1. "She looks pissed. I wonder if she's sleeping with her lawyer… I bet she is! I wonder if that's what she looked like when she killed Caylee. This is the best TV ever. I gotta go on my Casey Anthony Facebook page and see if my Casey Anthony Facebook friends just saw Casey Anthony make a Casey Anthony face at her Casey Anthony lawyer!"

    This is just gold. It's been years, yet this show still remains so fresh and relatively relevant.

  2. Fuckin' Nancy Grace… She's the greatest example of a person's good intentions turning into terrible outcomes. She clearly only means to feed on the misery of others, so that she may have her hunger for pain, quenched.

  3. Interesting in that I have NEVER watched Nancy Grace, and seeing this, I'm glad I never wasted my time!

  4. I better go on Casey Anthony Facebook page and talk to my Casey Anthony Facebook friends about how Casey Anthony just made a Casey Anthony face at her Casey Anthony lawyer
    I love Don so much

  5. I don't get it, when the news focuses for days on one thing in my country on day 3 we are all fed up and turn the channel on one that shows movies and series… is it really the opposite on USA?

  6. That was so irresponsible and abhorent of Nancy Grace; report only on facts or be fired from your job Nancy Grace. This kind of reporting needs to be illegal (one without facts and pure speculation); it's not even fit for one to one social conversation to pass the time.

  7. This is my exact thought when I see and read a lot of news. They are totally manipulative. 2:55 That is an absolute truth. If you even so suggest the defendant of the heinous crime might be innocent you'll be bombarded by hate comments.

  8. This is the emotion manipulation that some media are using to fuel their political agenda.
    Fox News use this to make you hate Democrats, MSNBC use this to make you hate Republicans.
    I am not an American, but in my point of view, Fox News are much more aggressive on this.
    Usually, left-wing are much more mild-appealing comparing to the right-wing. I think after this election, there will be more aggressive left-wing media emerge in the US.
    The Two-Party-System is meant to polarize the country, may be American need a third party to ease the attention.

  9. this show was so pretentious and heavy-handed but Nancy Grace is a diabolical narcissist who needs to be stopped

  10. these comments are…wow. it's like watching almost the entire spectrum of youtube commenter. the overaggressive hater to the rational person replying to the less rational people to the mindless yes man. oh great show tho. easily my favorite drama ever.

  11. I really want to love The Newsroom but rewatching scenes like this makes me realize why it's a guilty pleasure and not one of my favourite TV shows 

  12. This show went downhill so fast, its unbelievable.
    First I thought I was watching the best show ever made, but after 5 or 6 Episodes it became just ridiculously stupid.
    Aaron Sorkin has totally lost it, I would say he is even an under-average writer these days.

  13. How much time does Nancy Grace spend in the morning with the barrel of her gun in her mouth before she decides she can handle being awful for at least one more day.

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