The Newsroom Season 2 Episode 3, 'Willie Pete'

what do with the flick Brett John J Inc
Alonso episode 3 C's into the newsroom really
peaks which sounds dirty but is its and up so again this the to me the show feels
like the morning after party when you think you've the thing you
should have said at the time this is every op-ed Aaron Sorkin did not write
in 2011 and 2012 brought writ large gonna start this is with like
a crappy Daily Show peace you know and that's the problem with I
always feel the same way that studio 60 was like this just I had this little its own US so
much fake bacon right when the show's right doing it and you know in a
different way we have no doubt that with the turner we have a turnaround time
pressure you so much to honey but I can literally
does like you know its like a line sideline cycle without
the jokes you I'm wondering why I am watching it
just take down its not like a daily show like here were pointing at the Boxee
haha but then why why wouldn't we I want
those think it's more like it over in the garage in peace I always figured
yeah I did that this and that this and that you're all going to hell the end yeah
that was a bit over the top for me the not not as soon as you should be you
know that the little bit over the top but I thought is perfectly fine take
down there should be more coverage other I
don't remember them I certainly reveled in it but I mean yeah at the same time
as I go sorghum %uh so you guys are basically saying is
this one big jerks or your member Costanza yeah yeah I'm so like burning upset with the
working title the show actually wrestler year but all the the jerk store
called you their best seller her like you know funny those have
already been issued %uh those clever comebacks were a weakened the Daily Show two years
ago guide the clever fame yet know to be fair to soar Sorkin the whole gay soldier thing I covered
that the time you know we did okay with it but his life was
better a the whole thing about like playing all the clips of them saying how
much you care about the troops and then turning around and saying you
know how they didn't see the Center for the I thought either really well like if
your gonna um Monday merit Morning Quarterback it or two year later quarterback it you know I
thought it was nicely done I heard which %uh the way area right directly on that way
I think they misfired though is when jim is grilling the last year yes and unlike look I would have loved if
one other candidate said that but we know what the country in the Republican
primary voters like know they would have lost the primary
vote election that night the I but I like those grilling scenes person that I
and the reason I like those grilling scenes were on the bus with Jim is cuz I know how frustrating and
painful they are to watch and i'm glad that now I'm shown probably
what it's like if you are that one person who shows up who who has like a higher level love
experience however if you do have a higher level experience you're probably
pretty familiar with how much of a jerk off session the entire Miller if you behave like this is some
revelation to him it is really feels like standing in for a candidate Romney the
straw man you know it's that it it asks us to believe that he is shocked shocks to learn that you know in
bed a journalist with the campaigns are merely caring doctor just too frustrated and
how much of a straw man is it actually I mean and nothing was
frustrating for me is you see they they they go to the cycle three times i've asking the questions and then you see
reporter one reporter to a 4-3 all talking points and they keep doing that and I love seeing that both because I'm
frustrated with that but the more frustrating thing is that in the real world the problem
isn't the reporters on the campaign bus taking the talking points are not
questioning we'll ask you to direct question you
refuse to answer it's the pic n GGAs do that the people actually interview the
candidates do that it's even more frustrating the week real-world minutes per trade on the TV show I think
yeah I know I gotta be as I the bus is look at the whole series is
maddening in all the ways that we've talked about before not just for the
romantic group you know the romance stuff the schlocky stuff that I
can't stand the idea about like as jim is doing it on the bus it's kinda
grating on the nerves to watch him to watch the reaction the
reporter so what's the reaction the Romney who is set up but the bus is
my favorite thing in terms of the point that he's making
right okay the point is that they're visiting a that the reporters have so internalize
that that they have become part of the Romney
campaign right there is for the Romney campaign bus store and all they do is that I was
so when Jim steps at a that norman says haitian we be asking questions he
doesn't get heat from the Romney people he their amused by him he gets help from
the other reporters right and they're the ones you keep
telling them shut up shut up just do what you're supposed to do
repeat talking points earlier for right and so I think that that's the
best part of this season so far the fact that it shines a spotlight you
see if the spotlight you know and I i services that's what
it's for shines a spotlight on what the f ing problem i jus I just
