The Near Frontier of Mobile Video | YouTube Advertisers

91% of all US citizens have their mobile device within reach at all times yep if this little statistic tells you anything is that the epicenter of brand advertising has shifted and mobile is now at the center the way we see it you've got two choices do the same old thing or soak in these insights and join the fun so what we're seeing is as the screen size changes people are using those different video experiences for totally different reasons and we didn't know that before we need to think about how we can reach consumers no matter where they are but we do need to think specifically about how we message and each one of those environments in and of itself we're thinking a lot more about taking that online video but making it bespoke to the platform that you're on the legacy of brand marketing has always been TV centric primetime used to be the sacred kind of media moment that notion has exploded there are prime times multiple interspersed throughout a person's stay and if your brand is there and your brand is helpful to brands entertaining your brand's interesting in that moment then you win one of the things that we've been doing more and more and it's very helpful is using this filter about acting like a fan so when we create content for a brand like talk about what we're trying to do is be Taco Bell's biggest fan and all we're trying to do is like amplify the love that's already there so for Nestle Tollhouse for example we saw that the number one baking search term was chocolate-chip cookie we had no video up there I think there was one from the 90s and it was like a VHS copy so they put together a series of YouTube videos and what they found was that consumers not only liked to just watch something being made but they're actually stopping and baking in real time with the videos a lot of people might think that okay I can see how that makes sense for a Taco Bell but when you think about all the people that are looking up driving test videos that's the perfect audience to reach with an auto insurance at you can really find people at that exact right moment where they actually care about what you're saying or moving to a place where it's not about the creative message it's about the experience we build and with the experience we're driving consumers to what we really need to be thinking about is how our advertising can drive outcomes you know focused on the business outcome rather than the media metric this constant flow of video has to be good has to be chief has to be done fast so put it out there if it's failure throw it away because it can cost that much if it's successful then put money behind it now we have data available to us like never before in a way that allows us to measure directly back to the outcome that the advertiser is seeking Mobile is always growing and the number of hours spent watching videos on YouTube is up 100 percent year-on-year a mobile device isn't consumers remote control to life and every brand should be a part of the journey you you

  1. Videos for advertisers on mobile sites what can we do to move forward, why mention only advertisers. To push lines of innovation in the mobile industry, mobile phones sites must be equipped, to market videos from their commercial sites.

  2. This is so rad guys. And Totally agree, content types should be crafted for devices. Keeping in mind data usage and platforms.

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