The Only Way | Joe Biden for President

It took two decades, but now a historic agreement on climate change signed by nearly every nation in the world. This agreement represents the best chance we’ve had to save the one planet that we’ve got. The United States will withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord. So we’re getting out. President Trump facing new fallout from his decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord. What about scientists who say it’s worse than ever? Uhh… You’d have to show me the scientists. Your own government, your own scientists they say it’s indisputable that humans have contribued to global warming. Like it’s your government, right? It’s your scientists they work for you. That’s ok, and I want everybody to report whatever they want but ultimately I’m the one that makes that final decision. Day after day, waging a war on reality. They say the economic impact could be devastating. Yeah, I don’t believe it. The rest of the world isn’t waiting. The rest of the world hasn’t given up
on the Paris Climate Accord. They’re pushing it. They know it’s essential to human existence. Focusing on the future is the only way we’re going to be able to build a new green infrastructure. We can do a lot. Greener highways, ports, water systems where no one in this country has to drink poisoned water. We need a president who’s willing to lead, who will insist on dramatic change, for the sake of our children. So if you want to know what the first and most important plank in my climate proposal is: Beat Trump. It’s the only way we’re going to deal with the existential crisis posed by climate change.

  1. Please protect the only planet we have. And INMIGRANTS when you win. Vawa u visa víctims.of traficking. All immigrants from uscis..please. God bless you 🇱🇷🙏🎄🎁✨

  2. Biden will simply continue the transfer of wealth from the Poor and Middle Class, to the Wealthy. Just as his bro Barack did.

  3. Joe Biden is a good man with a respectable reputation that is more than qualified to lead this Most Excellent nation. 👍😎👍 👍😎👍

  4. Joe's real polling number are in the low teens. If he doesn't win the nomination lots of democrats are going to jail. You democrats are absolutely insane.

  5. If Democrats win the next election, it will be because of ADVERTISEMENT… BIDEN trying to sell you his garbage.Hes a sweet talkin lier. LOL. STUPID, STUPID AMERICA…

  6. Joe Biden has no FAITH. Why would he promote climate change? God control the Climate BIDEN!!! Democrats promoting this lying Pedophile is a disgrace to every voter whether your a Democrat or a Republican. Biden should step down and be gone. He is a total loser with no HOPE of every being President which includes PIGLOSI.

  7. "Over 350 make you sign an agreement. If you come to work for them you will never discuss the ways you make with another employee, or you get penalized. Why? Because you are doing the same job that he is doing and your Guinea pig less because you are a woman and they do not want anybody to know about it. The third thing is last year alone 1.2 billion dollars in overtime was denied for hourly workers who were not unionized. $1.2 billion. So you stack spaghetti sauce in a store, in a supermarket. You control the guy or the woman who brings out the carts on a forklift. What happens? They make you management. You cannot get paid overtime. You see it happen with labor as well. The bottom line is I am for you because America needs you, too.”

  8. You humans have created your human laws. Little do you know, so does the universe, you have infringed upon the planet earth but not only that you are also destroying it. As a whole collective being I assure all humans will pay for the price accordingly to Universal law.

  9. Who really is supporting this guy? 🤔 honestly trying to understand it. With all the problems and inequality… why would someone want more of the status quo? Do you really know what you’re voting for?🤔


  11. Joe, why are you lying to your ignorant supporters. You absolutely couldn't care less about the climate. Just tell them where you stand, period. You are not Trump, stop to try raising your own "Trump supporters" by imitating Trump. We had enough of that… Dear Biden supporters here ist the truth about Joe and climate change: and

  12. “If you’re paddling upstream in a canoe and a wheel falls off, how many pancakes fit in a doghouse?

    None! Cause ice cream doesn’t have bones!” -Joe Biden

  13. But Joe,
    The US has had the worlds most reduction of co2. How do you plan on realistically solving the problem by making China and India, the two countries producing the lion share of pollution, cut their levels?
    Also, please provide the root studies that your campaign have used to form your climate data?

  14. We don't need another bribed president, Bernie sanders the only one not bought out by lobbying groups and multibillion dollar companies.

  15. I love Bidens new slogan. It's really resonating with young people and makes perfect sense to everyone. If you like malarkey vote for Trump. If you don't want any malarkey vote for Biden. Its just brilliant.❤️❤️❤️

  16. Go for something better and google Andrew Yang. He got an policy for everything, has the highest small donor ratio of all democratic nominees and can make full sentences 😉.

