The Newsroom 1x10 - Reese gets busted

the separation of church and state is not and never was the American model you ready it's a model used in countries like Turkey and France good evening evening well good to see you up and about thank you thank you for the gift basket the Tabasco and cayenne pepper I'm crazy about your sense of humor I thought you'd appreciate it and you have a body that refuses to quit if playboy ever decided to do a women of Nasdaq ladies tells me you were high on the air while reporting on the death of Osama bin Laden it would be a tasteful layout like oh I dropped my quarterly stockholders you were high on the air no how would you know that Reese will were you high on the air the night we killed bin Laden I was you're admitting it could not feel my face well you were very good thank you you're welcome and you're fired can't fire him yet I just did okay but if you do your son's going to jail for a little while Oh what the hell are you talking about you hacked my phone no I didn't this will go a lot faster if you just say yes I did I didn't we have a show in an hour and you're fired too why is she saying you hacked her Asian you hacked her phone and you deleted the message from will where he said he was hi you got some proof that's how Nina Howard knows it will got a proof Solomon Hancock he's an NSA analyst who was giving me information about illegal domestic surveillance he jumped off the Queensboro Bridge four days ago but before he did yeah this envelope sent to me it's a record of Reese ordering hacking of phones belonging to Mackenzie McHale Howard Stern Casey Anthony's lawyers and relatives of hostages killed by Somali pirates it's all here Leona didn't you ever ask how TMI got some of the information it published I just assumed they made it up they do most of the time but Nina didn't make this up in this case I thought that someone on the staff the transcript Oh No did you order packing Reese I ordered that the magazine's stay competitive until the question did you order yes all right I did are you out of your mind that's fellas half a tabloid world works and that magazine turns a profit in a competitive market and by the way this is what you wanted no it's not it is not remotely what I wanted ever good enough of course I don't give a shit hand it to the FBI I'll go to jail before I'm Blackmun I going to jail not being fuckin blackmailed you get your lawyer on it I'll get mine you're one of us you know you are stand for something these guys do they were willing to lose their jobs this guy does he jumped off a bridge they're lying Leona they're just lying such a fatuous mean-spirited bigots screaming platitudes about what America stands for let's show him what we won't stand for let's do the news you and me and what about this and the tape you're gonna kill the story about well ours was the best coverage of the night and we'll anchored it beautifully no more tabloid stories and I'm gonna make it easy for you because you're shutting down your tabloid you want to shut down a profit center you reported 14 billion dollars of net revenue last year you won't miss the 80 million from TMI and what reason do we give publicly you don't fancy yourselves the owner of a whorehouse you get terrific press you know me well enough to know I do not negotiate like this this wasn't a negotiation they're gonna do their show you think about it and whatever happens next happens next give six months salary to a school or something will don't shoot and miss lucky for well he's got the aim of sharpshooter who's been trained to shoot and hit the target you can't just turn to say something we don't have to lay down for this Oh what it's a recipe for beefs do you

  1. "I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should 'make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,' thus building a wall of separation between Church & State."
    Thomas Jefferson.

  2. Holy smoke, that whole NSA plotline aired half a year before Snowden came up with the real surveillance leaks? It's like this show predicted the future on various occasions^^

  3. I like how Sorkin developed Reese throughout the series. You don't like him in the beginning, but at the end, you become a fan.

  4. The real hell of this scene concerns the line, "Don't shoot and miss" … because that's just what happened in the second season with Genoa, and that time, Leona Lansing covered her people … "And Jerry Dantana isn't gonna get one fucking dime!"

  5. Of course this is the event horizon of that black hole of self delusion known as "Wouldn't that be nice".

    This IS great TV. But the temptation is to turn it off after the program is over thinking the bad guys have been vanquished. The reality is that nobody is up there who has the balls to face down corporate greed driven newsrooms. The only ones with journalistic integrity are the independents and the volunteers down in the trenches.

    Fade to black. Run the Bank Of America commercial.

  6. I thought Mad Men was cool, and still is even if it lost its luster of early seasons. But the motif of depression and futility gets a little dull. I appreciate the exposure but ultimately, I'd like to watch and change myself into people that manage to find their places in the world and be happy. Newsroom show that a little better… even if they'd really bankrupt in real life if that tried to pull what they do on regular basis.

  7. I thought Mad Men was good, and it is, but I think even Newsroom is better, I'm more concerned and care more about the characters and their passionate quirkiness, than I do even the cast of Mad Men

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