1. I like economics and the hiperinflation of the Weimar Republic is a ver important precedent that can predict war.
    But 1000 dollars? Yeah a bit much.

  2. Because Olivia Munn gets alot of hate online I was not expecting much from her character in this show……. wow good writing, strong supporting cast and she was excellent in this. I don't know what she's been in since this but at least it proves she got chops.

  3. In a weird way, this scene is incredibly romantic. The only other scene I thought was close was when Don was in his office with Sloan, after her nude photos were released.

  4. Love the look on Don's face when he realizes that Sloan has figured out who bought the book. He's expecting to be hit. and then…. "what I have can't be taught!" PRICELESS!!!!

  5. "What if it can't be fixed? What if I go on and on like this? What if I keep talking rhetorical questions until you can't take it anymore?"
    "Can I go?" "I'm good."
    Aaron Sorkin's writing is GOLD

  6. Sloan:"…And someone paid a thousand dollars for it. I feel terrible, really bad about this."
    Neil: (Knows where this conversation is going)"Please don't enlist me to…"  
    Sloan:" I need you to help me find the person who bought it…"
    Neil: "435 House races, 33 Senate races, 538 Electoral votes…"
    Sloan: "…yeah, but this is important…"
    Neil:"Got it…"

    Which is why it sometimes sux to be THE computer person in your group. I know. Gotta love the interplay though…

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