The Newsroom EP7 "Don tells the Pilot"

I'm the guy who wins the lottery and loses a ticket biggest story in a generation and I'm a spectator sure not the spectator we are locked on a plane and we still helped put it together that's pretty good this is compulsion you have to look on the bright side I can never count on you to be Jewish if it helps we should probably be concerned about violent retaliation that does help man Thanks my regret is that I'd like to go with my wife with him Johnny wake up the kids bring down the studio we all wants together yes I'd like to be with your wife – I'd like to be in the newsroom with will and Charlie and her you I'm Maggie I said Maggie no you didn't you didn't so you have to ask yourself what happens when you and Maggie break up which you know is going to happen in gyms with someone else we were talking about loud over Delaware after the second scotch there's passengers in row 22 who know about you Maggie and Jim true story shut up excuse me I've got a text message saying the president is speaking tonight in a few minutes do you know anything about this the internet says he's speaking in a matter of grave national security yeah I've got the same thing I've got a flight that's been canceled does that have anything to do with what your times they've been a terrorist attack no wait there's been a terrorist at now there hasn't got an email saying we're at war with Libya nope you guys know what's going on don't you folks there hasn't been a terrorist attack none of your friends and family are in danger the president will be speaking in just a few now listen they're just nervous because you do not take over control of the cabin getting emails and going online and zine do not take over control of the cabin ever ma'am sit down no you know I'm getting the cabin I get the captain cuz I'd like to have a word with him the seatbelt while we're standing still is one thing but how many paranoid you have to be to think that I'm declaring myself in charge of the sort of problem sir I was just asking how paranoid you have to you have to be sir sir captain my name is Don Keefer that's Elliot Hirsch and that Sloan sabbith we work for Atlantis cable news and we wanted you and your first officer and flight attendant crazy lady to be the first ones on this plane to know that our armed forces killed Osama bin Laden for you tonight you're serious yes sir we reported the news

  1. o7 o7 o7 o7 o7 o7 o7 truly the bravest troops are the news broadcasters who tell pilots about OBL croaking about 10 minutes before Obama breaks the news to the world

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