The Religion of Washington and Lincoln

George Washington and Abraham Lincoln changed
the course of American history through righteous leadership. Learn the source of their strength-and how
you too can draw from it-next, on The Key of David, with
Gerald Flurry. GERALD FLURRY:
Greetings, everyone. Many people and many historians, as well,
believe that George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were the two
greatest presidents we ever had, but very few people tell you WHY
they are great and were great in the past. If you look at their inspiring
examples, you’ll see that they actually gave a WARNING to the
American people and really the British peoples and the Jewish state,
other people of Israel. If you don’t understand that, well, we have
a book on The United States and Britain in Prophecy
that will explain that to you. We also have an article written a few years
ago about George Washington in a Trumpet magazine, and
we’ll offer a copy of that to you at the end of this program. But President Washington and President Lincoln
showed us EXAMPLES of how to solve our major problems in our
nations. Both of these men
showed us that, and it applies really to all the western world and
anybody who would apply those lessons. These two presidents faced
MONUMENTAL crises. I mean HUGE problems! The survival of nations
problems! And they SOLVED them, and if we followed those
examples, IF we did, we could do the same today. Now, that may seem
astounding to a lot of people, but it is the truth. This is our OWN
history, our own inspiring history! And God says that He will save us
collectively if we learn the lessons that THOSE men learned. And if the
collective body rejects it, well, then individually He still will give YOU
this understanding and help YOU to follow that example and it will
work in your life, and it will take care of you and protect you in every
way. America’s earliest settlers believed that
America was the new Israel and they really ARE Israel, and the book I
mentioned earlier will explain that to you. But William Bennett wrote this in his book,
Our Sacred Honor. He said:
“What made this country different from all others was a prevalent
belief that God played a direct and active hand in founding a people. Like the Jerusalem of old, America’s new Jerusalem
was to become God’s PROMISED LAND to the oppressed, an example
to ALL HUMANKIND!” They BELIEVED they were being an example to
EVERYBODY and that God was showing them something that the whole
WORLD needed to understand! Now, new Jerusalem, Promised Land. And Angelo Codevilla wrote in The Character
of Nations that Americans “did equate themselves to the children of
Israel.” And even though
they may not have literally KNOWN that, they ARE and were of course
at that time, a part of Israel. Again, that’s explained in our book on
The United States and Britain in Prophecy. Here’s what George Washington said in his
Inaugural Address on April 30, 1789. He said this: “The foundations of our national
policy will be laid in the pure and IMMUTABLE principles
of private morality.” In
other words, this private morality is not a peripheral issue! This private
morality is the foundation of our national policy, he said. Now, that is
profound! That is PROFOUND and almost NOBODY understands
it today. Private morality. Private morality is the FOUNDATION of our
national policy. Oh, to have our leaders say that today! Do they? Well,
George Washington knew that without religion and morality, our nation
was doomed, and I’ll show you more about that as we go along here. He also said in 1796 in his farewell address,
he said this: “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political
prosperity, religion and morality are INDISPENSABLE supports.” Religion and morality! INDISPENSABLE supports! Is that true today? Do we say that today? I’m afraid we don’t even get CLOSE to that. Do you think? What do
you think about that? Washington continued saying, and here’s what
he said: “In vain would that man claim tribute of patriotism who should
labor to subvert these great PILLARS of human happiness, these fermished
props of the duties of men and citizens.” He’s just telling everybody, saying, ‘Look,
if people LIVED by this and really had this powerful God behind them,
anybody who tried to subvert those values would be fighting in VAIN,
if people really lived by those great pillars of religion and morality. Now, many historians will tell you they don’t
believe that America would even EXIST without what George Washington
did. Now, we
know that God was with him and that’s the reason he was able to do
that, do what he did. The first great warrior, you could say, and
he became our first president and one of the
two most important presidents ever, I do believe. This is a quote from Angelo Codevilla. He said: “Early American society
was one built around the biblical sanctity of marriage and family. Since
the founders had no doubt that popular government is possible only
among virtuous people, they REVERED marriage as a few people
before or since.” They revered MARRIAGE! I don’t know how much
they KNOW about biblical marriage, but I know the Bible teaches that
that marriage is a God-plane relationship. God-plane! It’s a type of the
firstfruits’ marriage to Jesus Christ when He comes. What the Bible
calls the firstfruits are those called out before Christ’s Second Coming. George Washington had this to say: “We have
now a national character to establish.” Well, how about that? A NATIONAL
CHARACTER to establish! And in our political campaigns they don’t
even TALK about, they don’t even MENTION character any more. And
George Washington said in essence, ‘Character is EVERYTHING!’ Do
you see why these men were great? Do we see why? John Adams came along in his footsteps and
talked about the foundation of national morality “must be laid
