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right news for the right side. I’m Jim hoel and once again ladies and
gentleman I am your voice thank you and good evening this just in breaking news, breaking news
ladies and gentlemen the FBI has open an investigation into
these suspicious packages that were left at multiple agencies of our government
and former government officials the FBI is open an investigation into these
suspicious and back events and activities hopefully this is something
that need to take seriously and needs to be handled and the FBI is a position to
do that and I hope to god that they will anyway so it’s on Twitter FBI doc you
know that bi is Twitter if you have any information at all leading to these
these terrorists go ahead and give the FBI call anyway moving on you know yeah
that’s funny I was sitting here last night and you know getting back into
this yeah I got emotional it’s been a long
time since we’ve had a chance to talk and well Lots pretty much everything
else is same I’m still crazy as ever it’s been proven but I’ll I survived my
first sex scandal that was bound to happen one of these days so I survived
that one so that’s good it’s good I could shot dead I was a victory but
getting into that there is a movement there’s a growing movement in our
country right now that many of you may or may not be aware that movement is
called the walk away movement it is led by a embedded former liberal Brandon’s
dragon who after seeing the way that the Democratic Party utilizes you know just
just the whole the arrogance of the Democrat Party and the way that they use
identity politics that divisive rhetoric did they use day to day out I mean you
know I’ve been saying this for years the American people can see right through
this BS I’m one of them you’re probably one of them I know it
you know it and everybody knows it so there’s be us
and break the strike I saw that I decided to walk away in kind of a same
manner I walked away from the Republican Party in 2012 I ran away from the
Democrat Party long before 2016 ever happened there was no chance in hell I
since birth that I would never vote for Hillary
Clinton so that that was known since birth so you know but really getting
more into that story you know I was more of a independent voter however in 2016 I
happened to put my support behind a man who nobody took seriously nobody got a
chance I think basically guy was written off from day one and that person is now
sitting in the Oval Office in the White House and is the president in the United
States so you know folks I mean I’ve been telling you all along
I mean I knew he was gonna win since March 11th of 2016 and he did and the
continued effort by the Democratic Party to try to sabotage his presidency is
still going on today will it ever end one way or another probably will I don’t
know how it’s either gonna end and ugly or it could end in violence because if
they’re gonna keep up this BS and this fucking nonsense they gots going on out
there right now you know these bomb threats you know the
FBI maybe we could have a fourth of July meeting about that but anyway moving on you know more and more Millennials and
members generation Z are waking up to the fact and the Democrat Party does not
care about anyone but themselves and their money they will stop at nothing
to bring down the presidency of Donald Trump
basically the violent radical impeachment fanaticism it’s being
spurred on by these liberal morons and maybe you know what that bozo keith
Ellison is still in the news today Nancy Pelosi you know the same cast of
characters that have been doing this since the man won the election took
office are still trying to sabotage the presidency you know really you know I
mean Jesus bless these idiots you know they try to sing goddamn crap all the
time and every goddamn time it fails they should know by now that we cannot
be defeated where we go one we go all and I’ll be damned you know I mean it’s
just and this is why the walk away movement is so important
justice Cavanaugh look at what that maid went through like stuff is stories and
then if you believed a high school sex cult roaming gang of rapists in high
school mind you I mean in high school you know there were no roaming gang of
rapists nor there were any sex cults in high school I went to if there were in
high schools you all went to please let me know because I mean that’s just
fucked up but you know come on the allegations that were made about
that man and that lawyer that did that heck of a lawyer that you know the God
makes Saul Goodman look like Atticus Finch you know I don’t know how that guy
I mean that’s the worst lawyer I’ve ever seen
in my life avoid me I’ve known some good lawyers and they’d be turn it on when a
great fight about my grandfather a good lawyer returned he would be turning over
in his grave hey do you saw what that man did you
know you know it’s soliciting bribes to spin this story that is so really just I
mean I don’t know where they met they make this shit up you know high school
