has, tack to the center, and modernize their beliefs. Putting up a young Latino like Marco Rubio with the same radical beliefs doesnt count. You'll never win.

  14. its political ideology, left wing and right wing, right is conservative left is liberal, you must be learning, i was an A+ student in all my social studies classes and majored in history when i was in college takes a while to learn let give kind of a simple version from far left to far right, anarchy communism socialism democratic socialism oligarchy progressive liberal centrist conservative libertarian plutocracy fascism national socialism theocratic, and yes on con christians graham barton

  15. Don't ever say the republicans are done as a national party. Remember people were saying that in 88 about the democrats and look at them now.

  16. what i was being respectful since you do not know anything about politics, whats ford foundation and im liberal, not communist, and i never said anything about the salvation army, the religious right introduces bills to defund bussiness so people get depressed and turn to religion, its all about the money their are no communist here in the USA at all no where sorry dude but thats how it is.

  17. Communist Manifesto? What are you talking about? I'm a liberal and I make great money. I believe in capitalism as much as you do. When did liberals become communists. I served in the U.S. Navy and stood against communism. We aren't communists. We just want fair and equal systems for all classes. The government does not owe me a thing, but it should serve all the people not just the wealthy. That's true democracy. BTW I've never even read the Communist Manifesto, like most liberals, I'm sure.

  18. I already answered number 2, answer 1 fiscal and social liberal, because Hamilton encourage establishing a line credit through debt, 3 manipulation, over throwing the the conservative imperial government, replaced with liberal then socialist attempted to set up a state in oct revolution 1917 but was over taken by communist which lead to russian civil war

  19. no every thing i said was true country are from? no such thing consensus learning government indoctrination centers anywhere and i never said billy grahm or salvation army i said the christian right

  20. Man, I'm gonna be fuckin' PISSED if all the kids stay at home again for the mid-terms! I mean, I'm 23, and my sister is exactly a year-and-a-half minus a day younger than I am. IT PISSED ME OFF trying (and ultimately failing) to convince her to vote in 2010! She'd NEVER voted before (she turned 18 the DAY AFTER the 2008 election), and said it did not matter to her AT ALL if the election wasn't a Presidential one. I kept TRYING to tell her how important it still was, but she wouldn't listen.

  21. Maybe next time I can finally convince her by reminding her just how things were BEFORE 2010, and AFTER (with the GOP obstructionism beginning full-force then). I PRAY (to the god that doesn't exist) that they don't skip out on the mid-terms again…that would be a very disturbing and troubling trend for America to start slipping into…

  22. "I've been listening to right wing hate-radio on and off today to hear their reaction. They are in denial! They are making excuses."
    There's a minor talk radio show in Buffalo that's ostensibly about financial advice, but is really a Rush ripoff with some stock tips thrown in. I was listening to them on my way to a football game and they blamed straight up voter fraud.
    His proof? He knows a lot of Floridians and they all voted for Romney and West.
    Maybe Morris and Rove talked to those same guys.

  23. Elizabeth Warren isn't a real liberal?

    The turnout at primaries isn't nearly as much as the turnout at generals. This leads to a self-fulfilling prophesy in which blacks, Latinos, and working-class whites say they don't vote in primaries because someone working for their interests won't win anyway.

    And just because someone isn't liberal doesn't mean they won't govern liberal with the correct amount of pressure from constituents, pressure we need to be better at using.

  24. The kids need to pay attention in American Government class….so they can understand where the real power in government is…. CONGRESS.

    I voted for Obama and I'm the first to admit…the problem with Obama voters, …is that they think one guy can just fix everything. Not enough people understand how things work. Obama can't make a law… he can't spend money…. he can't undo a law, via Executive Order.

  25. Abolishing Jim Crow,; Roe v. Wade; birth control; voting rights; marriage equality in several states; abolishing Don't Ask, Don't Tell; DREAM Act via executive order; marriage equality in several states; Lilly Leadbetter; marijuana legalization; abolishing the death penalty in several states; child labor laws; 8 hour work day; Social Security; Pell Grants; Medicare; Medicaid; Head Start; the EPA; food inspection; Family and Medical Leave Act; stimulus; S-CHIP; etc; etc; etc.

  26. Sorry, didn't know liberal Democrats opposed legalization in those states.
    Marriage equality has been a mainstream Dem position for some years now.
    Nixon wouldn't have started the EPA if liberals didn't push for it. He did things to win, not out of the kindness of his heart.
    At least 12 of the things I listed started or were expanded by modern liberal Dems.

