The Laws of Rainbow Six Siege

  1. No matter where the objective is, the window where you decide to enter the map is always the one where Cav is waiting.

  2. I got my friend to play siege I’m still teaching them but my #1 things for them are

    1.dont call yourself garbage(like being serious) if it’s a joke ok but still


  3. 3:00 I threw one into a window once and it bounced off a vending machine and down into a drone hole outside where I went for cover. it was too clean of a throw. those things are boomerangs.

  4. You forgot when you try to rappel down you will fall to downed wasting all your health but teammates and enemies always have good rapels.

  5. Never reinforce between bomb sites and never block your team on site with castle baricades without asking them if they're gonna roam

    …fucking castle mains

  6. Once I threw a drone inside and saw no-one. I entered the room and then there was the entire enemy team like all 5 of them. I couldn't even react.

  7. 5 seconds after seeing the part about facing the toughest enemies, I got sniped by a smoke with a shotgun and he was level 25. I am level 50

  8. The deadliest thing in this game isn’t the the enemy team, it’s the teammates that shoots randomly when the round starts.

  9. If there’s a smurf in your team in one of your “new player” matches, and you kill someone he’s shooting at, he’ll kill you saying you stole his kill when he has like 8 kills already, and it’s just the second round.

  10. Also remember the same squeaker try hard ass hat that is screaming out unintelligible callouts as you try to clutch will be the same person that asks "How did you not hear them behind you?"

  11. All of these reasons I quit playing this shitty joke of a game, no skill having ass, retarded community having ass, toxicity through the roof having ass, shitty servers having ass, stale gameplay having ass.

  12. When sledge searches that whole room and couldn’t find anyone breaks door and get killed by tachanka had me dead I know it wasn’t real lol

  13. There's also the rule in Newcomers of: 1) The entire enemy team will be solo smurfs, or 2) where someone on your team will complain about the amount of noobs in NEWCOMERS

  14. Sometimes i dont even bother shooting drones…
    I just follow them and crouch…
    I shoot when i make them comfortable of me lmao

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