feel like anybody who has thought spend five minutes thinking
about the news knows this already no way I thought the show way no no way
okay we are here at The Young Turks know it ninety five percent we live it
we breathe et cetera right number one the average guy hasn't
thought about it at all and doesn't even realize the mace you
mean has been completely coopted and they're not doing real journalism at
all they feel it in their gut and they hate them for their fakeness
but they didn't think like wait a minute on the Romney campaign bus today asa
probing questions or do they not but beyond that be on that the actual
people doing the news they don't know like the established CNN
person on that bus he would have thought he was rocking it
is a man are all I look good on camera today man did you see my hair might profile I had that talk import hard and
he wouldn't think it's a talking point you think he actually thought of that
all Romney is up in the polls that was an interesting thing I did about has some terms in third know you schmuck
they fed it to you never i think is a question dole campaign would not have been balls
here though maybe I'm asking for too much if they had him apply that same thing
about how the embed sir are totally you know did being taken Avenger by the
there in bettors if they apply that to work coverage or
am I just asking for too much there I just think I think there's some
leftover like my favorite episode of West Wing are the ones whether on the
trail and they're out there pounding the pavement night I think you need to at least cover this aspect
love up something and I don't think that the average person out there knows that
there is a bus even mean they know that their that
somehow the coverage of what's happening every day but they probably think that
their reporters who err you know in Delaware and just there's
just when they show up I just think the right ratio higher to
go on though Obama bus the last episode of Gilmore Girls and that's when I knew
there was a bus I keep a level up restoration that we
have is people in the news there isn't as much as I did
the news by sitting on phone calls in the morning and then showing up on TV in
the afternoon but at the level pressures you people
who actually know about this process watching the show and how almost like it is it is it's gotta be
the same as the feeling I like actual scientist watching The Big Bang Theory glitches like this is it misses it is
the theater what is art science terms where you cops and lawyers watching
almost any program on television yes ma'am so yeah I mean along those
lines a it my favorite player seen in this episode was the bus scene at the very
end right so he does the big dramatic thing and the grading part is like okay like
%ah right here comes the woman she's gonna stand up she's gonna ass about a woman's issue
and like I see a car very okay fire right hand alright with like that that kid with the
spiky hair in the glasses and the goldfish and rod Tidwell going to show me the
money I Calif them there was it was exactly what they want a real good liar
unions on doing things I 38 mean aidid mm bag a sammich yeah I
was everybody was like funny I get it but it's like if you like yep
they're gonna years because the shot was just threw them on the side of the road
got it you're absolutely but I did like a couple parties number one I love hate that they were
not more than two I am Spartacus is you like like they didn't do like the
captain oh captain every stands on their bus seat in rocket so so que was three that was fun
I like that it was a three from by on the side of the road that was fun
and I and I love death the message the gym was
giving which was what is the point in being on this bus
like why do you wanna stay on this bus if all you do is regurgitate their
talking points what value do you get at a beast on this bus quickly answer that I think the reason
is look he is for he's a senior producing to evaluate he wants she is an
independent funded by blah blah blah person who does the turkey sandwich guys brawl there are some people on the bus
if they get kicked off the bus because they have standards and they have their
ideals they get replaced next week by somebody
else who can go on about the drone make the ring girls is and that's exactly the
problem that newsrooms pointing out yeah I mean I hope that they have that seen
in a later episode where an editor because the real problem
in all these newsrooms are would it you know if it's a new
serial column editor if it's a in TV you call exec producer
the guy the top say owner you say on that god damn bus okay
and know your role and there's really a if you're playing
this long game like you try to blend in disappear unless you either every unless you're
either you know doing your job putting in your time
cutting your teeth or you're breaking that enormous story those are the only two options just
slowly chipping away at like what this is all about like that's not
your job so so I i think if they if they all saw think
James James just come into in shown up making some like BS kind of statement and I think
otherwise unless they're making like that big story about Romney with his
pants of being on a teenager like via I that the earth the favor for a
