The Newsroom  Environmentalist Toby Predicts Apocalypse

mr. Westbrook you've spent most of your professional career as a climate scientist in the public sector yes 10 years as a supervisory management analyst in the office of environmental information and before that I was a program specialist in the EPA's resource management division and you have a PhD in climate science from Stanford yes and another in chemistry with a master's in biology okay tell us about the findings in the report that was just released the latest measurements taken at Mauna Loa in Hawaii indicate a co2 level of 400 parts per million just so we know what we're talking about if you were a doctor and we were the patient what's your prognosis a thousand years 2,000 years a person has already been born who will die due to catastrophic failure of the planet what did he do say okay can you expand on that sure um the last time there was this much co2 in the air the oceans were 80 feet higher than they are now two things you should know half the world's population lives within 120 miles of an ocean and the other humans can't breathe underwater you're saying the situation's dire not exactly um your house is burning to the ground The Situation's dire your house has already burned to the ground situations over so what can we do to reverse this well there's a lot we could do if over 20 years ago or even 10 years ago but now no can you make an analogy that might help us understand sure um it's as if you're sitting in your car in your garage with the engine running and the door closed and you've slipped into unconsciousness and that's it what if someone comes and opens the door you're already dead what if the person got there in time may you be safe okay so now what's the co2 equivalent of the getting there on time shutting off the car 20 years ago you sound like you're saying it's hopeless yeah is that the administration's position or yours there isn't a position on this any more than there's a position on a temperature at which water boils the administration let me try to your administration and don't forget I need you to stretch solar clean coal nuclear power raising fuel economy standards and building a more efficient electrical grid yes and that would have been great yes see if we can't find a better spin people are starting their weekends the report says we can release 565 more gigatons of co2 without the effects being calamitous says we can only release 565 Keegan's so what if we only release 564 well then we would have a reasonable shot at some form of dystopian post-apocalyptic life but the carbon dioxide in the oil that we've already leased is 2,795 gigatons so what would all this look like well mass migrations food and water shortages spread of deadly disease endless wildfires way too many to keep under control storms that have the power to level cities blacken out the sky and create permanent darkness you're gonna get in trouble for saying this publicly who cares mr. Westbrook we want to inform people but we don't want to alarm them can you give us a reason to be optimistic well that's the thing well Americans are optimistic by Nature and if we face this problem head-on if we listen to our best scientists and act decisively and passionately I still don't see any way we can survive ok Richard Westbrook deputy assistant administrator of the EPA thank you for joining us thanks for having me this is news night we'll be back right after this

  1. I love the way he says thanks for having me so lightheartedly after he tells Will the world is going to end

  2. If course the people in power want to pretend climate change dosn't exist.

    By the time it's too late, they'll have made their money and we'll be long dead. It's us who are going to have to suffer the consequences of it.

  3. Long years as an HR in dunder miflin scranton branch can really get to him and this is the result.🙂🙂🙂

  4. and in the end to me it doesn't matter if the climate change scare is real or not, we should still be heavy into solar, wind, nuclear etc power. if nothing else it stops us from funding some of the worst regimes in the world

  5. If this guy believed what he's saying, why is he living out the last days of disco in a middle management job at a government agency? He would be building a cabin in British Columbia.

  6. It's wrong but Christ I am pissing my self the stone face of this man is brilliant. Just does not give a shit that he is describing the end of the world.

  7. "What did he just say?"

    He said you should be paying attention to climate change because it has the possibility to kill each and every human on this planet within the next two generations, so maybe pull the wax out of your ears, stop this climate change denial shit, and work on solutions actively. When they said "our children and our grandchildren" during the "when will this happen" stuff, they were pointing out the specific people who will suffer for our inaction, not making a vague reference to "later".

    America is the only country on Earth that's still having a debate about climate change being real or not. The rest of the planet is more like, "What do we do about climate change and the fact that America's ignoring it?"

    Time is a factor, because every minute you guys waste debating about whether or not it's real, the problem gets harder to solve.

  8. And why did you think it was "funny"? Did it make you want to hide under your bed? Were you afraid it might make you so frightened that you might start shaking? Is it the "macho" way of dealing with sheer terror? Maybe so, eh?

  9. You tree-hugger morons realize enviros have been saying this same crap for decades right? In the 60s they predicted food riots and collapse in 70s, in 70s they predicted global cooling would cause starvation in 80s, in 80s they predicted global warming in 90s, in 90s they predicted global climate change in 2000s…

    Its all about selling books, getting endowed chairs at prestigious universities (see Paul Ehrlich), and getting on TV

  10. Here's one way to think about………………

    150 years ago in 1867 there were less than 5,000 combustion engines in operation on a daily basis across the planet. In 2016 there were more than 100,000,000.

    And this is just a guesstimate (but we can probably all agree that this is an accurate statement {to some degree})………………………

    The human population of the planet consumes 500,000,000 gallons of oil a WEEK EVERY WEEK OF THE YEAR.

    All the personal cars, all the city and regional buses, all of the local diesel trains, all of the regional and nationwide diesel trains, all the airplanes (including those that just deliver packages and only have a crew of less than 4)…………………

  11. "Are you gonna get in trouble for saying this publicly?"
    "Who cares?"
    Said like a man who has truly seen the coming of the inevitable end.

  12. Yea, this is pretty accurate. I study this stuff and scientists are coming forward with even bleaker assessments. One you can do a YOUTUBE search for is Doctor Guy Mcpherson, a real climate scientist that makes this guy look like Mary Sunshine.

    Science always wins. Politics is an illusion. Doubt not based on a solid understanding of the data is irrelevant.

  13. I'm pretty much convinced that at this stage, while we should increase efforts to "go green" and limit our CO2 output as much as possible, our best hope is going to come from some future technology that we haven't thought of yet. Either that or we'll just have to learn to adapt.

    The thing is, the Earth has warmed and cooled before. It's happening quickly this time because of us (humans). Skeptics say it was going to happen no matter what and that it's not our fault but even if that turned out to be the case, the planet doesn't care about us. It won't fix itself for our sake. If we go extinct, the Earth will go on happily without us. So we need to do what we do best and that's be selfish. Forget the planet. Don't find a solution for the sake of saving the planet, find a solution for the sake of saving us.

  14. I think this is hilarious. From the scenario to the Newsrooms reactions. So understated and well played. It had to be funny, the truths are scary. Thanks for the upload.

  15. Global Warming is a term used by people who don't understand what's going on. Climate Change is what's going on – This scene reflects reality

  16. Stuff like this is why Republicans who deny climate change should be banned for running for office.

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