sex cults gang rapes and I mean you know and Aeneid FBI going to Vesta gate who
hooked up with who a nice pool party well if we’re gonna do that I mean the
FBI’s gonna have I mean you know they might as well open another branch of
government you know because the stories they’re gonna hear believe me they’re
gonna hear some doozies because I remember high school and a lot
of the locker room talk that goes on in high school and yet this man gets
accused of being a serial rapist and a member of some high school sex cult and
you don’t think that ordinary Americans see right through their crap the
Democrat Party is trying to pull under walk away I mean regardless of your
party for the Republican or Democrat I had more long lines of independent I am
a trump supporter I’m a nationalist and yeah yeah you CNN and a they could all
call me white Nash’s I don’t give a damn I mean technically I am a white
nationalist I’m white and I’m a nationalist okay so fuck you CNN you
know I mean for God’s sake I’m Nordic Irish hey you know we’re not a bunch of
Nazis like you authorized I mean come on come on
there are no Nazis they are all dead there’s plenty communists I just funny
how that works you know if I don’t means my an Isis sympathizer like I’ve been
accused of being on multiple occasions but when you compare the two the
communist regime Joseph Stalin the figures they murdered and executed it 10
times the estimates are ten times the amount of people that any Nazi
government admit I know it’s not denying the Holocaust I mean you cannot deny the
all across okay for God’s sake I mean you know a bunch of Jews go missing you
know somebody’s gonna say something eventually and you’re gonna find that
you know a horrific event took place but but you know this isn’t splitting it you
know we’re not gonna split hairs here but the fact that they continued to play
the Nazi core it really gets on my nerves and I’m gonna start playing the
communist card because the cop is murdered a hundreds of times more people
then didn’t Adolf Hitler the Nazi regime I mean you know they’re probably right
up there with Saddam easy and you know it but but but Joseph Stalin Mao
communists there are the biggest murders this
country has ever seen and we’re seeing that again today in this country you
have antiphon yeah these terrorists go around sending our bombs
you know I mean bombs that looked like I don’t know something tells me those were
never meant to go off but that might just be my intuition speaking but um
strange story you know I’m being really strange right
you know in three weeks for the election you know in three weeks for the election
in 2016 we had the Access Hollywood bus incident justice Cavanaugh right forced
nomination we had a I don’t even know what to call it some sort of sex cult
nonsense that David lies and the horrible things they said about a good
and decent man who by the way his mother I make you imagine could you imagine
your mother having to sit there day in and day out
listen kind of crap they were trying to say about her son that she knew was not
true and this man’s repeat the rest of it regardless whether he’s justice not
you know shit like that doesn’t just go away and that’s why you have to walk
away be the psychological damage that the Democrat Party and these donors and
these liberals and and this corrupt organization you know they admit may I
mentioned the word Rico but this corrupt organization of morons idiots
shameless liars you know corrupt individuals who lack out early like
integrity and any kind of moral compass and they and you know I was thinking
about it the other night either there’s either they really are that careless or
they’re just planning because the psychological damage that they are doing
to this country most of all to the Millennial and generation C will take a
long long long coming from me you have 18 19 year olds
these days who are terrified that if if they put the move on the girl
that they’re going to be arrested and and then it’s gonna it’s gonna ruin
their livelihoods or follow them in their careers some ways somehow for the
rest of her life you know I did my share of slappa dances
on the dance floor when I was 21 years old it was an appropriate ladies and
sorry but I budget and you know but but to to go the extra life and to terrorize
these two Emmett the media is responsible for this I mean they’re
terrorizing people they’re terrorists the mainstream media might as well be
called terrorists with the damage the psychological damage that they’re doing
to this country and its citizens that’s why it’s up to me to tell you the truth
so you know walk away is a big it means a lot to me you know I was involved in a
let’s just call it a sex scandal there was blackmail involved somebody tried to
out these homosexual which by the way it’s not true I tend to view human
sexuality is a fluid thing it’s not really set in stone in my opinion but
you know that’s not important you know that the fact the fact remains that