  27. The stimulus was history's biggest with more green job funding than anything prior. Was there too many tax cuts? Yes, and tax cuts are relatively inefficient as stimulus.
    But still, it was indeed successful policy. It's naive to say something is a total failure if one doesn't get everything one asks for. The Voting Rights Act had flaws too, but everyone points to it as one of LBJ's triumphs.
    The Dems recently ended the Iraq War too. I wouldn't call that "support[ing] war […] and empire".

  28. The 2 party system has a serious problem. As long as the Republicans stay to the far right the center will vote Democratic out of fear, but as soon as the Republicans move to the left the center is liberated to start voting for 3rd parties, because the fear factor is lost.
    If the 2 parties are going to start agreeing on issues then one party must present itself as cautious and the other as daring and risky. Unfortunately the Republicans have painted themselves into a corner and can't move.

  29. Whats happening to The Republicans , reminds me of the fall of the Soviet Union, It´s about a young generation coming up with new fresh Ideas and Old men trying desperately to enforce old policies…… It´s over for conservatives , the sooner they accept this the better it will be for the Country.


  31. I see you mentioned Lincoln, in what way would Lincoln fit into the modern Republican party? Now I'm assuming that being a Republican you know the positions of Lincoln on race, civil rights and the economy. Thanks

  32. And how whould LIncoln fit into the DEMOCRAT party slick? LINCOLN was about to give the LIBERATED BLACKS VOTING RIGHTS until, John Wilkes Booth a REGISTERED DEMOCRAT assasinated him….

  33. DeVman, what you are the sh#t heads in the video call fresh ideas are nothing more then 100+years of MARX & ENGLES teachings dressed up now as slick, modern, cool, hip,…ALL PROGRESSIVE/COMMUNIST BULLSHIT!! That was tried by China, N.Korea, N. Vietnam, Cuba, USSR, ect,ect…this PROGRESSIVE EXPERIMENT had a human cost of a est. 100,000,000 lives….so this is a REHASH you lib's are trying to IMPOSE upon Conservatives? The BEST Conservatives mostly started as DEMOCRATS look at Reagan….ect…

  34. Actually "slick" the 13 Amendment did that, voting rights that is. Are you aware that in the 1860's the Republican party was the "progressive" party, those two Parties philosophies were switched whereas the Democratic party was the conservative party. It wasn't until after the turn of the 20 th century that the parties began to resemble the way they are now. John Smith, the major of New York, Governor was one of the first real Progressive Democrats. Lincoln would fit nicely into the Democrats.

  35. Reagan would be kicked out of the Republican party of today. Reagan signed TEFRA, which his own adviser labeled the largest tax increase in American history, and one that amounted to 1 percent of GDP. Reagan also famously said the Social Security had no impact on the national deficit, but now, according to today's neo-cons, it is a ponzi scheme. Your party has turned into a Ayn Rand worshiping, Libertarian loving, uncompassionate utopia. I'll take Reagan any day over the wackos in the party now.

  36. I put facts in my post, you come back with "No, I'm right your wrong." Look up some facts every now and then. Then USE those facts to back up what you're saying. Any political pundint will tell you that the Left has moved to the middle, and the right has moved to the extreme right. Where have you been for the last 4 years? The Tea Party, the Ron Paul extreme libertarians, and Repubs ALL OF A SUDDEN CARING ABOUT THE NATIONAL DEBT AFTER BUSH SPENT HIS WAY INTO THIS MESS. You have amnesia buddy.

  37. Horseshit! I'm a conservative – a real, reality-based conservative, who voted for Obama. Just one example of how the Right can't get far enough right fast enough – The previous 4 presidents were all in favor of banning assault weapons, but now, any thought of it brings talk of a new revolution! That's right, wingnut, Bush 43, Clinton, Bush 41, Reagan.

  38. gop- teabag party is now the party of the kkk & david duke, ha ha ha down the drain they go forever he he he bet the COCK brothers are really crying now after all those millions they spen the past 4 yrs to make sure 0-B whould not get re-elected, he he he they got a bulls eye in reverse.

  39. It'll NEVER have another Republican president because the people are starting to figure out just how full of shit the Republicans are. Let's face it, if you don't make at least 3 million a year AND you support the Republican party, you have NO idea how the government works and you should probably stick with trying to color in the lines.

  40. If you can live with higher taxes, and a smaller paycheck, then keep voting for those Democrats. Because of the higher taxes and regulations on business, companies are laying people off.

