1. I just found this from my Spotify recommended. Listening the lyrics, and go here to watch the video… Now I cry, damn you

  2. "Stay in your own fucking countries instead of sneaking into our successful ones where you don't belong and turning them into the shitholes from whence you came in the process" my favourite part 😭♥️♥️

  3. Got a mixed feeling for this. I love the Killers and still do. I loved the music and song (even if I disliked the message). But this is when you let Spike Lee take control of your video. You divide your audience.

    Now for me to get political:
    —The detention centers on the border are very humane now thanks to Trump and Wayfair. They weren't when Obama built them.
    —There is a very legal way to immigrate to the US. The reason we don't want you to just come in is there are thousands of cases of crimes committed by illegals, as well as human-trafficking and pedophillia.
    —I may be pro-2A, there's certainly a gun-problem. I do believe in banning guns from all people, but I do believe in banning guns from some people. After all, 98% of gun crime within the US occurs in gun-free-zones, and only 0.002% of NRA members have committed a gun-related crime (according the FBI).
    —Trump is also working on the fact that we have so much incarcerations. He passed a prison reform to help rehabilitate criminals, rather then straight up punishment. As seen in other countries like Canada and Germany, this has lead to reduce-repeat offenders.

    One of the greatest things about America is if there's something wrong, we fix it.

  4. Shooting outside my work yesterday. 9 dead, dozens injured. We need to stop promoting the "us vs. them" mentality. It's dehumanizing and causes nothing but violence. We are ALL part of the problem can all be part of the solution.

  5. Think about the influence that bigger artists have compared to The Killers and yet not very many of them have made a song/video compiling their stance on some of America’s biggest issues.

  6. Can't wipe the wind-blown smile from across my face
    It's just the old man in me
    Washing his truck at the Sinclair station
    In the land of the free (ooh)
    His mother, Adeline's family, came on a ship
    Cut coal and planted a seed
    Down in them drift mines of Pennsylvania
    In the land of the free
    Land of the free, land of the free
    In the land of the free
    Land of the free, land of the free
    Land of the free, land of the free
    In the land of the free
    (I'm standing crying)
    When I go out in my car, I don't think twice
    But if you're the wrong color skin (I'm standing, crying)
    You grow up looking over both your shoulders
    In the land of the free
    And we got more people locked up than the rest of the world
    Right here in red, white and blue (I'm standing, crying)
    Incarceration's become big business
    It's harvest time out on the avenue
    Land of the free, land of the free
    In the land of the free
    Land of the free, land of the free
    Move on there's nothing to see
    Land of the free, land of the free
    In the land of the free
    Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh
    I'm standing crying (oh oh oh oh)
    I'm standing crying (oh oh oh oh)
    So how many daughters, tell me, how many sons
    Do we have to have to put in the ground
    Before we just break down and face it
    We got a problem with guns? (Oh oh oh oh)
    In the land of the free
    Down at the border, they're gonna put up a wall
    Concrete and Rebar Steel beams (I'm standing crying)
    High enough to keep all those filthy hands off
    Of our hopes and our dreams (I'm standing crying)
    People who just want the same things we do
    In the land of the free
    Land of the free, land of the free
    In the land of the free
    Land of the free, land of the free
    Land of the free, land of the free
    In the land of the free
    Land of the free, land of the free
    Land of the free, land of the free
    Land of the free, land of the free
    In the land of the free (I'm standing crying)
    Source: LyricFind

  7. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me."

  8. The song sounds nice but the message is messed up and hypocritical. Especially when it comes from someone super rich.

  9. Anyone that thinks taking in thousands and thousands of immigrants in is good for us is stuck in a californication daydream. Come legally and these type of propaganda songs would be irrelevant. Canada screams for people to come to them for free so stop slumming up the USA

  10. Also, although I love their music I'm willing to bet every paycheck I earn as a law abiding american citizen that Brandon would never let whatever immigrant wants to, to come stay with him around his family. They preach equality from a place where equality won't corrupt their own lavish lifestyle. What they fail to realize is that if our forefathers were so arms wide open to whoever wants to come in then we wouldn't be the land of the free we'd be land of the socialist/communist north korea

  11. As a Honduran all this people that are just like “sToP beInG ilLeGaL” please stfuuuu😂😂 you have no fucking idea how bad it is for some people over here…and our government is so corrupt it’s ridiculous. Of course I’m not saying that going to another country illegally is the best option, but all they’re doing is seeking for a better opportunity and the bad part is not even half of them will find it. Stop judging please y’all don’t know anything about this situation. I’m pretty sure you have your own problems over there with your racist shooters trying to kill everybody. Stop it.

  12. why should the whole world not be free? It's simple minded to make only America the land of the free. Mexico should be free also, and so should ALL the South American nations. So should Canada. Why aren't more people fighting for freedom across the world rather than going to America to find it?

  13. Os maiores culpados dos problemas causados pelas imigrações são os ditadores socialista de Venezuela , e América Central , Honduras e Guatemala e o governo mexicano . Essa é a verdade ! Não dá para culpar sempre os estados unidos e Trump !!!!

