‘The Privileged’ Store in North Korea – Part 1

Oh my DHL late Comrade Comrade I put these in here for a while Its available here ? One (1) Zero (0) Three (3) Available? How much it costs? 1 Euro 1.1 Euro One piece? 1.1 Eruro for one piece Thank you Comrade Plastic wrap Wrap Wrapping wrapping Not in stock? One point . . . One Euro Two Pieces and this one You want bill? Yes I need the bill Is this in Euro or USD ? Korean won Won? Yes, how much in USD? USD 4 4 USD This applies to when? today? Are you okay ? I’m okay Happy New Year It was calculated from Korean Won to Euro then to USD (complicated) Thank you How much it cost ? Calendar ? 1.2 Euro 1.2 Euro I’ll take this one This no need bill

  1. he is foreign and looks different from an average north korean person that is why everyone looks at him funny and tends to stare. these comments hurt to look at

  2. Why are you speaking Bahasa Indonesian in N – Korea,i think your video is a fake ,just some litle town in Indonesia.

  3. I don't understand why he was asking for a "blender" type item ( I'm guessing by his hand gestures) and instead grabs some "maxi pads"
    And why are the clothes kept in black wardrobe bags?

  4. 북한놈들 반일 하더니 차는 미쯔비시 있네
    한국 빨갱이놈들도 일본 욕은 오지게 하더니 자기 차는 렉서스
    문재인 딸은 일본극우대학 박영선은 일본에 호화주택 문재인 아버지는 일제시대 농업과장

  5. North Korea is a mysterious country, but in it, the pain and the suppression of grief…Although separated from the South, we hope to meet again soon.

  6. I'd be annoyed too this strange man running around the store with a go pro cam asking for random stuff. Get in and get out it's creepy on all levels.

  7. The North Korean version of Walmart where every item features practicality and propaganda. A store without a customer service department, because nobody ever complains!

  8. Great video, did notice when you were walking around the store after getting your batteries that the background music playing was "My way" by Frank Sinatra

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