favor a great idea that so the you know they're working on
operation genoa salami and you know and its every time I hear it I keep thinking
much get a sub okay anyway %uh and their captors 45
people working over time of their a the hours and and they're doing this
and I'm thinking like is there was one person in the building
a CNN who's working on an investigative story
let alone a team of 45 we're really excited by then working other of hours is there one person it's
possible and but that's what I love in and and have issues with the newsroom and I think that's a good thing that I'm
likes wanna scream at the TV that's so unrealistic but that's his point less is more that
he should be like that is there all night like on the forehead in the phones
yeah area actually play that there's a
one-person who just got done with their package and the like become my friend BuzzFeed
and see if he's found anything up I got my view and has actually do
investigative reporter and a blog I and I have must be a guy had just read
reddit yeah I'd put together a list headed
towards goal anymore over a house a car as if she's got me thinking you know I can tell you guys like the
one thing that I you know that I go back to I many examples with the 1i
usually uses then once Ron Paul was a guest on on my show on MSNBC and he say that that
he hey to add that he was against public
financing I love education right and he said his
education was not all publicly financed okay and I thought okay that's
interesting I'd love to have somebody do some research in that I got a big staff about your producers and MSNBC's giant
buildings connected NBC News et cetera and I try to get somebody to do research
on that couldn't do it yeah I Mike we we we a mask illegal or
producer he might not know how to do it I'm asking for an investigative reporter
right they like there isn't one in the building okay is a cough is an investigative
reporter he's a washington DC he works for NBC News it is not interested in what the guy at
six o'clock on MSNBC would like to know about Ron Paul okay so there isn't one in the building we'll make those right there how many
employees could they have like five thousand I so it was we're talking about the in
with the Genoa angle and everything in one thing
that I want to mention is what their they continue do with the Mac May and
then you really want her to seem capable and with it like they have for
translating rapid-fire what WP is what the different helicopters are
all the stuff and she's she's giving these like long thoughtful looks at will
and everything and they even threw in the guy is the
one falling over backwards share multiple times like yeah they want
her to seem like the most capable person in the universe now I love that scene I want a guy come back I laughed out
loud at both I really anyone's coming everywhere I left tricep I like that back and through things like
there's the balance between like a hard-hitting reporting in the attempt to insert humanities
characters and I think he's one of the few actors on the show that is actually a person this is because they
should Sloan and Zane this new character it was great I love
the the Sloan Don conversation nice I hope this loan mine Aleman yeah how that happened so slowly that
absolutely is the closest thing to a human being the show has and and Mike
they although they're getting a little
further in both directions at making her super smart have these and a superbike
DX personal record products throughout my guy yeah exactly but nonetheless you still
making a word I gotta say I I'm more inclined to think
that I would watch the show more if it were about Nina which ones need gossip columns well yeah
it how about how about one step forward with the Mac in two steps back with I wanted to
go out with you the first time you told me I was an idiot yeah I gossip columnist I think it's
fair to character as when I don't know what it's
like you he there they're taking like how to write women in their opening the
book the game I so on the Mac and share front so Mac I've now have a que opinion and is
going to be somewhat all these comments might be a nice the
the actual the SSO Alonso to tell you that this is
the then please maxine a.m. we were a et now I'm done with a okay I don't know
that I'll tell you I as a white because a in the first season
I thought maybe it's the writing and if have this character that's
unbearable and it's Ian unrealistic as an executive producer now they've
cleaned up her writing and try to elevate her silver I motion so like that I gave him I can take its he's not for me zippy
about yeah businesses is you are completely in title as a water to judge
people based on stupid need a hand in in in that first movies
me difficult and I just wanna push mighty he's right that's right and so that's why today I'm
a jerk and I'm its my bad but I can't stand her face supplying
like not her face is in beauty attractiveness is that it like
that her tix like her takes a rather stop it stop doing that pace okay alright so I'm done with her number
two the guy with the chair sofa Mike okay
here we go Telegraph it foresees that I got criticism for you
know making the woman that says I'm gonna make this otherwise incredibly bright guy
into an 88 who would sit in the door couple times right they would sit in a chair where he looks