these people are capable of the most evil in outrageous things you could ever
think of they will use anything they can make up
fake news live action call you a rapist by by second but fake until fake news
about your sex life you know it is he a homo is you know a homo you know me well
why don’t we all be homos for God’s sake I mean what the hell cares
it’s like Melania said who the hell cares but to try to use that against
someone I know into all of their mother you know
– Eagle does exist in the world and I think that these people are evil but
it’s up to us to keep fighting the good fight that it was started by a new bride
part and and continues today you know general Flynn
mentioned the sis journalist who had a hell of a lot to do with 2016 election
well the man’s you know decorated united states army general with 33 years in
sometimes he’s not gonna be a dumbass the army doesn’t really bring in
dumbasses general Flynn it’s not a man that I’d want to fuck with I’m yet they
wiretapped illegally wiretapped his fall I mean you know you knew what was going
on I believe I firmly believe that I think he knows I think he knew all along
and I think it’s gonna come out one of these days what these traitors in our
government did and that they tried to frame a sitting president for high
treason yeah you know so the news is still crazy
sever you know that that much hasn’t changed in my absence but you know well
these days we’ll get there you know we’re Americans were tough you
know hey I’m tough tough tough times call for tough people yeah you know my ego my pride it all
took a big hit in the last 8 8 12 months but you know what if I had to do it all
over again I would do it exactly the same because I believe my heart but what
I say is true and I believe my heart I don’t do anything I’m not doing anything
wrong here so you know people have a beef with me that’s fine that’s fine I
don’t care if you have a particular problem with me I don’t know what I
would have done the any of you people you know you can ask around I’m actually
pretty easygoing guy I’m pretty easy to get along with really um you know but
for some reason people may not think that way but you know what I don’t want
him around the anything so you know with all that going on and in my life back
then and you know the mental health crisis that I had and you know which
which is another thing they want to hit home you know but there’s a big push
these days and I strongly strongly believe in this with a coming from a
family with a history of mental illness that that research and funding needs to
go into mental health and mellowest and
mental health awareness because you know like like I said psychological damage
that these people have done I mean that you probably wouldn’t even realize
really I mean you know you have no idea how bad these people are and the lengths
they will go to destroy someone’s life or in their career you have no idea
and it’s bad and you know that could cause a lot of mental strain on someone
there are outlying mental health it with our veterans you know people who can’t
buy anything that’s got a lot better thanks to mr. President Trump but you
know you know veterans you know Kate you know teenagers eight kids 18 19 years
old who are terrified right now who don’t know what to do because they were
indoctrinated by just let this radical leftist be s and now and now they’re
there now and it’s a good thing but they’re waking up to the fact that hey
these people are full of shit and they’ve never had our best interest at
heart now what to do well Brandon striker can help you with that
the website is walk away campaign calm and I believe their march in Washington
DC is over this weekend so go to walk away March comm for more info about that
I’ll link it in the description but it’s important cause folks because the
Democrat Party is dead the just the outright and
horrific thing outright mirifique things did that or whatever it’s become you
know the Democrat Party whatever the hell it is now it might as well be
labeled a terrorist organization I mean my god folks you know I mean these
people have no regard for the abbé tonight in fact I have no regard for you
know I mean they will throw anybody under the bus like as he got a bunch
morons running around stabbing each other in the back cover and free shudder
and it’s you know but you know it’s gotten better you know I mean people are
starting to wait you know Lindsey Graham little by the way shock the hell out of
me you know I mean good for him you know I
find I found it a new respect for Lindsey Graham but when the Cavanaugh
hearings going on spit he told the truth he stood up and he said you know what I
voted for Kagan and I had voted for Sotomayor and him and I do believe this
in fact I know I know in my heart did Lindsey Graham even said that he would
have never done to them but the Democratic Party did break heaven on and
the Republican Party wouldn’t have either you know the Republican Party the
differences are you know well I don’t want to