in private families.” He’s
echoing George Washington. The foundational policy “must be laid in
morality and private families.” How about that? Is that an example for
us today? I’ll tell you, we’re facing some MAJOR, MAJOR,
GIGANTIC problems, and we need to learn lessons from
our two greatest presidents, most people believe. We need to learn lessons from those
men and see WHY they were great and follow their examples. And Adams-who followed in Washington’s footsteps-said:
“Our Constitution was made ONLY for a moral and
a religious people.” Well,
how about that? Our Constitution was made ONLY for a religious
and a moral people. In other words, listen, if you just look at
the Constitution, it lets you do practically just
about ANYTHING you want to do, but these men knew that you have to
have some kind of a RESTRAINT, or this Constitution would NEVER
work! And religion and
morality was what they said we MUST have, or the Constitution will
collapse! And we see a lot of that happening before
our eyes, don’t we? And what does that mean? What does that lead to? Well, they
repeated over and over and over that it leads to ANARCHY! And if you
want to look at the history of ancient Israel, it led to anarchy and then
it led to captivity to their enemy. These are serious matters that we
ought to look at and take VERY seriously! Alexis de Tocqueville, a French historian,
wrote about democracy in America, and he mentioned that, “Religion
and morality were INDISPENSABLE to the maintenance of the American
Republic.” Why
indispensable? He said that, “While the Constitutional law
of liberty allowed Americans complete freedom to do as
they pleased, religion prevented them from doing that which is immoral
and UNJUST!” In
short, de Tocqueville surmised, “Liberty could not be governed apart
from religious faith, lest there be anarchy.” What could be more clear
than that? If we don’t have religious faith we’re going
to have anarchy. And what comes after anarchy? Well, ancient Israel tells you, and it’s
very, very bad news in the short run. Again, see, he’s echoing what George Washington
taught about religion and morality. Today if we were to talk about private morality
and public duty, well, we’d say, ‘Well, those are separate issues.’ But
George Washington would have been APPALLED by leaders saying
that. You don’t separate morality from public duty! You must not do
that! These men, and in fact all of our founders,
I think every single one of them, were saying the same thing. Let me give you just a short quote here from
my article that I mentioned to you that we’ll send to you at
the end of this program. We’ll show you how to get it. “Consider the changes in America over
the past two hundred years. When Americans go from proclaiming that
a free society can only exist when founded on private morality, to
thinking that character just doesn’t matter, it is time to ask some hard
questions about the future of this nation.” Does character matter? Well, our forefathers were delivered from
Egypt in slavery, and on Mount Sinai God delivered them a moral code
of ethics on how to live through Moses, and they told God, ‘Well, all
you said, we will do!’ But they didn’t! They rebelled and they wandered
around in the wilderness for 40 years because they wouldn’t obey God. And finally God let all of the adults die
and just took the youth into the Promised Land under Joshua. Then after Joshua died, well, that was
real trouble. Let me read to you what happened after Joshua
died and those leaders that he established. Here’s what it says in Judges 21 and verse
25, chapter 21, verse 25: “In those days there was no king in Israel:
every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” And, so what happened? Well, it led to
anarchy and then captivity! Now, Judges is one of the former
prophets, and is actually MAINLY prophecy for today. And when you look around at all of our institutions
that are being held in CONTEMPT today-I believe the last time
I checked, Congress only had an 11 percent rating in the polls, and
what’s happening to the FBI and the Department of Justice and all those
Intelligence agencies and the presidency and just about everything you
can imagine-how much FAITH do the people have in that? That’s why they did that which was
right in their own eyes in the past, and that’s why they’re doing it
today! We’re losing trust in our institutions because
of a lack of religion and morality, strong religion and
private morality, and institutional morality. I’ll tell you, you look at the history of
Israel. In 721 B.C. they were
taken captive by Assyria, and then in 604 B.C. Babylon conquered the
Jewish nation. These are serious times, and we need to look
closely at all of these terrible problems that we’re
facing. See, today we’ve just
FORSAKEN the ideals of our forefathers, as if that doesn’t really
matter. See, again, Alexis de Tocqueville says: “Any
free society founded on liberty, yet without a sacred moral code to
govern the actions of individuals, cannot stand.” It can’t stand! Well, that’s EXACTLY what
Abraham Lincoln said, the very same thing. Let me give you a quote from Abraham Lincoln,
taken right out of the Bible. “In my opinion, it,” the division, they had
division in several major issues, “it will not cease until a crisis
shall have been reached and passed.” In other words, we have to pass through a
crisis, and he says: “Why is that? Why are we going to have a crisis come upon
us to learn these lessons?” And he concluded by saying: “A house divided
against itself cannot stand.” CANNOT stand! Well, now, would you say
we’re divided today? I would say I’ve never seen America more
BITTERLY divided than today, and I think it’s akin to pre-Civil War
attitudes. Notice what it says in Mark 3 and verse 24,
Mark 3 and verse 24: “And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that