  41. And Republicans absolutely love outsourcing jobs, which you're going to get hell of a lot more with when you have deregulation. Wonderful for Indian and Chinese employment though, isn't it?
    Anyways, the jobs numbers have only been on the rise for the past few years.

  42. There's nothing "fresh" about your Great Society throwback ideology. "Progressives" haven't changed their fundamental view of government in any way since the William Jennings Bryan days. And back then, the left supported Jim Crow.

  43. Democrats have been the cause of outsourcing jobs, because of the high taxes and regulations on business. Outsourcing of jobs was going on under Carter, Clinton, and is still going on under Obama. The Democrats certainly do nothing to stop it.

  44. Taxes were as a net, lower after Reagan. And they were indexed for inflation, to avoid the creeping inflation tax. As for Reagan claiming SS didn't add to the national deficit, that might have been true during his time, but right now it's on the general operating fund, and takes up 21% of the federal budget. Military only makes up 19%, so SS is more expensive than all military spending. And Ayn Rand is not worshiped by conservatives. She was an atheist, and has a mixed legacy among the right.

  45. yeah, Damn those regulations on businesses. Who wants to work for a place that has to give you insurance? Or OT? As far as the "Laying off" goes. It doesn't happen NEARLY as quick as people are shipping jobs overseas.

    Besides, if you're a Texan, then you probably voted to secede from the states and as far as I'm concerned, your opinion is as useless as your state.

  46. I have to laugh at all the idiots and fools who think there is any major difference between the two major political parties. Both are the heads of the same monster that is out to destroy our society. If one was better , then why didn't thing get any better. Answer, none of these crooks works for us . ( when I say us, I mean ordinary people who work for a living, make society go and just want to get by)
    Democrats are the dumbest, atleast republicans know you need business to survive .

  47. S.S. would never have gotten that to be that like this if Republicans wouldn't have slashed it by capping it at an $100,000 income back in the 80's. S.S. was meant to be a separate entity that funded itself, that's why they call it SOCIAL SECURITY INSURANCE. Anyways, the 6.2% rate used to be a flat rate across the board. But if you gut the program, as they did back in the 80's, you set it up for failure. YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN OUT TO DESTROY S.S. SINCE F.D.R. AND YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB OF IT.

  48. People like you are going to learn……Wait until our economy is totally destroyed, and our currency is worthless, that's what will happen if our deficit goes much higher. And yes, I hope Texas does secede, and I hope some other states go with it. The new country would be a much more successful society than what would be left of the US.

  49. Yeah…. Because Texas is leading the way in economic recovery…. Keep smoking that pipe and those pipe dreams are going to catch up with you.

  50. I just realized something, Republicans frauded the primarys and still fucking lost. Thtats how terribaad they are as a party. It just sunk in how pathetic that is. lolclownshoes

  51. Yes, in multiple ways. But ask yourself this…Who's policies led to the Recession? Also, which party has had the most filibusters in history (job bils, tax breaks for small businesses, etc.) all in the name to: MAKE SURE OBAMA FAIL. – Rush Limbaugh & Mitch McConnell (others GOP folks too).
    Hell, even Mitch McConnell filibustered his own proposal of getting rid of filibusters when it actually came up for a vote.

  52. They could if the Republicans stopped throwing their temper tantrums and did SOMETHING, ANYTHING in the house other than shoot down ANY ideas that come across their decrepit desks.

  53. Republicans are party of individualists who believe in pulling yourself up by the bootstraps rather than getting handouts from the government. Democrats are the party of fuckwits who more government because they need a big nanny state to take care of themselves. In other words, liberals are nothing more than adult children.

    Also, the best presidents were Republicans (Eisenhower, Coolidge, T Roosevelt, etc.)
    The worst were Dems (Wilson, LBJ, FDR, Obama)


  54. that is how the republican always are. here is something else republicans was against Tesla. look up how that is doing

  55. The Republican party is actually made up of two disctinct forces.or maybe even three. you have the moderates,  the zealots and the nutjobwackadoodles.  

  56. I would say republicans fit under 1. gun rights nuts 2. Reasonable Hayek economists  and 3. people who think everyone should work for their own money and the government should stop taking their hard earned cash.
    Democrats fit more under.  1. Tree hugging nuts 2. Reasonable Keynsian philosophers and 3. People who feel like the government owes them money because they are underprivileged.

  57. Done he said, lots of propaganda he used…..WON ANYWAY THEY DID!!!!! Suck it you intellectually dishonest son of a bitch!!!!! bahahahahaha!!!!!!

  58. The Republican Party is nothing but the party of the rich. Democrats are the party of America,and not just the rich.

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