The Political Compass will get you lost

language sucks between homonyms both
homographs and homophones and lacunae it’s basically impossible to have any
kind of conversation about anything substantive so to fix this I’ve been
kicking around an idea for a while it requires some things and predicates so
I’ll try to be brief freedom and liberty or why Milton Friedman sucks Milton
Friedman worked his whole shitty life to excuse the excesses of power and provide
ideological support within economics for the abuses of neoliberalism he famously
commented in the early 2000s my greatest accomplishment is taking the euphemism
libertarian away from the left to be fair to him no one in America was using
it so it was fair game Friedman is basically a contrast as
twentieth-century socialists who more or less argued that governments allow you
to protect the greatest amount of people but Friedman and his associates
complained that more government is great if you’re fucking Stalin but less
government is great if you like freedom so we’ve been defining our politics
based off their interpretation since then really this is the dreaded
political compass this isn’t really the best indicator of how a political system
works and where you put people on a honestly best show where you’re at on
the compass rather than where the politicians are those government’s
generally were it’s fairly intuitive and it generally gets understood by a lot of
folks so for those of you who aren’t already in the know up equals more
government controlled now equals less/right means more private control
left means less moving away from that for a moment a skeptical reading of
Friedman’s philosophy actually shows a different and probably a better reading
of the common interpretations of the compass one of the reasons he was so
proud of co-opting libertarian is because of his focus nay obsession with
framing his capitalist Apollo jism in the terms of freedom from government I
have one main problem with that view and it’s augmented by but not predicated on
a definitional line the definition is that government is used to mean how
society is organized regardless of who’s doing the organization and from that
state separate from government although in our current system the government has
the state power state is monopolized violence so my main problem is that up
and down shouldn’t be considered government because the size of
government reflects the size of a coherent society one in every three tyr
damned mules is one of my favorite books likes to say and it’s why we see in
failed states all the time government shrinks down to the size of each
individual community right and then like in Catalonia you saw Revolutionary
Council’s in Somalia you’ll see like warlords in Colombia and Mexico you’ll
see cartels springing up and what happens is they come together and they
organize things based on some thing we can go into depth on that later but when
we look at the vertical axis it should represent the amount of state not the
amount of government especially because in libertaria private companies assume self governing roles and thereby become the government so second problem whether or not
accepting the definitional difference between state and government control
exists it is one of the primary axes and as that control intensifies then
economic rates constrict like this like we’ll talk about this later
and as that control withers the power of the people is lost because the power
accretion inherent to capitalism so the political square actually looks a little
more like this but again there are problems with a new political compass
first of which is it’s basically a number line with a margin of error and
next is if it is in government control which Withers and we can guarantee that
political and economic power will agglomerate under capitalism essentially
creating a competitive monarchy or neo feudalism except that a company will
expend workers in trying to consume their opponents without necessarily ever
having to go to war and to keep those workers in line they need violence if
not the monopolized violence of the state then a gig economy violence from
whatever consenting sources willing to give it brutal if true Robert reich in
His infinite centrist wisdom says that the folly of the Communist Party of the
USSR and of neoliberal capitalism was allowing an oligarchy to form it doesn’t
matter who the government is of he says it matters who it’s for so pick your
poison either a democratic government actually exists and is democratic
because it is for the people or those currently in power will continue to use
self regulating corporations to grow in power which allows them to consume both
government and state functions as the move toward oligopoly and eventually
monopolies with more and more economic power which give more political power
until they have bought enough private military and private policing companies
to be the new state so this is a better representation if you can’t tell by now
between this complaint and the one from earlier where positions shift around
based on your own belief I’m saying that a skeptical view of the common
interpretation of the political compass shows that it is a friend to horseshoe
theory and should be treated as such I can hear you now what do you suggest
wiseguy (nyuk nyuk nyuk) part two freedom and freedom or why does everything have to be so
goddamn complicated so the freedmans focused on freedom sort of but again
there’s a definitional hiccup in that man’s austere (out of breath chuckle) work freedom can be divvied up into two general categories number one negative freedoms which we
will call rights from here on out it is something that no one will stop you from
doing freedom from interference is a good way to put it and number two
positive freedoms which we’re going to call liberties from here on out it’s
something that you are provided support to do from society freedom to do if you
will to explain the difference we’ll use the freedom of speech the unadulterated
right to speech implies that nobody in the power structure of your society is
