1. Four years later and the hair still stands streight up when I hear these themes. Too bad Sorkin flaked out so soon…Even though he's a libtard dipstick, I trained myself to ignore the left wing propaganda and just enjoy the art! Best TV Show ever and I can say that because I was there when TV began!

  2. Oh dear.  Season 2 never made it to air on free to view in the UK so I had to wait for the DVD to get affordable. The original theme had dignity and drive; this is a frenetic mess; and the title sequence both gave you an idea of the show, and the actors.  Perhaps it was thought international markets wouldn't "get" the US news anchors.  Disappointed.

  3. while the music is much better, the visionary theme wasn't as promising as the new one. Although it has grown on me

  4. Mike Post was a fantastic composer of 70s and 80s theme tunes. ..but this guy has really caught the essence of the newsroom.

  5.  Is this version on MP3? I love this variation on the original and would like to have it, Anybody know?

  6. Hated this at first and loved it by the end – it grew on me a lot and loved the timpani part throughout and the feel of season 1 at the end

  7. The thing I like about this is the piano, but I miss the ending flute trill of season 1's theme.

    I'd love to hear the two combined into something awesome.

  8. I love this theme! The first season was ok, but he slight marching aspect of the piano, the way it builds and it's focus I think it brilliant. Typing and hustle bustle, timpani, french horns and mood shift at the end with strings.

  9. I like the first season's theme. Didn't care for this one so much through the first few eps. I love it now though, and going back to the first season's theme… yeah it's been beat out by season 2's track in my mind.

  10. It just sounds like a mess. There are so many petitions going about at the moment so I think there should be one to bring back the original theme

  11. It's bloody AWFUL in so many ways…..the first version was so melodius and beautiful, this version is an abortion….

  12. I like both. This version is more uptempo to reflect the fast pace nature of the news business I guess. Agreed with previous poster. This is my theme music heading into work.

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