The Newsroom - Charlie & Sloan "Don't Call Me Girl Sir"

okay so okay I know we were a sketchy ground ethically and linguistically but why you're gonna say save it for another ten seconds what happens in ten second just hang on for another five seconds to know that we've all been there at one point or another what happens in five were you thinking about first let me say that Don was not responsible for that yeah when you severed communication with the EP you pretty much absolve him of responsibility but that doesn't make the cut of the top three calamities that just occurred Charlie I along with most people who don't live in Japan I'm not fluent in Japanese or I have to ask did you just make up statements for somebody we had live on our air I didn't make them a lot of deadly radiation late I didn't make them up he told me the reactor was going to a seven when tonight I'm asking honestly because there was a portion of the broadcast that turned into a course how a movie these things are measured on a scale of zero to seven five is Three Mile Island 7 is Chernobyl on here did he say the reactors were going to seven he said it to me in the pre-interview and then the company stuck an interpreter next to him and I think her job was more than interpreting because she wasn't accurately trans we don't report what you think Sloane the guy said all six reactors are stable the Japanese are deferential people it's very hard for them to explain many things oh my gosh shit Madame Butterfly and right now the Japanese who are reading an online report of your report are fleeing from their fucking homes now tell me what he said tonight on air he said the reactors were at five but you said he said they would moved to seven I made it clear he said that during the pre-interview first of all let's not kid ourselves there was nothing that was clear about that interview he said it to me and he said it to a conference room full of staff staffers weren't there the staffers were not there I send them out so that we could speak privately and off no finish that sentence off the record good luck trying to get a source to talk to you off the record again you have no value to me as a reporter now Charlie and I have to suspend you come what I have to suspend you while we bring in outside investigators to comb through every report you filed in the last two years to find out what other shit you made up I didn't make anything up I would never make anything up I know that and you know that and he knows that but why the hell should anyone else know that you're suspended with pay until I run out of public feet you're suspended with pay oh my god damn cow don't run off let me go don't call me girl sir hey everybody calm the fuck down sarah bernhardt was a turn-of-the-century stage and film actress from France Sandra Bernhardt isn't I don't know what to help

  1. Every time I read about yet another low-rent film with Olivia Munn I find my way back to these clips to remind myself neither she or I are total nincompoops.

    She is awesome. I love Sloan. And I want her back in our lives.

  2. Charlie Skinner’s category seven meltdown…. foreshadowing the heart attack that will bring down the whole house.

  3. When Don said "what you gonna said save it for another 10 sec, just hang on for another 5 sec, know that we all been there before for one point or another" he knew that she will be screw & his reaction, LOL

  4. As traumatic as this scene may be for her image while she's standing in that room full of people, she needed to own it. If this actually happened in real life (if it DIDN'T actually happen when this situation did occur) I would dare say the entire network would lose it's operating license for good and all of those people would be out of a job.

  5. It truly angers me that this show only got 3 seasons while shit like that kardashian show is in its 14th fucking season.

  6. Love the drama, but Sloan had zero legs to stand on. She effed up and then became combatative to her boss who had every right to make her feel miniscule.

  7. Am I the only one who gets scared when Charlie starts to shout omg like please don't make him have a heart attack

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