going to come and stop you from saying anything and unadulterated liberties to
speech implies that the power structure will get behind you and allow you to say
anything possibly to the extent of protecting you from repercussions
shielding you from mobs of angry people providing riot control lines or maybe
simply putting whatever crazy stuff you want to say on the airwaves for the
world to see see the marketplace of ideas Friedman focuses on rights but he
doesn’t ignore liberties he dismisses them so I’m eating this shit up a few
years back loving the idea of making sure people are more free sticking the
pages of capitalism and freedom together in a haze the halcyon youth but because
he glossed over the differences and dismissed them so did I Friedman and his
predecessor von Hayek argument is that if you go too far on the spectrum too
many rights disappear so that’s bad agreed but they dismissed the idea of
liberties altogether saying that it’s immaterial even though in a modern
society having the right to starve to death because you have no Liberty to not
starve is an objectively shitty version of freedom liberty is the most important
end because every right in society and by extension society itself is hollow
without matching liberties to at least provide a minimum ability to exercise
those rights but the dark counsel of the libertaria maintained that the government
should eschew attempting to guarantee any liberty at all and maximize rights instead but as their aims come further and further
into fruition we see a clearer picture of that ideology culminating in a world
without liberties at all so if we take freedom in mind we’re looking at a
slightly different political compass down is more rights more possibility to
control your destiny up is the opposite fewer and fewer rights though what
rights get restricted and to whom changed based off on the material
circumstances of the nation and era left is more liberties more guarantees that
what rights you do have certainly can be fulfilled though the liberties possible
to guarantee change based off the economic and material circumstances of
the nation and era top right is most exploited bottom left is unexploited
there’s a small problem here where you might be like Oh bro blow there’s gonna
be a fun and there’s gonna be whatever the general point of this is that we are
going to move toward a society where bad things don’t happen and we have a way to
prevent the bad things that do happen from being as bad as they could be part
of the point of calling a bottom left society unexploited is that doing
something that limits somebody’s freedoms or harms them isn’t a right
it’s an abuse attempting to abuse is violence and nobody should have the
power to do that nor should it be promoted by any liberties explain any
inconsistencies in redrawing your new versions of the political compass with a
third pseudo access equality this part means a little more explaining and we’ll
get to it later as we map out points on the two axes we’ll see interesting
situations appear starting top left and moving clockwise as we go further up and
further left we start losing the right to turn down the liberties we don’t want
think of socialist China’s Great Leap Forward the Liberty to as much manpower
as you can but not the right to turn any of the down an axiomatic example is the
Ender’s Game series when Bean, a small child gets chastised by the military
people in charge of the Academy because he’s not eating enough he has the
Liberty to eat a pre-calculated amount of necessary calories but he doesn’t
have the right to eat how much he needs a petty injustice as we go up and right
we see rights and liberties of the population completely disappeared think
serfdom an axiom an example in red rising series the main character grows up in a
society where he must do the work he is told he’s not even guaranteed enough
food to keep up his strength and his people can be killed for like no reason
as we go down and right we see exercise of Rights come we see extreme
exercise of rights compromise even the most basic liberties like not being
murdered or not being imprisoned or enslaved think of collapsed states
nobody is stopping you from doing anything but nothing is for certain
every day is terrifying an axiomatic example is the Fallout series where all
power comes from the end of a long rifle and finally bottom left we see everybody
has a maximum amount of rights and a maximum amount of liberties the limits
on which seemed to be the bounds of consent and autonomy themselves think
of early agrarian societies and the mutual aid inherent to them though
education and science and sheer size of manpower have given us significant
advantages over that an axiomatic example is the culture series by noted
Scotsman Iain M banks we’re all friction starts from exterior threats because
people live in harmony with the man called monkey and shit I forgot where I was
all right part three right to choose or why this thing is better than the old
things okay now that we’ve redefined those silly old axes we’re going to talk
about the Liberty axis and why for the focus on economy as capitalism or
communism isn’t good enough we’re starting with feminism which is
generally considered a progressive thing will that lumps it in with a left even
though it’s focus is not based on economics this is part of why the right
has a constant antagonism with modern feminism because feminism has taken
Marxist theory and run with it or whatever version of that bullshit it is
the argument is bullshit because Marxism or whatever buzzword they use for
it is just a focus on the exploitation of and need to equalize freedoms for
people based off their economic class and as sociology and science come along
we discover a consistent mimicking of the oppression of people based on their
economic class on criteria other than economic class and that is what
those in power on the right side of the graph are doing it’s their typical
hypocrisy tactics where they call out the left for something they are
literally doing well what are they doing you might ask when they call out the