like you know it a little person and then fall over like who didn't see
that coming into my ghost op-ed on May funny i genuinely last night i
just want to ask me how you like what I so much that everybody has seen that
coming over really good yeah there's something about
him that I find really great thing about love it's the actor about the character think it's the foundation a late in the
first few episodes and the and you're just like wait a
minute I thought he was the bad boyfriend to the being face thinking it's been
face Maggie paleface magill sewn up to he was a bad
boyfriend her so I'm not supposed to like him and if you just forget all those early
episodes they're still thinks from figuring out all the reasons they went
wrong and dad Aaron Sorkin was shaking the
dust off his pants at the st. Pete and I don't think he's
the bad guy and that didn't realize is that the the three of them I generally
find annoying but he I fight him the most annoying if the theory that
almost none of the triangle there which I was made made it a good episode
I think yeah position at the sex the city bus that was about it and so on donna I'm split I agree with you that he
actually seems more real I'm almost gonna put on this loan
category of like the second real person on the show right like because he's a complete the
guy and he's kind of a back gate is kinda not I get it I empathize with them want to move on to someone else but like
feeling bad about it the only unrealistic thing was when he
was like all the sudden like intensely the death row guy and how
he had secretly him that have nor going on that
for seventeen years but otherwise I like in the second a
realistic thing that you he's a smart and got a guy who wants to be successful
he's like a sin that jackass chair yeah rail so but you're right but it
doesn't fit but with his rowing over and hot so I think it's been so much
time sifting through so many words said so quickly that I my
brain need someone to fill all yeah fair enough now I I know you're
over a yr Emily Mortimer but I have to say I want things I do like about the show
is when they can write something they can write an argument
that is contrary to my own beliefs would do in a way that is smart enough to know you're okay
well yeah I see your point when she's goofing on Dev Patel about occupy and says I can't really tell you
specifically how but I way to overhaul the entire website where the okay that's
funny that's money that's forever that's I see
I see what you did there you know and so even though I'm I thought like
you by the law gets up I think the weather the stuff to bring out early in
the game as complaints against why occupies a
working are always seem very balanced you the
whole thing about the Tea Party as how many elected officials may have a
cardboard library me you know I was so I'm this is all about that was well
written and I I heard those conversations happening when occupy was
blown up you know I there that is an apt
characterization of the conversation between a young person who feels like they get it and someone who's
like its cool it wasn't the occupy your such an idiot
it was you kind of made a massive things and I
get all this you have your reasons but that's very impractical yes i i applaud your motives but you
kids eat together the other area sowie that's actually probably the best
for the show and I say that because its actually realistic and then it takes
something that is real estate and can give it a newsroom twist to it
right so where she actually does want them to succeed but is frustrated that they're doing in
effectively so than that fits into what the this
newsroom should be right whereas some other stuff is so
unrealistic that it's hard to imagine a newsroom et cetera you're right the clever line
it took me two and a half seconds to understand what you say I don't like
being serious your exam yeah when he takes me to have sex to figure
it out you been clever nice I'd rather and and then his line about her twelve
hundred dollar shoes was perfect raised yet and by the way her
complaints about occupy are exactly my complaints so I mean I really empathize with that i
think thats a home run after I like the whole the the running
that the Twitter translations because you know obviously the very end the last
week is going to be the right one and even shut down the operation I never take you
on a little R&R exactly I thought I like that TV is so its TV and in terms of what you're talking
about the the dialogue given very very fast disorganised I like I think I will and Charlie had the best example that ever when they
were talking about the different people how they died literature movies I love our watch that
scene again I that is so I was grrrreat have they were
a job as you felt actually died before they made a maybe and that
was a good scene that and I'm really when I'm watching it airs there's two piles there's good seems
that it had assured of a discrete moments ever like an episode ever feels
like a whole you know playing a narrative
that flows together as always we're picking up a little gems among the gravel and with the
newsroom it's just I want it to be so good and they're a
good scenes and there's bad scenes and when there's a good thing sometimes I
