The Newsroom 2x07  - "Shut the f*ck up you Daniel Craig wannabe!"

I wanted this to go another way we both knew it wasn't gonna did she seem mad mm-hmm when you talked to her on the phone it's after me think we got her out of bed you did not get me out of bed good night I just paid $1,000 to see Skyfall and attend a party at the Museum of Modern Art proceeds going to the Tribeca Film Festival you know why to support the Oni Daniel Craig did you Hurricane sandy in the airport it wasn't there it was not there you look like Daniel Craig get up oh oh you look less like him now sit back down and what about you why so glum sugarplum we're gonna resign lianna its what has to happen now elliot hirsch sloan sabbith Terry Smith case I'd ACN ACN we understand the integrity of the news is more important than one individual that is beautiful not as beautiful as Daniel Craig yeah I set my plane I just sent my plane we're not fucking around you will resign when I fire you out of petty malice and not before our trust numbers yeah they're bad they're fatal firing Jerry was obviously the right thing to do but it wasn't enough and we've known that for two months Charlie and I have to go and Twiggy over here it was my fault Mac can I call you Micmac don't matter I'm gonna anyway Micmac your heads up your ass mrs. LaHaye comes in here into my hissy guy comes in here cooks an interview no remorse 30 lawyers about the story goes on air I don't know what you do to Sherlock Holmes this thing I wouldn't be able to figure it out and I'm the smartest person in the room well I wouldn't go that oh shut the fuck up you Daniel Craig wannabe I don't want to be dead no well you shouldn't want to be Daniel Greg everybody should you know are you stoned you know my makeup lasts a long time oh Jesus mrs. dancing no no please call me continue to call me mrs. Lansing Leo I comes into my house which I love which I bet you guys didn't know I love ACN you don't make me a nickel and you cause headaches for the divisions that do but you make me you make me so proud I comes in here cooks an interview and this ends up with because he's unemployable he gets a five million dollar settlement and the three of you leave oh I don't think so and Micmac it's a name that's really starting to grow on me she doesn't have to go nobody's ever heard of her but she's gonna do the honorable thing what's expected of me huh not to do the honorable thing what's expected of me no I do not accept your resignations and jerry dantana's not gonna get one fucking dollar i got some kickass courtroom outfits you have to accept our resignations and you have to settle he'll take it to trial and win there was an institutional failure and he was the only one fired then you'll need a good lawyer Lee don't accept their resignations I already wasn't accepting their resignations Becca don't horn in on my honorable thing god I'm the cattle lady Heather the owner we don't have the trust of the public anymore get it back

  1. I watch so much crap TV and movies and I just found Jane Fonda. This is easily one of my all time favorite scenes. She was brilliant in it.

    The show itself was good, at least the idea behind it. I didn't care much for the love battles that were happening in the background. This show seems to be dealing with a critical topic in today's world, unbiased and professional news and commentary.

  2. Jane Fonda has Always been a powerhouse of brains, beauty and integrity. Her moral center has helped me understand for decades that the unpopular correct thing is alweays better than the popular wrong thing. I'm proud of the person I became Because People like her existed as role models.

  3. I just saw this last night (I usually buy full series instead of watching them on TV, that way I decide when I keep watching, no need to wait for the next episode).

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