kingdom cannot stand. (25)
And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” Now, this is what Lincoln said just before
the Civil War. Here we are on the brink of DESTRUCTION and
yet we have people going around and telling lies that you couldn’t
even impose upon a child ordinarily. That sounds a lot like America and Britain
and the Jewish state and other nations of Israel,
as well. Mr. Lincoln went on to say, “We have been
the recipients of the choicest blessings of heaven.” And he went on to say that “we didn’t
toil to make this nation great, though we vainly believed that.” And
again, what is he talking about? Well, he’s talking about the
BIRTHRIGHT blessings from God to America and Britain. That’s what
he’s talking about! Maybe he didn’t understand that deeply, but
it’s VERY biblical! And our book on The United States and Britain
in Prophecy makes that very clear. And if you haven’t read it, you NEED
to understand that really, really vital book to open up prophecy in the
Bible. But he says: “No other nation has grown as
we have grown in wealth and numbers.” Notice the conclusion: “But we have forgotten
God!” He said that just BEFORE the Civil War. “We have forgotten
God.” Now, can you imagine a president saying that
today and telling the people that our problem is, “We have forgotten
God”? And do you
think we have? Well, I think we have. Because I think a president
would be afraid to stand up and say that because he would be scorned
by most of the population, I would imagine. Well, he went on to talk about, “We’ve deceived
our hearts into thinking we did all this ourselves by our
own ingenuity,” but he says, ‘Now, look, we’re too proud to pray to the
God that made us or created us,’ he said. “It behooves us then to humble ourselves before
the offended Power, to confess our national sins.” Wow! Do you mean
a president is talking to those people like that? Why I don’t even hear
ministers generally speaking, talking like that today. Do you? He says
we have to confess our national sins. Another quote: “And pray for
clemency, for forgiveness.” And then Congress went on to declare a
day of fasting and prayer that God would heal the nation! Will we go that route today? Will we follow George Washington and
Abraham Lincoln, and go to God to heal our nation, and first confess
our sins? Well, look, it’s our own history. I’m not even talking to you
from the Bible; I’m talking to you about our own history, the greatest
history you could imagine if you really understand it and understand
why these two presidents were so great. There was a REASON why
they were so great, and it goes BEYOND human ingenuity, by a long
margin! Lincoln said, “We have to HUMBLE ourselves.” He said, “We have to
humble ourselves before Him and pray for His mercy, to pray that we
may be spared further punishment, though most JUSTLY deserved.” Wow! You talk about correcting his people, and
himself. Could America do this today? Could Britain do it? Could the Jewish
state do it? Who could do this today? Listen to these beautiful words. Lincoln stated: “Unless the great God
who assisted President Washington shall be with me and aid me, I
must fail, and that same omniscient mind, that almighty arm that
directed and protected him shall guide and support me. I shall not fail. Let us pray that God of our fathers may not
forsake us now.” In other
words, he said, ‘If I follow Washington’s example I shall not fail!’ And
he didn’t. Will we follow Washington’s example and Abraham
Lincoln’s example? Abraham Lincoln didn’t go out attacking the
opposition party, the Democrats. No, he didn’t. He said, ‘We, all of us, must confess our
national sins and humble ourselves and not be too proud to PRAY
before the God that CREATED us!’ Now, if we really look at this closely,
I tell you, you can begin to see how we could solve our problems, and
the ONLY way to solve them, frankly, the only way. Have we forgotten God? Oh, how could we not believe that today, so
much more so than in the time of Abraham Lincoln because the people
would listen to him when he talked that way to them. I don’t think our
people today would probably even LISTEN to that without a lot of
laughter and perhaps scornful repartee or whatever they might think. But Abraham Lincoln knew he would not fail. Listen to this. This is one important lesson here I need to
get to you. “And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto
them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation;”
this is Matthew 12 and verse 25, “Every kingdom divided against itself
is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided
against itself shall not stand:” Every house! That means a FAMILY! That means PRIVATE
MORALITY! Must be UNITED! We can’t be DIVIDED and have a
beautiful family! We can’t be FIGHTING each other, privately
or collectively, and have a strong nation. If we don’t have this private
morality and private religion, then we’re not going to succeed
collectively. But God will still look after you and protect
you if you just do what He says. But the scriptures break it down and show
it gets right down to the FAMILY! That’s where you have to start. If you’re going to solve all
these problems with children and so on, you’re going to have to start
with family, and that is the BACKBONE of your entire nation! And that
will show you how to solve all of your problems if you follow the
EXAMPLES of President Washington and President Lincoln. That’s what
we all must do. Until next week, this is Gerald Flurry, goodbye,
friends. Request Gerald Flurry’s book The Former Prophets
to learn why biblical history matters today. Also request our reprint article “Founded
on a Rock” and a digital copy of this TV program. All our materials are available free of charge,
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