and we will save that for another day because that’s a lot to get into really
but but you know somewhere along the way the Democratic Party went from just your
you know an American party to a radical really really violent radical leftist
abomination and President Obama had a lot to do with that President Obama the
man who spied on a presidential candidate of the United States and who
you know okay and you’re not gonna hear that no sir do you know they want to
talk about they want to talk about Russia and now you don’t hear about
Russian either and I hear about this these incendiary devices that were sent
out to former and current government officials that looks a hell of a lot
like some sort of you know you know false plywood your false flag
connotation is spirit doriel online shit but false flags hadn’t folks I mean
seriously you know the Gulf talking you know it just I mean you know I mean
watch Alex Jones alright look at Alex Jones he knows about these false flags –
I mean you know now that everything’s false play but but this honors Dennis I
mean you get to I mean who the hell first of all it the fact that they have
Isis plays and I mean if you think about it it doesn’t make it doesn’t make any
amount of goddamn sense and it doesn’t take the world’s greatest detective and
figure that out of him you know but it doesn’t surprise me you
know Doug Parker she left still never ceases to amaze me
and you know it looks like I’m begging business usual you know fighting the
radical intolerant left which is a fight that will still go on because they you
know they’re gonna fight it or they’re gonna lose mark my words if they keep
this up you know they’re gonna be in for a real shock come come this midterm
election I believe I believe they’re really gonna see the damage they’ve
inflicted we’re gonna see the people who we have and we’re still walking one and
they’re gonna find out one way or another that yes Donald Trump is the
president United States call it an immense power and there’s nothing you
gonna be there’s nothing you’re gonna do that’s gonna change it if you try to
page him you might as well just educate for a second civil war
mark my words if they did something that stupid without any evidence at all that
would ignite something the likes which this country has never seen so they’re
not gonna impatient and if they tried you know I mean they’re calling it
basically they’re asking for violence if they try so okay
the Democrat Party wants to ask for violence you know not gonna condone it
but I can’t prevent it Trump supporters are very passionate people some of them
and you don’t wanna fuck with so you know when it comes to an to fire or a
United Trump coalition you can understand the chance I’m in
Jesus give me a break an two foot once you a bunch of people dressing up like
ninjas going around anarchists who want nothing more I mean you know it’s like
it’s like the dark Matty you know some people really do just want to watch the
world burn or Jorge so is paging into it and George Soros has been paying a lot
of people do that lately apparently a man who I don’t even know where do I
mean what does this guy do all day I mean you just go around and fun shit
that it’s you know they try to drive from that I mean I mean you know these
billionaires they have a hell of a lot of money and I guess I guess they that
they do it everyone with it but George Soros is he’s moron he’s an idiot and
you know these are old men you know God forbid myself would take your turn I’ve
got a bit grab it but George Soros has has done nothing to benefit the United
States and I believe is is a domestic threat and it’s my belief but what
you know which moves me on to my closing topic what’s gonna happen here come to
bid thermolysis the ash heap of history where the South
majority and the unsilent minority will join up and we will dispatch this
violent radical left this ideology that wants nothing warm then destroy a duly
elected president United States his family and anything having a Newton and
the the way that they have traumatized this nation and they’re gonna see what
will happen come these midterm elections and they’re gonna be in for a hell of a
shot we will dispatch them under the ash heap of history or they belong and they
deserve it the damage they’ve done to this kind of they deserve it and you
know where we’ll go from there you know I mean you know each day these morons we
try to do something else I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t any more you
know don’t probably hype a police shooting or the CNN old go and line make
up some fake news you know there’ll be some more stories and those but you know
bogus attacks or threats or whatever the hell you want to call and it’s much it’s
fakeness it’s fake news no don’t believe a word
of it folks so you know the media will continue to do that and I don’t know if
they didn’t get my memo but there remain the mainstream media in this
country is not trusted I don’t know if it’ll get it I mean I don’t know if they