can't enjoy it because I just watched three really bad
feat what do you think you will and Charlie the facing off with the recess I thought
it was interesting how how up front he was as soon as we pulled
out the mic I thought no don't there's no reason to
play it assuming even if you've seen it was on there there's no reason to play and obviously
they're only setting up that they don't actually have a so now they've been disarmed they get
that but they wouldn't have brought out the tape recorder I did like the premise
that goes yeah I don't care you know do whatever you want I'm still
the president the network error because if they show that he's been
acting he got a present no I hated hey did okay it's the exact opposite over the Occupy
home run for two reasons one you left the whole
last season with like all the goddamn with this tape and they
care a lot so why in the span of two and a half
episodes they go from Mike okay you win on everything you got us to
like I don't care yeah sure put me in person who cares
secure erase so I don't buy it I think that transformation for Reese was ridiculous raid and then number two know
this is that this flock from Sorkin ike I'll I love your brother but I can't
stay ended like come on those two geniuses Charlie
Skinner and will mcevoy who might be like bad in some stuff but
are like probably to Atiq in what they do also I forgot
never got a call see what's the most important port of my
career well you know I have leverage or you
have the leverage and I might get fired although I forgot go to heaven knows a
tape recorder is in the news gathering device why would they know how to work
that yeah I see I see that they've made a very big decision in plotting out the show and it doesn't
involve that plot tree you know so they were
like we need a costly our little yeah that's what it is and they're like okay
we did that was fun for season 1 and there are certain issues they get
away with it like 24 is all about making you think something is important and
then it suddenly dies mcgovern but but it's just not this
isn't one of those shows this is a show we like I should be remembering that
that exist somewhere so that at the perfect moment it comes
out not that they completely deflate something that I was basing the entire structure the show so
yes and they're doing a little slap stick with it like a skinner mcevoy
there is there walking out at cetera that would have been it devastating
moment that would not have been a slapstick humour moment I that would have been like oh my
god we might both be fired tomorrow her and that was just the most dramatic
mistake we made in our lives moment yeah I'm not a laurel and hardy yeah
area so I i don't say generally about this episode like I've been obviously
this is the third review does second season I've been less critical than than both love you band and also you today
and I like the first two episodes but I like this one even more it had less than
the love triangle stuff and it had everything that makes me look
forward actually watching the show we had a representation of stuff you don't see
any other show like the bus tougher Jim you just you don't get to see that you
to see some other stuff like with the gay soldier on The Daily Show but like this is an area in the world
that saw no other TV shows I like seeing that they had the very clever witty fast dialogue in
everything it had laughed like at like you guys didn't like it but the
following are the chair was funny there were some funny lines
yeah I know he liked I like overall I really love the episodes I've seen this
year this is my favorite and it was its more watchable than the
others it other three episodes I see it as we talk reported had more moments
that I could pick out in like right which is necessary make it a good
episode but is better than the other two actors having more those moments can we all agree that the worst
part of this episode was Maggie thinking that she was having
side-effects from for malaria medication I yes yes yes I mean who knows shoutout in
a production meeting with your boss there whatever she shouted out that was
unacceptable and weird in horrible was that one funny line though I hope that
you have a suicidal thoughts before you have the other side of August yeah that was funny yeah I like that
same yeah and I know it's it's less like a a recipe were all the
flavors are working together I i it's a oshit I've made this and
something's missing so I'm gonna keep throwing hear some
funny and now I have too much fun to your summer seriously just keep having what it's actually kinda really
an analogy yeah it didn't take to an absent seconds for
to register aa might like but no you're right this is part serve the goulash
where I run into like a batch of cinnamon stuck together ya also get another my mouth right and
then you run into like a really nice par the ghoulish like the best Alicia's I hope there's more that coming up I
paid what is like this hodgepodge stuff and you keep reading the were bad spot
for the good spots is the new york short-circuited the Chevy somehow
convince you to eat goulash I but I look forward to more glass next
week I know that our app only i watch it well
do this next week for more go on for more news room thanks for watching

