The military coup in Zimbabwe, explained

On November 14th 2017, Zimbabwe military troops drove tanks into the capital city, Harare. “Military police on tank, this is happening in Harare. ” “Wow! It’s real guys, it is real.” They patrolled the streets, blocked access
to government buildings, and took over the state television station to insist…. This is not a military takeover of government. But it clearly was. Troops invaded the presidential palace and put the president, Robert Mugabe in custody. “…Comrade Robert Mugabe, and his family are safe and sound, and their security is guaranteed.” When you hear that a military coup has happened,
it’s common to assume that the result is a transfer of power… But in this case… it’s clear there is
no revolution. It’s merely an internal fight among the
country’s elites. Zimbabwe is one of the most corrupt countries
in the world; and what we’re seeing is a fight to keep it that way… As soon as we have accomplished our mission,
we expect that the situation will return to normalcy.” Once praised as a war hero, Robert Mugabe
helped Zimbabwe win independence from Great Britain in 1980. He became president under Zimbabwe’s new
constitution with the wide support of the people. But soon, he digressed into a repressive dictator He secured his power through aggression and
threats, there have been reports of state-sponsored torture and killings. Now that Mugabe is 93 years old, and reportedly
in poor health, the fight for political influence is more intense than ever. And it’s caused a split in Mugabe’s own
party, the ZANU-PF. On one side we have the old guard lead by
Mugabe’s sacked vice-president Emmerson Mnangagwa. Like Mugabe, he fought for Zimbabwe’s independence
and has a checkered past that includes human rights abuses against political opponents
and ethnic minorities. As an old friend of Mugabe’s and vice president
since 2014, Mnangagwa was the heir-apparent for many years. But that all changed on November 6th when
Mugabe’s government said Mnangagwa had exhibited “traits of disloyalty” and fired him. This seemed to indicate Mugabe’s support
for another successor; Grace Mugabe his own wife. She has recently risen within the party, but
is extremely unpopular nationwide, mostly due to her expensive shopping habits, which
earned her the nickname, Gucci Grace. The military has sided with Mnangagwa. “that when it comes to matters
of protecting our revolution, the military will not hesitate to step in.” On November 15th they did just that, taking
control of the capital in what they deemed “a guardian coup”; to protecting the Zimbabwe
people and “democracy”. But their interests are more self-motivated;
they want to secure their own power. They have control over lucrative farm and
mining operations and access to foreign currency. To keep this power, they need a united ZANU-PF,
who face elections scheduled for 2018. What’s missing in all this? The people of Zimbabwe. Whoever ends up in charge… Mnangagwa, the military, or Grace Mugabe …. corruption will continue. All these actors are want to keep the status
quo. But for the general population; the status quo is a destroyed economy. the status quo is a society of unequal opportunity. During Mugabe’s 37 years of leadership,
massive corruption was commonplace. There have been repeated allegations of Mugabe and his cabinet embezzling money from mining and diamond industries. Mugabe even won the “state owned” lottery
in 2000. Transparency International estimates that
Zimbabwe loses $1billion per year to corruption. All the while Zimbabwe’s economy suffered. The poverty rate is at 72%. Inflation has reached peaks of 231,000,000%
!!!!! …. With GDP growth, stagnant. This has made Zimbabwe one of the most economically
unequal countries in the world. A problem it shares with much of the region. Studies show that “low levels of economic
growth and high levels of poverty are common conditions in African countries that experience military coups. In fact, 36% of all coup attempts since 1950
have occurred in Africa. The problem is coups rarely address these
problems. Military coups in Niger (2010), Burkina Faso
(2014) and Burundi (2015) were attempts by leaders to extend their term limits. While coups in Guinea (2008) and Togo (2005)
were sparked by competition over succession. The same appears to be happening in Zimbabwe, What’s uncertain in the near future is Zimbabwe’s political leadership. What’s certain is that politicians fight over their own self-interests and those of the people are forgotten.

  1. It didn't win its independence in 1980. Mugabe took over power from Rhodesia, the much, much better predecessor of Zimbabwe. You know, the time when Rhodesia was the literal breadbasket of Africa, when everyone had a decent income, both whites and Africans, and most importantly, when the unemployment rate wasn't standing at over 95% and the currency had an inflation rate of 11,200,000% with the issue of 100 billion notes!

    Yet, "muh oppression". If it is "muh oppression", then why do Zimbabweans want Ian Smith, the "oppressor", back?

    Yeah. It's because he made Rhodesia great. Everything was better under Ian Smith. Infrastructure, the economy, society, everything. There were no tensions between whites and Africans. And the Africans want Smith and Rhodesia back. Do all of these tell you something?