  14. I love the Killers, but this song is incorrect. America is not racist for it's immigration laws. It's a hairy situation, yes, but not everyone that tries to cross the border or good people. Many are, and so there is a legal way to come into the country. Spike Lee is one of the most uninformed people out there. Nice lyrics and moving music don't change the fact that this song is based off opinion more so than facts.

  15. This song is so powerful and deserves more attention.
    Love to My beautiful Mexican people. The Hispanic community and the African American community.. Never let them silence you. We have always been here and we will always be here 💕 stay strong

  16. …"Can't do this alone
    We need YOU at home
    There's so much to SEE
    We know that you're STRONG…"
    From another one of their songs. I don't think songs are always only ever about an artist's life. Sometimes, they seem like direct statements to US at home. It looks like that a lot, with certain groups. Do you ever see it, too?

  17. Just asking… how many are The Killers willing to sponsor? Way to NOT parody the media talking points. Y'all do Tokyo Rose proud! Please DO help these families stay together by helping them create a homeland that's the envy of the world! We aren't going to make a North /Central American "European Union" esque body, but perhaps the central American governments could ban together to fight what each lacks.
    Simply blaming America for the laws in the book as the cause of the hardships thousands of mile away isn't being "woke" it's being "drugged" into SAME-ISM as all the left hates about American policy put in place to care effectively for her own is decreed evil!
    How is it that a country acting responsibly in order to properly accomplish its FIRST mandate, care of citizens all, makes three United States evil? And, as that goal isn't to change, why would central and other North Americans NOT U.S. citizens want to be here and live amongst decadent us. Instead, please do as missionaries have done for centuries and do go to their homelands to better the lives of our peers in other countries, so the elderly mustn't be denied the opportunity to see their grandchildren and children, gk's parents, daily.
    Who will care for the elderly if countries can't give the youth a reason to stay?
    Please take the proceeds of this and other videos of this category nominated in the 8/26/2019 VMAs and help those in NORTH, CENTRAL AND SOUTH America who are NOT U.S. citizens. They want to live in their homeland. Truly, they do!

  18. No emotional propaganda will win against the simple, dry moral fact that letting people in Illgeally while your own need help is wrong.

    Keep making as many senseless, tearjerking videos and spreading fake news as you want. At the end of the day, those “immigrants” are wanted in the US for votes and nothing else. People promoting this propaganda don’t believe in a single word they are making others say.

  19. People can get a fucking job on the land of the free… but they choose to take taxpayers money because they feel they are entitled don't have to work for it. They are running this country and we have left them this great country is over

  20. We dont have a problem with guns, see you take the guns and the govt gets more control like Hitler did with Germany. Thank you 2nd Amendment!

  21. Well I used to like the Killers.  I wish the flood gates of humanity all over the world would open up and let everybody in however they do not.  This video and it's one sided message just further divides this country.  I wish everyone who commented here would go down to the southern border of the U.S. and see what is going on instead of just saying it's a beautiful song. One million Central Americans were given status last year within 72 hours of crossing the border, America just didn't have the facilities to hold them at the border.  They were given a Notice to Appear (NTA) in court for an Immigration hearing to see if they fit the criteria for "Asylum" then released to the interior of the US . This was under the assumption they would show up for their Immigration Hearing some 1-4 years later. Less than 10% showed up.  This has been going on since 2012. I am amazed anybody is even paying attention to it now, oh wait….you all hate the President who put more $ in your pocket.  So if it has been going since 2012 you do the math of how many unvetted individuals are now in your homeland the day after 9/11 in the year 2019. Yeah…. I could write a beautiful song about eating soup with a fork but guess what, it would be a pointless song and you would still spill soup on your shirt.

  22. Tell Brandon he can escort all of the "filthy hands" to his house. I ain't got room or the money to house those "filthy hands".

  23. “So how many daughters how many sons do we have to put in the ground before we just break down and face it we have a problem with guns”

  24. No coverage on MSM of the vids in this vid. Holy fuck. What kind of a country do we live in where we have to rely on youTube and rockstars to help us make sense of it all?

  25. Why are all Latin American countries corrupt? If we let everybody in this country illegally there will be no USA…and isn't that the.goal of the communist?

  26. You're right of course, Daniel.However,I guess it is fair to say that this was perhaps the first song to make it clear that it was political and,should you have a doubt,just watch the video and it will remove the last doubt.

  27. Thank the killers that song made
    me cry … All poor people in latinoamerica want a land of the free .. I'm from Venezuela
    and I want to be free .

  28. How long will it take for people to never forget that america was built on stolen land we owe it to our neighbors who made the beautiful melting pot we know today

  29. 2nd amendment and the American people right to bear arms against thugs n tyrants aren't going away. FACT

    Free speech exist and we get to question the Holocaust and every false flag shooting. FACT

  30. 🌑🌓🌕🌖🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑

  31. I love The Killers. They've put me through tough times since I was a little kid, new to the Land of the Free. This beautiful song from them is overwhelming to me, I never imagined my favorite band would do something as beautiful as this to raise awareness., I am forever a fan of theirs. I have not played piano/keyboard in years, but I will get one again just to learn this beautiful song. Thank you The Killers, thank you so much, I needed this and I am sure many other people agree.

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