The Hungary Games and a Communist Tour of Budapest | Off the Rails #7

so we came to get some lunch because we were feeling wait for it Hungary ha ha got some little pizzas which is really cool we've made it to this very swanky looking parcel and we're gonna go and have a look inside so update we've decided not to go into the castle because it wasn't free entry so not having that free entry to the souvenir shop though oh I so over here you can see where the swimming and diving took place because Budapest couple weeks ago posted the World Championships for sports yeah so all those structures are still up they also have these little boats so you can rent out clearly very popular as you can see by how many of them are on this lake so here we have heroes square Budapest's biggest square what's the point you ask I've got no idea it's quite nice isn't it we could be heroes just for one day we've got great fruit rattlers cheers everyone to to Budapest to the Buda fest in Budapest this is Budapest the Baroque hostel so you got some beds down here and then here yeah so we just have a little bed up here it's really cool you are didn't you know I let's check out the view I still got my backpack on I can you know I can use my hands that's fine that's fine Oh now let's go explore Budapest so these things here are it's like a little trolley kind of thing that you pedal and drink this you can only drink the beer if you pedal along with it which sounds exhausting but also great fun like the more you drink so we what we're doing it but I admire anyone who does alrighty then that's more interesting make out of the way I want to watch the beer how long have they been going for we are currently walking down the longest Avenue in all of Hungary if that inter title I don't know what is to go to district 5 which is very hungry games s but apparently that is where all the food food arees are at and I volunteer as tribute we're gonna go get some food because we are Hungary Budapest burg is absolutely buzzing although we haven't had already finished because we got stuck behind slow people in the queue it was not good but I'm buzzing ok so the restaurant has actually beat me to my terrible joke I'm a bit annoyed about that to be honest I mean you know the hostels good wine you have to put your phone torch into the hooks on the bathroom door because the light bulb doesn't work I'm in Hell right now today we are in Budapest and we are hungry for some knowledge hahaha so we are heading to the center to since stephen's basilica to join a free walking tour it's a communist walking tour and we spent the last like two years all of us studying communism in like the soviet union and in terms of politics and that kind of thing so we thought it'd be really interesting to see kind of how Budapest fed under communist rule and it was also fascist before that blimey quite interesting OMG sign me up so this statue is really interesting because this angel is meant to represent like the Hungarian people and this eagle is meant to represent like the horrible Germans like coming and attacking and so the Hungarian people have seen as like angels but it's controversial because basically what people say is that actually it was only Jewish Hungarians who suffered under German and the Nazis were to blame like Hungarian or if it's not necessarily just the Germans it's pretty interesting and there's lots of these pictures of actual Jewish victims and stones because that's what Jewish people leave instead of flowers at the memorials for Jewish victims here is a bunker done of an awful lot to say about this and just a bunker so this is what was called the Lenin institution which is where the communist leaders of the future were trained in how to be communists me to select teachers and like politicians that kind of thing but it's interesting because some of the students here actually became the leaders of the revolution against communism in 1956 so they were trained about communism so they knew kind of what was going on and then kicked his ass a little bit on with the tour so this here is the last remaining Soviet morale in Budapest the others have all been destroyed but this one's really controversial basically the US Embassy is over there so it's a big like you in your face from Russia over there you can see the sickle and Hammer which obviously a sign of communism and then these are the names of like the Soviet troops who died fighting for the patient of Hungary and in 1956 during the student evolution they tried to remove this little emblem here so this is the bridge dedicated to the guy who led the revolution in 1956 the bridge is basically connecting the east and the west so the guys like looking looking to the Parliament building which is over here because he's looking forward to democracy so that's that's what that means this square is where the revolution first started but people were told to go home because he told them all to go home because he would sort out using democratic methods not violence but the people were like actually don't really fancy doing that and kind of want a bit of action so they were understood on the roofs of buildings like this and they would have red stars and so they knocked the red stars off and they decapitated at the statue of Stalin which is in hero square or was in hero square pull his head off and also interestingly these little marks on here where umbilicals were from battles during World War two and in which only 23 percent of the city was left undestroyed not not the best oh train tram oh that would have been a good Instagram big shoutouts Budapest for providing free cold water on the hottest day of the year oh yeah who chooses the hot option this here is a really touching tribute to be Jewish victims of the Nazi Party who were thrown into the river and killed and their shoes were all that was left and it just breaks my heart held tiny some of them are it's really sad oh and here's the Parliament building just sliding into the DM so this is really cool but what's cooler is can put my camera down for a bit I'm sure that's like blasphemous in some way I'm gonna gonna just hit that off right now we are just on our way it's going get some crepes because we are feeling wait for it Hungary I'm so sorry so sorry so like it all I can do is apologize sigh if only we could afford the tram unless we walk on we've come for a stop off to get some pancakes because communism wears you out you know Oh heavenly I know that's like the view but holy moly this thing is great guys I couldn't think of a segue to get to the next shot so I hope this will do I feel like yes a kind of slacked this square off saying that there was nothing interesting here but actually this thing here used to be a statue of Stalin and this is where all of the big protests against the communist regime took place so actually it's quite an interesting place and there's also these flags dots around the city which have the emblem cut out which is a protest against communism fun fact it's very dark now and that is kind of it for today's vlog and we're back at the hostel now and tonight we're going to a spa party or a spa fee if you will the lovely people over his party have very kindly sent us some VIP tickets for tonight's event I'm so excited I can't even tell you so I'm gonna make a whole vlog out of that and leave this one here so if you liked it don't forget to give it a like and subscribe for more off the rails vlogs the full playlist with all of the vlogs so far will be down there somewhere and yeah until next time I'll see you later okay

  1. My house in Budapest
    My hidden treasure chest
    Golden grand piano
    My beautiful Castillo

    This is so cool! 🌞

  2. Have you ever visited Ypres? I remember my teacher saying a lot of British schools visit the city and graveyards. If you haven’t, you really should, it’s so touching

  3. Jack Edwards I hope you burn in the fires of hell you insignificant pseudo – intellectual gypsy your life is deeply questionable your overtly heterosexual man

  4. As a Hungarian, I'm highly offended by these puns.
    Lol jk, I found your video very interesting to see different perspectives of the city.
    You made me very Hungary for the next video 😏

  5. Great Vlog again!! I'm subbed and here to stay for all the great content. I would really love if you could check out my vlogs and let me know what you think!

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