The Newsroom Season 2: Sam Waterston Interview

how do you feel about being back in on the air with newsroom the first season was a total success I just solved the last the first episode how do you feel about it I just thought – I I'm I was thrilled by it I was thrilled by the scripts as they came in and we had a great time making it so I I have high hopes and Charlie water how much as he evolved for this new season he's in new circumstances and he has to face some very discomforting questions about himself and about how he's doing his job and how he's going to keep the boat afloat a lot of he's got a lot on his plate so you cannot give much away you might want a style I did I wouldn't hate to give anything away because the pleasure that we get you want the audience to get the pleasure that you get as an actor sitting down at the table read when you first get the script and you go oh my god I didn't see that coming oh wow isn't that wonderful oh why spoil it I know I I don't want to know either no you don't want to know but how interesting is that for you to work in a show that deals that it's very close to reality into contemporary news and things that happen and well it's a wonder because we're going back a year and a lot of the stuff that was so important at the time has been overwhelmed by events that have come after and to the point where you've actually completely forgotten that these things even happened it's an extraordinary experience it's like being in a time warp at what level do you identify with Charlie or is it I like him so much I completely like him I don't think I am him know I don't have that I'm not that crazy but but I like him enormous Lee it's it's hard for you to go back to who you are or are you happy right now are you Charlie you know they they people often say that you bring parts of yourself the character but you you are all you've got and it's the character that picks what it's going to use the character is doing a selection process we don't need your your your glum nests and your depressed state we need your energy or different you know it just depends on the character how would you describe Charlie in few words cool Charlie it's cool in what do you think of the relation between a will and all the colleagues it's a generous selfish prima donna yes or yes yes what yes – yes can you love her in your little no I mean all those things you named he is and more the the thing that's really interesting and I think you can say it about Jeff's character and my character and Emily's character and write all across the board is that all these people are in a state of change none of them has settled anywhere on one branch and they're all in flight

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