  17. Creepazoid Joe Biden has virtually admitted to pedophilia, but liberals will vote for him anyways.
    I wonder why Democrats are so concerned about the dirt Trump found on him in Ukraine.

  18. Joe, your drug-addict son, who got that job making $650K/year for doing nothing, and when you said to the Ukrainians, 'Unless you fire the prosecutor, you don't get the cash', no one is going to elect you to anything! You are a fraud sir.

  19. I strongly support this man. America needs a president with the spirit of our founders. We need a fighter but at the same time a humanist.

  20. Now he's floating the idea of only serving one term if elected. In other words, his staff and campaign managers are finally acknowledging his mental decline. Just drop out and retire gracefully Joe.

  21. He calls groups of black kids "roaches" and enjoys it when they rub his hairy legs in the pool and especially loves it when they jump on his lap..

  22. "The rest of the world hasn't given up on the Paris climate accord", well Joe, maybe its because other countries are not being held to the same standards.

  23. Trump is bringing down this world in countless ways ans needs to be removed or voted out immediately. Every day new damage and disgrace spills from that organization

  24. This video makes me love President Trump even more! Your Presidential campaign is just nasty, you use the people who are misled by the media, to vote for you! Disgusting Joe

  25. Stop talking about immigration Joe! We – Vietnamese American still remember you were the one who try the “best” to abandon us Vietnamese refugees, to come to this country legally 40 years ago!
    But you were also the one that criticized President Trump about his immigration policy! You LIE through your teeth Joe.
    I’m telling you, you’re not deserve living in White House, nursing home is the only place for you!

  26. Hey Joe. Remember when you said you were willing to prostitute yourself? Here's a reminder.

  27. Phasing in SOCIALISM. FOLKS LOOK IT UP IN THE WEBSTERS DICTIONARY. America loses its American culture with the influx of immigrants.

  28. Hell no. Hope that was clear enough. We do not want tyranny, oppression that is socialism. If Biden wants socialism he could move to China

  29. The big  difference between Trump and Joe Biden is Trump will sit on the couch and watch TV ,Joe Biden will sit on the TV and watch the couch!

  30. Screw the Bidens, as much traitors to America for their own gain as Trump. If that little swamp spiv Hunter had stayed clean from corruption we would have a chance of getting rid of Trump, but he couldn't, he and his father weren't good enough.

  31. Your a nut case he’s the worst ever Donald is the Best. CoCain Biden. Ha Ha going down hill fast Where Bidden Hidden with all that coke it’s Friday Night Watch out you and Daddy might get Robbed before the nights over !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That coke is going up in price it’s getting Harder to get walls do work Biden got the CoCain man Rob his ass now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Joe Biden coined the term 'Drug Czar,' after watching the movie Reefer Madness. He felt government must do more to warn people about the dangerous marijuana plant, which is also a gateway drug to LSD, the most addictive drug ever.

  33. How bout a video on hunter and the prosecutor???the picture golfing with the board members??Let’s get some answers “come on man”

  34. in 2009, Joe "The Sheriff" Biden was in charge of $875 Billion dollars of US Taxpayer dollars as "Stimulus" for a GREEN ECONOMY. We were told these "Shovel-Ready" jobs would increase employment and boost the economy. The unemployment rate actually INCREASED and the only crooks who made off with the money were corrupt companies like Solyndra. They took the taxpayers' money, contributed a portion back to the DNC, went bankrupt and the officers cashed in their golden parachutes at our expense. In the end, Biden and Obama had a good laugh at taxpayers' expense and said, "I guess there were no shovel -ready jobs." We were told the floundering economy was the "new normal", that you needed a magic wand to bring back manufacturing. Well Donald J. Trump has turned it all around. He found Obama's lost "Magic Wand" and we have the best economy EVER and lowest unemployment EVER.

    Joe and Barack had their chance and they blew it. They spent too much time at Hollywood fundraisers and taking selfies and not enough time working. We have a President that actually works for the American people and he's in for 4 more years.

  35. If the government scientists don't believe in "climate change", then they will be out of a job. It's that simple and that was the opinion of the late John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel.

  36. Corrupt Joe got his brother James a $1.2 BILLION No Bid contract to build homes in Iraq. Once again, with NO EXPERIENCE building homes????
    More proof the Obama/Biden years were America's most corrupt…

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