I don’t know where of it but it’s true the mainstream media in the United
States is not trusted and you know I went into it in previous videos the
reasons why their their blatant bias their arrogance their their you know
every night just making this these stories of these allegations Russian
conspiracy theories what you don’t really hear once it anymore
you know it’s been non what is it it’s a October 25th and 2018 and we still have
nothing in the way of an answer to that so you know whoever’s investing I mean
if if Donald Trump really colluded with the Russians somehow then we must have
the worst investigators in the history United States investigating this how men
should be going on for two years I mean you know I mean look at it’s like that
means they have no proof I don’t know if they’re waiting for proof to pull it out
of the rest come out of thin air or fray you know well very try to frame them so
you know I mean and he knows that the president United States knows what’s
going on folks hey I for one support and you know what regardless of your
party affiliation here’s my message to you know you could you could hate Prezi
nice I don’t many people that just they just hate pres United States the people
who don’t understand is sensing him/her they’re people who just don’t get them I
get them you know I mean yeah I don’t think any president has ever been he
laughed so hard in my life he’s like how therapeutic really turn on TVs haven’t
really they want to give them shit about it big the real it well you know I mean
if you know them in you know Donald this see like me here’s somewhat of an ego
and a come you know that really I don’t blame them you know what after what he
went through I take a victory lap right on 3rd 2020 I mean you know what’s it
Barnes some real disastrous outcome and some race or maybe the Democrats find
the next John F Kennedy which well yeah that’ll be the day
Donald Trump will win reelection in 2020 in fact if he if he gets behind
federally legalizing marijuana that wall but ensure his reelection ok I wish you
would if you got behind the the marijuana marijuana Nicias what’s going
on in this country right now that would all but ensure his reelection because
the Democrats are not gonna do shit you know I may try to take him on and
see what happens many have tried all have failed and no I
it’s because he’s the president in the United States clothes and immense power
and he lost so now you gonna find out what it’s like to have a president Trump
I’m having a good time maybe you’ll want to have a good time with us but if you
don’t that’s fine too and we’ll just keep doing this everyday and and and you
know the American people will see right through the BS and you guys could just
keep looking like complete asses but the way they continue to not only disgrace
themselves but to disgrace the United States it’s it’s an abomination it’s
horrific you know I have pride in my country I don’t like to see a party that
has become so corrupt that date will try to do anything in their power to stop
the Trump train which there is no stopping the Trump train it may be a
little bit probably never gonna figure it out but whatever I mean you know it’s
like I always say they deserve this their hypocrisy they have the Apocrypha
that they have needs to end if we’re going to move forward as a nation the
Apocrypha that the left heads in this country needs to be thrown under the ash
heap of history and it will so you know American people you know just
remain diligent if you see something say something and remember we’re we’re all
in this together you know what we go on we go all and we’re all in this fight
together because if we don’t have each other didn’t know that we had you know I
mean when you whatever you feel like someone or I mean look whatever you feel
alone or you feel just isolate or you know or if you’re in a situation where
he who must not be named it’s named then I mean you know I’ve seen it you know
the harassment and the torment and the really just violent way that the Trump
supporters are treated but easy it’s in these violent radicals it’s disgusting and once again any man you people gonna
see right through it and you know and if a I mean she’s sweet
what do you think you’re gonna do you’re gonna start what a communist revolution
in this country I me my good you really think that the United States military
whatever allow a communist yeah I mean you ant people you better watch out I
mean you know I don’t know much about you I think you’re a bunch II I mean I
think you all need professional help I mean it goes you guys met house you
and the people you need professional help seriously I’d be necessary but you and
if the people who think that you’re going to somehow someway remove Dooley
like the president states from office certain Peacham or or the violent way
you handle things like throwing rocks at the police or start firing in the street
or a break and shit or vandalizing shit or interrupting yet you know trying to
attack Milo you novelist for God’s sake I mean the one thing that that dude