  1. I hate to be the one to fact check in 2017 (4 years after the original airing of this episode) but… @20:41 I would like to point out that Reese, in fact did NOT care if he was gonna go to jail, Leona on the other hand, did.

  2. FREE HD watch The Transporter Refueled ( 2015 ) 720p

  3. So ACN is far from trying to be reflection of reality. It's not supposed to be; it's setting an example for reality to emulate, because reality sucks.

  4. I don't get why they fuss that it isn't like CNN. CNN =/= ACN. The point of the first half of season 1 was a confluence of new blood and circumstances that transformed a regular news channel into the more earnest one it became.

  5. You probably hit the nail on the head when you said you should judge commentary based on the merit of words said, not who said it. If I had felt the words held enough merit and interest I wouldn't have gone looking for reasons why the different commentators were there. ps. it's pretty hard to blame John for being blinded by West Wing

  6. Admittedly Alonso is a little out of his element in The Newsroom, because if you know anything about him, he is a movie nut. And television, while related, is a different beast. If you listen to his podcast, you can tell how much he knows, how much he loves movies. But yeah, he is a little aloof about all other aspects of life (except cooking, from what I've heard). But he knows his Sorkin material so that's something he brings to the table as a movie critic.

  7. You should always judge commentary based on the merit of words said, not who said it. That being said, yes, Cenk and Ben have relevant expertise, and yes, Alonso is a legitimate movie critic, who I, btw, enjoy listening to along Matt and Christy. But no, I don't like John's commentary (even though i loved his GoT). He's overly embracing the show, even though it's really not that great. I want to say he's blinded by his ideology and presumably West Wing.

  8. I'm enjoying these critiques more then the actual show. There are maybe 4-5 well cast actors in this show and everyone else is just horribly miscast. I like women actors and characters in my television but Mack and Maggie are so horribly miscast and just terrible to watch. Cenk is spot on about Mack. They have made written her character so much better and she is just as annoying and unconvincing to me now as she was before. Maggie makes me groan audibly every time she is on now.

  9. I don think we are done with that scene with charlie, will, and reese quite yet. the reason reese is all "i dont care" now may be explained in further episodes, like maybe it had it erased, because that would also explain why he was so calm when they took it out

  10. Brett Erlich reminds me of Jim on the show. He looks whiny and self-important. Actually everyone on this segment minus John Iadarola and Cenk to a lesser extent

  11. that he's another critic and is there because of that expertise, not that that makes me care what he thinks. But who is Brett and why should I care about his opinions? Also, you know Cenk is going to be too busy to do these at some point, and then they're probably going to inject yet another person I have no reason to care about. Oh, and btw, if you're going to have people who show no sign of being qualified to be there, the least you can do is not make it an all-men almost-all-white cast.

  12. I'm at a point now where I really need someone to tell me why I should care about each of their opinions. I mean, I love Cenk so I care what he says. Ben is a movie critic, and he and Cenk have some experience that is very relevant to this show, so in that way I care about what he thinks. I love John from the GoT reviews and I like him in general, so I guess I care about his opinions. I have no idea who Alonso is, but they gave him such a central role in the initial reviews that I've assumed

  13. Yeah exactly. The last episode of the first season, I could've sworn they were all sitting in the room together and Will played the tape back for them to hear, letting them know they had something on them in the first place…..

  14. As Alonso suggested, the Newsroom really needs to question (or hopefully even attack) the credibility of reporters who are embedded with the military in same way that it assails the credibility of reporters who are embedded with the campaign. I've been reading some old Vietnam War press lately, and I can't help but think that much of it would not be possible in today's press. DOD policy excludes any reporter from a warzone who refuses to act as G.I. Joe's bard.

  15. Romney was running for president. He won about 48% of the national vote. It was important for us to care what he stood for or didn't.

  16. Sorkin has great plot, horrible dialogue! Nobody talks the way these characters do, well maybe once in a while but not all the time. That is why they are torn over the show.

  17. Sports Night was the first Sorkin style show. It was the innovator. People liked West Wing because it was Sorkin at his best and it gave Liberals hope during the Presidency of W.

  18. Dude in the blue shirt is kind of shallow, if you want to watch the Daily Show, watch the Daily Show and quite your whining…Newsroom is another show that is not the daily show.

  19. A Romney spokesman came out and commented on this show and said no reporter was thrown off the bus and the media actually covered this. This is fiction, the media doesn't get it plus who gives a crap what Romney thinks period!

  20. There's room for everyone. And that subtext thing is OLD. Like The Godfather saga old. And you feel talked down if you don't agree. I do.

  21. Here's a show that explains pretty good that when you go on the Romney bus you can do something else other than go along with the talking points BS and they point at them and say "that would never happen" and call it sanctimonious and lecturing. Get my point now?

  22. You clearly missed the last scene were she lied to McKenzie about the contents of the pot call because that she was spending night with McAvoy

  23. Has it crossed anyone's mind that perhaps Reese somehow erased the tape? He was a little too confident in that meeting.

  24. Why are they still reviewing this show? Nobody of them seems to enjoy it. Most people watch TV-shows to be entertained.

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