  2. It's always the same.they get a military and then overthrow the dictator that spends all the tax money on BMW n LV

  3. I love how whenever there’s a video on Zimbabwe and it’s background. Nobody ever seems to bring up Rhodesia…..

  4. Forty years ago what was then "Rhodesia" was the breadbasket of Africa.Today,"Zimbabwe" is the recipient of huge amounts of international aid. What changed?

  5. 1:01 Mugabe did NOT help win indepence from Great Britain! IAN SMITH did that to establish the prosperous nation of Rhodesia, which Mugabe and his cronies terrorized and destroyed

  6. I am the Blacklion and I will rule Africa.

    I am running for president of Zimbabwe. Once in power I will rename my position and become Pharaoh

  7. 2:14 Gucci Grace

    Lil Pump: I am Comin' for ya

    P.S- Lil Pump-Gucci Grace(Ft. Robert Mugabe and The Crocodile)
    Produced by Gucci Grace Mugabe

  8. In my school in Al Barsha St., Dubai, U.A.E. one member of the school staff is Zimbabwean and he's friends with my dad. He's an IT guy in the school but apparently I found out that he was also a bodyguard for the Zimbabwean president. Things are connected in really weird ways in this world.

  9. Are we as western viewers supposed to get involved? How would we get involved? Stop propagating news of internal affairs of foreign countries that have nothing to not only do with us but things that are pertinent to specific countries with specific cultural and political details that we don't understand or care about or have nothing to do with us. You are just nosy

  10. I believe the whites men is created the coup in Zimbabwe, because whites poeple is number one of creat coup in black countries like haiti for example, whites people must stay away from black people for a better life, they are creat poverties in all black nations , they are a cursed to the black race, law stay away is place for black and white.

  11. I AM A PROUDLY ZIMBABWEAN will always be stop lying to yourself that because we chased away white farmers here thats why our economic is going down WRONG it is because of corruption we have other AFRICAN COUNTRIES WHO STILL HAVE WHITE FARMERS but they are strugling poor nothing going on so .dont tell me about white farmer totaly dont need them my zimbabwe is rich in diamonds gold and other minerals example next to my fathers farm gold was poping out of nowhere to bad i was not around many beacame instant rich 2 zimbabwe made $US15 billion from daimonds last year the money disappeared without a trace up untill today its just that we have uneducated old corupt leaders who dont want to leave power just like the rest of african leaders . my zimbabwe my land will rise again once we get rid of old leaders .MUGABE WILL ALWAYS BE MY HERO THE FACT THAT HE FOUGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM FROM THOSE DEVIL U CALL RHODESIANS IS ENOUGH THE REST IS HISTORY. I LOVE U MUGABE aka GUSHUNGO .

  12. Why USA and Allied did not kill the dictator Mugabè.???? .
    They killed Sadam Hussien .
    They killed Khadafi .

  13. people are very happy to act like heros while stealing from their own communities. the economic destruction is self made,poor government

  14. "This is not a military take over of the government."

    he says while taking over multiple government buildings a telling it over national telivision

  15. Can you do a video about the situation in Sudan (Demonstrations – Divide in Army – Ascending of the RSF (Janjaweed) to the power)?

  16. Black men need to stop get money from the western devil's to destroyed theirs own nations. This coup was paid by theirs enemies from the western , all coup in black countries Got European behind them paid big money to poor black to created problems.

  17. They did not win independence from Britain, the Africans under Mugabe appealed to the UN to have majority rule in place against RHODEISA. Rhodeisa since Ian Smith had become more and more distant, like South Africa. If anythint, it was a coup supported by the UN as both options would tear down the developing independent nation of Rhodesia

  18. The military coup in Zimbabwe explained: the West, most likely United States or the United Kingdom, send end some of their political Stooges to oust legitimately elected president Mugabe from office… why does this story sound so familiar???

  19. to be frank with ya'll, I clicked on this video because I thought it was Samuel L. Jackson. I know it's hard to believe but it's true.

  20. that's a lot of red there, for Southern Africa on the inequality diagram. South Africa is the most unequal nation in the world.

  21. Rhodesia declared independence, mugabe did nothing but ruin the country and exile Europeans and destroyed western culture, the very thing keeping them alive, now they starve. Mugabe is a racist dictator, rhodesia was Africa's only hope and he destroyed it.

  22. "Mugabe well arrived !"
    signed Idi Amin, Muammar Kadhafi, Ayatollah Khomeini, Hugo Chavez, Mobutu, Kabila, Bokassa & Co.

  23. No if democracy or dictatorship, politicians never did and never will care about the people. In democracies its less aparant though because the needs of the leaders happen to aligned with a large portion of the population.

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