The New Hampshire Democratic debate, in less than 4 minutes

  1. Washington Post doesn't show any Andrew Yang because he wants to tax their owner Amazon. Next we'll see my comment deleted.

  2. I’m sorry but this field , even mike/Hillary can’t do it against Trump… it’s just time to regroup and try over

  3. Biden, drop out or run as a Republican. We all know you are one. Also, not sure how anyone can vote for Pete, the fake Obama wannabe who takes money from filthy rich elites.

  4. 4 minutes of falling asleep zero zero zero zero chance of any 1 of those candidates becoming president its a waLk in the park for Trump….

  5. "Senator Warren, is that a substantial answer from major Buttigieg?" Talk about a leading question. No bias whatsoever…

  6. Why is Andrew yang the only one talking SENSE🙄. Most of them are just trying to each other become president. Not solve a country's problems.

  7. Warren has good points, unfortunately she is a liar. She would make a good adviser for someone with integrity like Sanders.

  8. …anyone willing to embrace socialism just because someone is covertly trying to re-market that cancer by tacking the word democratic in front it is poorly educated…there's only one kind of socialism and it's responsible for nearly one billion dead since 1917

  9. Go Bernie!
    Go Michael!
    Go Amy!
    (Take your pick. Whoever or in what combination you think will beat Trump. Be happy. Be energized. Be a team.)

  10. How you bring people together is by with a agenda everyone likes agendas that make the middle class better not the billionaires……what do you think trump has been doing……saving the middle class. Y’all hate him because he’s taking that money and giving it to better those who need it. who work for it not fuckers who want to see America burn while filling their pockets. Trump 2020

  11. 3:33 “We have a racist Society from top to bottom impacting Healthcare, Housing, Criminal Justice, Education, you name it”! He could have also added “Democratic Party” “Socialist Party” and “Communist Party”!😂

  12. If this is the best the Democratic party has to offer and one of them happen to become president, LET'S SAY ONLY BY CHEATING AT THE POLLS, this country is FUCKED!! TRUMP 2020🇺🇸.

  13. None of them are acceptable to holding high office as they're not for the American people but rather are for illegals, open borders, pro infanticide, and power mongering communist ideologies.


  15. Bernie never answered Biden's question on the specifics of how he was going to pay for all his free stuff. To quote John McEnroe: "Answer the question, the question jerk!"

  16. Good job Washington post, cutting Andrew to 1 second. Traditional media need to be unbiased and letting candidates to share their views

  17. No wonder so many Liberals voted for Trump in 2016………………and no wonder why his support has grown since. Every single one of these people on this stage are looney. TRUMP2020

  18. Blah blah blah !! You poor clueless uneducated classless people !!!! Trump again in 2020. Boston Firefighters for Donald Trump !! Semper Fi !!!!

  19. dese guys reminds me of africans politicians. dey promise u everything. dey re not realistic with their plans. for me trump is d best president any country can have in dis modern age.
    Trump is a president that keep to his words. dese other guys re lunatics, apart from biden, dat make sense most times.
    Trump will win tho, waste of time and resources.

  20. From what Bernie is saying, I understand that the way you bring people together is to drag all of them to the edge.

  21. Andrew Yang giving everyone $1000 in there pocket like Dr. Martin Luther King wanted, if you had $1000 per person what would that do for you? Your situation, you family, your future per month ? That's an extra $250 per week. What could that do in your situation?
    Let's Move Forward Yangforward

  22. The racist cards been thrown left and right, trying to virtue signal. Really Pathetic. The Democratic Party will only further divide the country. I have lost all respect for Bernie et al. To say voting for Trump is racist, which is what they are saying when they said racist voting, is such a LIE and why the Democratic Party is a cancer that is making America terminally sick.

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