1. Man, this song was always beautiful but… now this sequence just makes me cry. It reminds me of a time when people actually trusted and respected journalists instead of calling their hard work fake.

  2. Does anyone know if this was done with live musicians or MIDI? Strings in particular?
    I have an argument with a friend 😉

  3. this is much more sentimental than season 2: i vastly prefer the new version. having said that, if there's series 3, i hope it changes again

  4. I really liked the original theme from last year but this year's theme is slowly growing on me. The old adage applies here, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!".

  5. The merging of the old EV clips and the S1 arrangement is elegant. It's a shame they changed the theme and opening montage.

  6. I'm waiting for the full season 2 to watch it, but I already took a sneek listen at the new opening credits. I've never expected this one would change, because it fits the show perfectly. The second season one sounds chaotic. Maybe it'll grow on me, but I'll miss this one I'm sure watching the new episodes.

  7. I really love this little slice of orchestral music, obviously crafted by a master (Mr. Thomas Newman). The S2 arrangement doesn't grab me with the emotional weight of this one. Al least they preserve the original S1 orchestration in the closing credits (so far).

  8. S2 opening arrangement reminds me of a variation of the main musical theme on the Cinema Paradiso soundtrack; the usual rhythm is superseded by the pulsating rhythm (same as the rhythm that comes in on the recapitulation) with piano as main percussive voice. That piece provided a variation of the theme for the motion picture. Perhaps the new opening had similar origins. I wonder if there was a conscious influence on Newman by the Morricone composition [btw, another GREAT musical theme].

  9. Some of the best theme music I've heard in a while. Reminiscent of actual news themes and yet still Sorkin-esque and cinematic.


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