1. Rip mr hitchens .
    No disrespect ment….. god bless your soul my friend.
    Judge thy not my brother, though he knows his sins. Peace

  2. 8am – "I'll watch a few minutes of this to start my day"
    10:25am still watching as if it's just started

    How amusing that my first thought is "thank God for Christopher Hitchens." ☺️ What a horrible shame that I'll never have the opportunity to hear him in person.

  3. Christopher talked a lot but said very little of worth .How he could convince so many people that he was a genius when all he was really is a fool is beyond me. They must have all thought that if they just accept whatever he says, without question, they would automatically become smart

  4. Yes hitch is brilliant, the way he doesn't use Christian doctrine but people calling themselves Christian acting out of christian doctrine, proof of fault in Christianity brilliant.
    I'm going to use some brilliant hitchens reasoning. The founder of the atheist church robbed all the members of the church, so this means atheism causes thieving in society. See I'm brilliant like bitchens

  5. Few people in all the history of humanity have ever mastered the wielding of language and wit to the level of Hitch.

    A true master orator. This is what an “intellectual” should be.

  6. Imagine my surprise when I looked at photos of Putin and saw that pesky cross. Hitchens is such a delightful and intelligent interview!

  7. Long after his death I still read and watch him on you – tube plus; I still read and watch Gore Vida, indeed.
    R.I.P. Christopher Hitchens The Great

  8. He was ultimately very level headed and fair. Among my favorite is watching his many appearances on CSpan with Brian Lamb. Such raw honesty and refreshing viewpoints. What was truly appreciated was his sense of fairness. Reflecting on his first time going up against Newt Gingrich for the first time on a. Sunday morning talk show, he admitted to Brian that he totally underestimated this new republican. Complimented him for being very well read and extremely intelligent. He was an adversary on the far right and clashed with Christopher’s politics. Yet he was able to be level headed and give credit where it was due. He could also be critical of those in his own party. This is much of what is lacking in today’s environment. Seems everyone is hard lined to their own candidate and political party and always biased. We lost more than we even know with Hitch’s passing.

  9. This is such a wonderful eye-opener to Christopher Hitchen's life. A great interview of this genius and humanitarian. So, so, so so smart.
    He is truly missed, even now in 2019. When he keeps clearing his throat, I sigh and wonder if people around him….why didn't they pick up on his symptoms? (The extraterrestrial that is…Cancer?) Please pay attention to your loved ones.
    R.I.P. The Hitch! x

  10. Women are morons! Hitch never would have said that even though he's out it was true. He was just a better man than I can be.

  11. I am a Christian but I can’t help admiring Christopher Hitchens who was a very intelligent well read man! I thank God for him and enjoy watching him take part in debates!

  12. Hitch your voice is greatly missed in a time it is needed. I'm grateful for these videos but we need your response to the events of our times.

  13. You can see your brain evolving energy under your eyelids black and grey and sometimes color with practice.if it resolves into something more intelligent than you can imagine then it's God, God showed me light motor and dinosaur skin dark plant green
    Natural selection is the character flaw in evil that is integrity is more important than life otherwise evolution is tragic circumstance with nothing intelligent happening.

  14. Great man
    Great intellect
    Sadly wrong about God
    I would have loved to have seen him meeting God for first time !!

  15. I’ve never heard anyone annunciations more poorly than hitchens. One can barely make out every tenth word he utters. But then, he never said anything worth hearing.

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