left for extending Marxist rhetoric they are lamp shading is that the oppression
of the working class is cloned genetically in how they treat the other
groups and when the left calls them out using the language that they know of
that of economic hierarchy as written by Marx it applies so well because it flows
from the same spring the poor are restricted in healthcare and are given
substandard employment and compensation women are restricted in the health care
that they receive and are pushed toward jobs with similar description as a man’s
but not as high pay for example nurses do or enable the most profitable work in
a hospital under the current system and get paid significantly less than doctors
the queer plus community has to constantly fight for basic medical
attention and constantly fight discrimination in and out of the
workplace this stratification is a divide and conquer tactic by our
overlords they want men to look down on women’s work and women to shy away from
manly jobs they want middle managers to burst bust unionizing to
peasants they want straights to kick gays out of their stores and they want
cops to keep killing black people they want these things because each liberty
weakens their hierarchy liberties weaken hierarchies by diverting societal
resources away from the maintenance of the hierarchies into a guarantee of the
liberties because each hierarchy supports the political hierarchy that
keeps them powerful they have to react to any threat with full force of ideas
and often violence The neoliberalization of these things causes an
infinite scattering to the wind of the binaries they want to pretend exist are
you a good person TM or a criminal or you a white person TM or a minority are
you an American TM or a Muslim are you a straight TM or a pervert are you normal
TM or a helicopter gender they don’t even have to put an effort on that last
one the internet did it for them it’s a hierarchy of hierarchies
but the ideologies are so flimsy a house of cards a pair of aces sitting atop two
aces and two kings and so on until you get down to us poor Jokers on the bottom
each one can be gathered in a suit though economic Liberty political
Liberty ethnic Liberty gender liberty it’s clear that we’re not conflating
them because it’s the same bullshit hierarchy crap they’ve been jamming down
our throats for 5000 goddamn years it’s transparent once you know where to look
let’s walk through one of them the big one think of the progression of
political hierarchy first it’s do what the man on top says because he’s a god
think of amon-ra then it’s he’s the son of God
like in Divi Filius Augustus Caesar then it’s he’s Divin but he’s not really at
the level of God think of Justinian the saint then it’s Oh No
he just has a divine mandate he’s ordained to rule by God basically every
feudal country worldwide and then that gets too hard to believe so it’s that
there’s an order maintained by God and it doesn’t matter
who’s on top but somebody needs to be and now we’re here right that the order
itself is good in a secular way because it goes with human nature’s because it
gives everybody the most freedoms but all those freedoms are given us to
aspire our creators by the way just in case you do believe so whoever is on top
is there because the system works and the order is right and ah jeez would you
look at that we’re already at the top might as well not question it
these transparent and flimsy excuses for apologies for their hierarchies is
obvious and Marx just happened to be one of the earliest people who noticed it so
the phrases he came up with sort of stuck but now the right just uses his
name to rubber-stamp all the work used to point out their
abuses in order to discredit them fucking respectability politics
so using that lens we can see that in contrast to the economic hierarchies are
economic liberties which de-emphasize or destroy unjust economic hierarchies
because economic freedom can be achieved only by ending the hierarchies which
stomp on liberties as a whole similarly at the focus of feminism is gender
liberty achievable by ending the hierarchies that suppress it and to
theirs for ethnic and political freedoms but a lot of leftists have seen
the weak and tired feminism brought forward from the 60s and earlier which
says hey we’re okay with the abuses in the economy and to people based off
race but we want more women wearing the jack boots stomping the necks or worse
feminism that says it wants equality for women but fights tooth and nail to keep
the gays and trans down equally many left to see history they see society so
they implicitly understand the problem with just shifting left toward liberties
which are denied them by making a communitarian and a democratic
society without shifting boop downward toward an increase in rights often by
decreasing the state’s abuse of its violent power or eliminating state
monopoly on violence altogether but we can cover why this is a touchy topic
another time this is why so many people resist a standard socialist rhetoric the
lot in life for minority people for women for people who maybe don’t fit
their gender role it didn’t get better in those countries and the ones that
moved left just left and the ones that moved left enough it didn’t they didn’t
see a lot of benefit and I said it before Liberty is the most important end
because every right in society and by extension society itself is hollow
without matching liberties to at least provide a minimum ability to exercise
those rights you’ll see people gravitate
toward the causes which specifically reflect the kind of rights and
especially the liberties denied to them as individuals and often it becomes the
core of that person’s ideology for gender they turn most readily to
feminism for economy they turn to socialism but because each Liberty
focused rhetoric ignores the others so too all of them sort of seem hollow
without a more cosmopolitan take an axiomatic example of this dr. King saw
that eroding racial injustice alone would not be enough and was mounting a
campaign for the working class in America because to quote a very great
man injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere and this is true
across every aspect of the political spectrum which is why earlier I invented
that third pseudo access to represent equality it’s hard to put Hitler at the
furthest right and on top when Nixon was in arguably more profitable for his
capitalists during his war and genocide but showing that state undesirables are
top right most exploited category and that state Desirables are a little down
and a little left of that boom double Hitler it retains the approximate
location of every actor in history and it shows a much more accurate
representation of how the societies in planning in theory or in practice treat
the people in it who the government is for it also makes a significant amount
more sense of how you can judge a society’s effects rather than the
left of center must defend or whatever a bunch of people do one of the problems
of this and of the old chart is that there isn’t a standardization for where
to place people accept personal sensibility and I’ll have to confer with
the philosopher Sages and see if we can create a a chart with the relevant general rights and liberties with their subjective values looking at
the scaffolding for exactly how to plot freedom in society it becomes clear that
we need to work toward preventing injustice maximizing both rights and
liberties in order to reject both petty and justices and deny the grand ones to
part for freedom and autonomy or figuring out how to describe an actual
non harm society in this language is pretty hard nuspeak anyone? anyone? the hardest part of figuring out where freedom should end is when humans
interact with each other murder obviously not a great thing but
what about wearing Crocs? a little muddier right? for this I developed a
chart because if we’re using the political compass as a metaphor
then we should be able to play with it how we want
mm move that over there flip it man we’re good okay cool all right we can
see that in a competitive system of capitalism where the rights which can be
abused by those on top of the hierarchies they’re fighting for space
with the liberties the best we can ever hope for is centrism well what if there
was a better way all right here I present you with a better way it’s
mutual aid where the amount of Rights we can allow and the amount of liberties we
can guarantee are the same based on the material conditions and the farther you
go in this direction the more freedoms everyone can enjoy from the perspective
of the new political compass we’ve forged here today we can provide a rule
of thumb to promote liberties and rights as best as we can and here’s the name of
the game it’s ABCD its autonomy business consent and don’t fuck with people all
right autonomy is your privacy your agency and
your bodily integrity in the world right business is a refraction of privacy and
it’s the amount of attention that is given to somebody else’s autonomy right
consent a reflection of agency is what you give to someone to let them affect
your autonomy don’t fuck with people a diffraction of bodily integrity being
hands-off about what other people do with their bodies think of tattoos or
transitions for example autonomy is why everybody should have health care
because bodily integrity is paramount to agency and privacy is necessary to keep
the perception of agency to business is named after the prevailing narrative
what two consenting adults do behind closed doors is none of my business and
consent is how you find out if somebody is down to clown or any other form of
activity consent is important because it’s how you can tell if somebody is
good to keep playing your incredibly fucking boring board game Jake it’s out
of print for a reason and moreover it’s how to tell your oppressive imperialist
government that you’re not okay to keep being governed by them business is
important because it’s not anybody’s business if a man earns less than his
wife because in the current system he might work harder than she does or
she might work harder than him and regardless of who’s field is more
profitable in the private sector one of them is getting more valued skimmed off
fairly labored by the parasite class than the other one and it really doesn’t
matter what does matter is it they are ok with it between them because it’s not
anybody’s business to kind of sex a person consents to it matters that all
the parties doing the sex are cool with it so justice can be promoted with A B C and D whose autonomy is affected? Whose business is it? are the appropriate
parties consenting? if the responses all of those are the people involved not
mine and yes then don’t fuck with people but the ancapistani and other
libertaria chuds claim that their system is ok because every party consents question
to them if a mother consents to sell her new born into slavery does the newborn
get a say in the consent once they hit the age of majority or even the age of
reason hhhard nope rrrrregardless of the Answer it violates both autonomy and
consent that’s a bullshit hierarchy a child can choose to not consent to
things but there are some things they can’t choose to consent to anything with
permanent effects and/or a complicated power dynamics but in the ancapistani controlled bottom right corner lies the right to hold slaves the right
to force the debts on people like company towns did no Liberty just rights and dare I say it in libertaria might makes rights– six freedom of theory
the Praxisening so to ensure that the Freedom is fundamentally available as many rights as possible
have to be supported with liberties to contrast this Milton Freeman says freedom free um freedom in economic arrangements is
itself a component of freedom broadly understood so economic freedom is an end
to itself and what he’s doing is conflating freedom and economic
arrangements with economic freedom the former can be seen to be the right to do
as you please with capital and your property an idea that supports the
current economic hierarchy the latter is a much broader category of economic
