The lasting impact of the 1979 Iran-US hostage crisis | FT

The Iran hostage crisis
in November 1979, when Iran student
revolutionaries stormed the US embassy in Tehran, holding 52
diplomats captive for 444 days. Fourty years on, and
the former embassy is now a museum run by the
Islamic Revolutionary Guard. A visit here is a
journey back in time. On display, document disposers
and satellite transmitters, equipment the hostage
takers believed the US was using in its attempts
to undermine the revolution. Earlier that year Iranians
had overthrown the monarch and the country had voted to
establish an Islamic republic. Their actions still echo through
these rooms and corridors and onto the global stage. Iran and the US
remain arch enemies. All nations have a duty to act. No responsible government should
subsidise Iran’s bloodlust. In 2018, US President
Donald Trump pulled out of the nuclear
accord and imposed the toughest sanctions ever
against the republic. Iran has vowed not to retreat
from its ballistic missile programme. Ordinary Iranians like
Ali are suffering, but he defends
the hostage taking and says Iran is right
not to trust the US. His wife Simin believes the
country must maintain the power to defend itself. For Ramin, however, the hostage
taking was a costly mistake. Back at the embassy,
the bubble room was used for secure
top-secret meetings. Here, the diplomats
allegedly plotted against Iran and
other regional powers, free from eavesdroppers. The embassy equipment
may look outdated now, but the mistrust between the US
and Iran is current and real.

  1. so, what if we find out that Iran's current regime also came to power by CIA help?

    what if we find out that the CIA knew that the students were going to break into the US Embassy. but let "Embassy hostage crisis" happen, to have an excuse to freeze Iranian assets around the world?

    "waking up in Tehran, the untold story of Iran's 1979 revolution" by Margot Lachlan White

    Problem, reaction, solution. all created by the same people.

    "The Hegelian Dialectic Manipulation."


  3. Total #whitewash by white "news" outlets.. not a one reported on HOW the white hostages were freed: Jesse Jackson. Iranians would not release the hostages.. Jesse intervened and ONLY on his word were the whites freed.
    Where whites grateful? of course not! the ungrateful trash resented that a BLACK man freed whites and refused to give him any gratitude or credit.. 40 yrs later.. seems like whites are still butthurt.. trying to bury it

  4. Please don't mess with Russia, China and Iran at a time.
    I just know these 3.

    From India with respect on US.

  5. The hostage crisis was one consequence of the lasting impact of the 1953 US backed coup which overthrew the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh.

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