The Newsroom - Booing a Gay Soldier

coming back in five four copy zero zero 36 to 41 presidential candidate Michele Bachmann thinks our troops are the best they are the best this is the easiest thing to get behind it doesn't get any better to help our troops when they are literally on the lines fighting for our freedom presidential candidate Herman Cain will not apologize for having the biggest baddest greatest military on the planet and I don't apologize for having the biggest baddest greatest military on the planet presidential candidate Mitt Romney would like the rest of us to support the troops even more than we already do he's time for American citizens and politicians to show a surge of support and for us to reach out to our neighbors who are serving in the military and a presidential candidate Rick Santorum marvels as we all do at the selfless act of volunteering to serve in a time of war so we have a culture right now that doesn't say serve it doesn't say don't think about yourself it says me me me it's a very self-absorbed me-centered excessive popular culture and yet we have brave men and women who want to step forward because they know what's at stake they're going to sacrifice their lives for this great country Steven hill is a decorated captain in the US Army where he's been a reservist for twenty years he is this very night serving in combat in Iraq as he was last night when he asked this question via YouTube at the GOP debate in Orlando Florida in 2010 when I was deployed to Iraq I had to lie about who I was because I'm a gay soldier and I didn't want to lose my job my question is under one of your presidencies do you intend to circumvent the progress that's been made for gay and lesbian soldiers in the military that was a big room full of Republican primary voters booing an American combat soldier who as he was speaking was in combat the audience members who were booing were in Orlando soon they'll surely be in hell though not soon enough not everyone was booing there were people in the audience who heard captain Hill say that when he was deployed to Iraq he was worried that if his sexuality was discovered they might not let him go as opposed to most of us who if told we were being deployed to Iraq would go corporal Klinger faster in Polana yellow taffeta picnic dress I'm sure there were even some people in the building who stood up for Captain Hill people who had the simple strength of character to turn to the fraction of a human in the seat next to them and say how many different kinds of disgusting do you have to be to blue a man who volunteered to fight and die for you I'm sure those people were there I'm sure there were many of them but unfortunately none of them were on the stage not one of these would-be commanders in chief took a moment to stand with a line officer they let him stand alone soldiers never do that leaders never do that witless bullies and hapless Punk's do it all the time the only president on the stage last night was Stephen Hill Godspeed captain Hill and come home soon a grateful nation is waiting to say thank you that's news night for September 23rd Terry Smith is up next with the Capitol report I'm will McAvoy good night

  1. We all want our own audience. And we eventually have to be the leader of that crowd… at best. Its not pretty to look at ourselves, if all we do are ugly thinga.

  2. So how was this show framed by the alt-right and that whole chapter of USA politics that makes any non-american go: 'defuq is even going on over there?' Was it deemed propaganda or such?

  3. "How many different kinds of disgusting do you have to be to boo a man who volunteered to fight and KILL for you?" That is correct , he is defending anything . He invade other country . Damn propaganda and you are just so stupid or just so evil and dont want to see it .


  5. Fuck me, I love The Newsroom. Will Macavoy is a terrific fucking character and Jeff Daniels is an amazing actor. Fuck me again, I love The Newsroom.

  6. Newsroom is so universal. And every citizen wishes to have this guy in their national media which right now is polarised more than Goebbels's propaganda films.

  7. if you are willing to pick up arms and fight for me, put your life on the line for me, then I do not care one single bit what your sexual orientation is, because as far as I'm concerned its Bad Ass.

  8. Our troops aren't fighting for freedom, they're fighting for the corporations. There is absolutely zero defense, it's all offense, and anyone dumb enough to not see that deserves a bullet in the head.

  9. i want to fight for our freedom. i want with every fiber of my body to become what the enemy fears. i have no qualms with killing or being killed on the battlefield in defence of this great nation. but i have a few things to remark about that; one: i don't just want to kill the enemy, that's not why i want to join. i want to join to preserve our country so the people stateside can try to fix all the problems with the country. two: i don't want to die just so that some ceo of some oil conglomerate can put in a few wells and line his pockets with money he saved bynot paying foreign countries for their oil.

  10. I know about a guy that once said his foot was hurting to not get drafted for Vietnam, quoting Eminem "… he is gay, but you ard a faggggggggg"
    Now that foot hurting man "leads" the country
    I don't judge people who try to avoid going to a war, I judge people who attacks someone value's cuz of his sexual inclinations

  11. lol so lame, two people in a crowded room booed, oh darn. What a lame propaganda piece. Hollywood loves shit like this, tell a story that intentionally makes you draw comparisons to real life then spin the story to fit your narrative the way real life never does. Reporters are just overpaid puppets, stop pretending like even the pretend ones are any sort of heroes, theyve all been lying to you for decades now.

  12. It's funny (not). I served 23 yts in the Army, and my cmds, and sgts cheated on their wives, and husband's, but but they say dumb/stupid things about LGBT. A person who has no respect for their spouse ( who they made a pledge to) will not give a damn about me in a fire fight.

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