1. Sorry! Sense of humour failure on my part! Aarrgghh! I'm becomming one of those dummies with an irony bypass 🙂 Now I'm the worried one….

  2. Eh? Are we watching the same thing? You hear that list of worrying statistics – and there's more – and your response is "We're no1 in the Olympics!"

  3. i like this show a lot, except for the last 2 episodes which is boring and story is messy and shitty. Very disappointed.
    Please dont do it again. Its really easy to just quit watching and just look for other shows elsewhere.

  4. Fantastic television…HBO has knocked it out of the park once again. Bravo Aaron Sorkin. My attention is rapt.

  5. Lol its funny how Americans think they have "the greatest god damn country in the world" because they have never been outside of their stinkhole and their media constantly showing 3rd world countries. Come to New Zealand or Australia THEN make a decision.

  6. I was laughing at articles saying this was an intelligent tv series, thinking it was just a ploy by media ti monopolize social opinion on what is an intelligent and what is not.

    But after watching the first episode, I HAVE TO SAY THIS IS GODDAMN GOOD!

  7. Dude…why did you have to berate him? He just asked if it was worth watching? You can either say "yes" or "no", but you don't have to insult him over it.

  8. This show kicks some major ass! Obviously its getting attention as its already been renewed for a 2nd season! AS where have you been?

  9. you are right when they can watch the right winged fox new and be lied to by false stories that were created to attack. and he seemed quite calm there actually, even making a joke at the end of it. and it is a fictional character how do you know what he can and cant do. he did not sneer at anyone actually he admitted america has faults and all you can think of it as is bullying? ok. i know your gunna keep thinking you are right, and i am going to keep thinking im right, but at least i tried.

  10. People who dislike this show for attacking "The greatest country in the world" are those blinded by plain ignorance of global affairs. Although America is a great country it's completely arrogant to claim it's the greatest.

  11. i just watched the show. COLD PIMP. Ladies and gentlemen, the most intelligent and truthful show on any network today. Newsroom. I know somewhere Ed Asner is crying tears of joy.

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