couldn’t detect now that never mind but but still you know to to throw it for I
don’t get why can’t people be allowed to go to in public universities I think
insist conservative speakers who were banned I mean it started you know I mean
in my Lowell is one of them you know you could meet Steve Baden Roger stone you
know all these guys they’re pretty a you’re pretty fucking smart people if
you want to know you know I mean I mean Brad Stone has been around long enough
to know all the bodies buried Steve Bannon is is
you know pretty much you know he’s brilliant person – I mean you know
really what do you study the PlayBook that minuteness
it’s not bullying so it’s it’s you know nobody could defend it it’s a revolution
and yet these people get banned from these colleges because they have some
axe to grind and you know and they have riots I mean Jesus you know they used to
be a day in this country and they some noble men we’re not his shit went on you
know and I make you know it all it really all started with President Obama
and you know I I don’t I’d ever I did agree God did I didn’t grade the goddamn
thing the man stood for I thought that he was a he was a remarkable speaker and
that was bad in the end I believe that no administration in this country’s
history has ever had such a lack of consistency and integrity and and with a
just a blatant and complete and total lack of institutional control the Obama
administration is guilty of having a complete and total lack of institutional
control so hopefully the n-c-double-a will be sending them a letter and
sanctions you know I mean who knows you know the n-c-double-a does what once
anyway but you know like positional control is lack of institutional control
now you see you know in the Trump administration it may look like that but
what it is just a bunch of you know morons trying
to sabotage for the United States and you know people start stabbing bang sure
you know I mean the most dangerous job in the world is the president I States I
don’t tell you what the man is a hell of a fighter I mean I don’t know what
Democrat even wants to face him in twenty two I mean you know I don’t know
who would I mean you know when you talk about a maid who will not give what I
mean you know you fought and fought if I mean you know the man was crisscross the
country going to five states a day with a week to go and before the election
at the age of 70 because he wanted it more
I mean you look the reason Donald Trump won the election really is because he
wanted one you know he he wanted more than Hillary Clinton you know otherwise
yeah I mean you know he had him flying to five states day
you know crisscross the country while Hillary Clinton II couldn’t bother to go
to Wisconsin a single time since the primary well that’s why one I mean you
know there is it’s not Russian collusion all right there was no Russian involved
in collusion or whatever the hell nonsense you know you can’t hack an
election there’s no such thing you know I have my own opinions on how WikiLeaks
WikiLeaks obtained certain information I have my own opinions on that you know
I’ll say as there is still an open murder investigation in our nation’s
capital and which man who was shot down in the prime of his life his name is
Seth rich so you know maybe we should look into that more but
every time anybody you know the narrative of that whole thing is you
know he was shout to back execution-style an armed robbery which
they weren’t robbers forgot the rock at any time any media organization the
alley any of them deviate from that narrative their advertising gets pulled
and their livelihood offend the threatened with terminate is the fired
you know they’re funding you advertising all get spoilt all because you know they
wanted to ask questions about an open murder investigation our nation’s
capital it’s strange I don’t get it but this is what it is you know I don’t know
what set Richard Seth Rich’s pinion on president or now president Trump is or
was but what I do know is he was a man who put his principles above personal
gain the ban was an American Hero and julian assange you know junior sons
you know he was the hero you know he’s now he’s not the hero we deserved he’s
here we needed so you know would you have people who are trying to fight
better on his side you know did the people who you know people got
my back and the people whose backs i have they probably know it but you know
the thing the fact of the matter is did let’s do it together
I mean let’s change this country for the better
you know let’s yes let’s toss this radical violent
intolerant leftist ideology let’s all get together let’s dispatch it wanted
the ash heap of history where it belongs so that’s about all the time I have for
tonight it’s a good big bag with you folks and we’re going to be doing this
more for the right side news bringing you the right news for the right side
I’m Jim mold but once again ladies gentlemen I am your voice Thank You


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