freedoms which include both liberties and rights of which the former is a part
but not nearly large enough component to conflate particularly without some of
the more fundamental pieces in place think about more fundamental economic
rights here Liberty to not starve versus right to get the kind of calories you
want if you can get whatever calories you want power willing but you have no
power then you go hungry we cover this it’s an objectively bad freedom to have
Liberty to live in a home versus the right to choose where you live you can
choose where you live power willing but if you have no power you face the
elements objectively shitty there are literally hundreds of multi faceted
rights both in isolation and as contrasting and supporting elements we
don’t have time for them so this hypothetical better world we can work
towards needs to ensure that a consent can be given in a meaningful way to by
providing liberties which make the consent meaningful if I want to live in
a city and have the right to move it’s meaningless if I can’t afford the rent
and there are tons of folks who live in cities who can’t afford to move away
regardless of if they want to or not right has no substance without power so
what can we get from this much examination if all Liberty based anti
hierarchy philosophies at the end of the graph are analogous to each other then
then we can do some serious sleight of hand work first we adapt Friedman’s
dusty-ass prose liberty and economic matters is itself a component of freedom
broadly understood so economic Liberty is an end to itself take that language
you take that you language co-opting coffin full of worms but it’s just a
component of freedom broadly understood second we do what the right keeps
accusing us of and expand the scope of our rhetoric because equally must our
focus be on economic Liberty to allow for food shelter and health to be
engendered in the most proportionate way and with the utmost importance a
guarantee of work to anyone wanting equally on ethnic liberty to allow free
movement and cultural exchange to weaken the fear of the other as well as the
support to retain and reproduce cultural forms equally on gender liberty to allow
freedom of expression and relation to grant Liberty in healthcare to those who
simply need and finally on political Liberty to represent the immediate needs
of society as well as the vision of a brighter future
each of these anti hierarchical stances and probably others are facets of
Liberty itself this is why communism that doesn’t give a shit about women or
queers is a hollow and empty ball bag perched below a micropenis this is why
white feminism that doesn’t give shit about people of color or foreigners is a
shit sock overflowing like the proverbial cup and that’s why one of the
reasons why historically socialist movement have failed they gained power
to change the economic hierarchy and came down directly into fixing only very
few if any changes to other pervasive hierarchy and often failed to change the
economic one from its mode it’s why the feminism of the 60s and 70s achieved a
paradigm shift without an end of the hierarchies which keep women down and
that’s the point I’m getting to when non-compete called himself an
intersectional an-com and it sparked to this realization that by our powers
combined we can summon Captain Planet it’s just it’s just like Oprah said but
for real anyone power from their magic rings is great and can put up a rousing
fight but each episode includes Captain fucking planet because if they don’t
work together and pool their powers it is as sound and
fury in the face of multinational libertarian capitalism it means nothing
so how is that done how do you support these struggles if that you’re not
immersed in if maybe your core struggle isn’t the specific struggle on display
if maybe you don’t have the most nuanced view or the most informed view try to
tag someone in who does try to learn try to learn so you can feel comfortable
running your mouth and about the things you know evangelize preach the gospel
sing the chorus but most importantly get the good news out there captain planets
coming back and that’s where I’m gonna leave you today you can follow me
@alienation181 on the Twitter for my supernova Mamma Mia – here we go again
takes but like and subscribe here first and I guess hit the bell – don’t worry I
basically never update if this changed any minds or help you put into words
something that you hadn’t really thought about before it’s something that you had
been thinking of and you know I hadn’t really had a chance to talk about it
please leave a comment or just leave one anyway I gotta get my SEO up anyway
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hierarchy that we could use you know just like Antioch no Acre no Ann arbor michigan?

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    Non-Compete … well he himself's a nice guy. His followers sometimes though…

  15. An interesting amalgamation of sophistry and over-simplifications. I don't know if I've ever heard someone say so much and so little at the same time.

  16. "one in every 4 Tyr Damned Mules" is from divided allegiance by Elizabeth Moon which you can find a reading and analysis on my other video

  17. What's this handsome ogre doing talking about Milton Friedman and positive and negative freedoms? I don't know, but I like it! Subbed!

    (…iirc, positive and negative freedoms were coined by Isaiah Berlin – wikipedia agrees with me – …we were some students who wrote an assignment investigating natural rights, John Locke and Robert Nozick, where we also drew on Berlin's work, some (many) years ago. Rightwingers basing their defense of private property rights on Nozick, who bases it on Locke, more or less, can't have read Locke very carefully, as he argues (or can be construed pretty easily as doing so) for limits to the right to own private property based in what you actually needed to lead a good life. Of course, then the discussion moves on to what definition of a good life we can agree on, but yeah…)

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