THE GOVERNMENT IS THE VILLAIN: Why bureaucrats  always screw things up

D’Souza: You’ve actually now
identified the villain, and the villain is the government, a government agency that is passing laws that make no sense. Government agencies exist to do this. It’s a little bit baffling for us because we’re all idealists, so we think, “Why? They mean well.” No. Even though they mean well,
that has nothing to do with it. The problem with any
government agency is that, by the nature of the organism,
they have no information about which form of
energy is actually better because the one thing that
tells them, the market, they disregard. They’re looking at things like “studies.” Here’s the point: let’s try to figure out what is going on in any given place and time. Let’s just take what’s going on
at Lexington and 54th Street right now in New York. What’s going on right now? Who knows? Answer: the hotdog guy who
stands at that intersection all day. He knows. Why? Because he’s right there. Is it possible that someone
in Washington, D.C. who runs, let’s just say, the “Hotdog Agency,”
is going to know any better? No, that is actually impossible. The information that is being passed is extremely complex and varied. It requires immense decentralization. It’s literally like a
federal agency trying to control Twitter. We know that’s madness. They’re trying to control the photos you take or your
contact list in your phone. We wouldn’t dream of
letting them do that. Why? Because it’s idiotic to think
that they could possibly know. And the truth of it is, when you meet these
dudes you realize they don’t have a clue. They don’t have a clue. They just like the idea of
telling other people what to do. They like the idea of calling
up the Mayo Clinic and saying, “What you should charge
for a sonogram is 410 dollars.” “Where’d you come up with that?” “I pulled it out of my butt.” [Audience laughter] D’Souza: “It could be higher,
it could be lower. If you think it should be higher,
write me a memo.” This is how they operate. This is their stock-in-trade.

  1. Dinesh they are not screwing things up. To say that would state everything they do is done in ignorance. These tyrants know exactly what they are doing. Every new law is a sniper round into the constitution.

  2. This is why Government should be smaller not larger. The Demoncrats believe that we can not do anything for ourselves and we must have larger government.

  3. When the founding fathers from Europe and all other countries came together, What did they do?
    Form a more perfect Union, for the people and by the people.

  4. Because they are flawed men like everyone else , flawed men choosing flawed men , and if men do not have any Wisdom or Fore thought than you will get what you get ! Because Wisdom is the princible thing , and all of your getting , get understanding !!!

  5. This is why Congress should be in session for three months a year Oct 1 to Jan 1 with not days off including Holliday’s and half the pay they get now.

  6. DiBlasio wants to ban schools for the gifted student due to that lack of diversity. In other words .Not enough smart Blacks…..God Damn fool.

  7. Can you talk about Admirality Law, Unam Sanctam 1302, Sharia, Bacha Bazi (Afghan Dancing Boys), becoming a sovereign citizen under the constitution and getting out of the corporation of the USA, Weaponized Academia/Psychiatry/Medicine using CPS and Social Services to circumvent Civil Rights and go after your guns and Children, Poison in food/air/water/5G mind control, Antifa National Socialist Movement (brown shirts). VIDEOS: 1)Sarah Westall – Who Really Owns You 2) Abel Danger – Unam Sanctam 1302 3) Afghan Dancing Boys – Bacha Bazi 4) Cody Snodgres 5) Ole Dammegard 6) Jim Fetzer

  8. The bureaucrats knew better how to manage the land area designated for bears. Hating it was unatiral, so it was let go to brambles and invasive useless plants. And everyone can't understand why there is a bear problem

  9. Actually, they don't pull it out of their butt. Wall Street decides the price at high level COP conventions. They get more money out of consumers this way. Letting competition decide drives prices down.

  10. And when their models fail, like the Global Warming/Climate Change model, they change the parameters for the model. But, even that didn’t work so they “CORRECTED” the historical database of world temperatures until the model did, they being NOAA & NASA. The “Corrected Table” is now the only one you will find, besides the copies many of us have stored.

  11. When you say the villain is "the government," the blame is often placed at the feet of the average career government worker. Anyone who has spent a day working in the federal sector (or in my case, nearly four decades) can tell you, that you will not clean up government by placing a few high-placed political appointees who will serve in most cases for only two years. Neither will you clean up government by lowering federal pay (which may or may not be justified, depending on the position). You will only clean up government in the one area filled with those with both the authority, and the power to outlast the political appointees. Get ready, here it comes.


    Fix that part of the government, and you're halfway there. Leave it alone, and you'll never drain the swamp. Because career middle management owns the swamp. Indeed, it IS the swamp.

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  13. Until we redefine "life" to include government agencies (among other things) as being alive, we'll continue spinning our wheels. They have their own self-preservation mechanisms and compulsions to grow. Without people they wouldn't exist but there they are, using us like ants or bees are used by their colonies. Take the leap and consider everything to be alive and help launch humanity into our new state of consciousness.

  14. Wall Street knows exactly what the hot dog stand guy makes. And what we make. They take those studies to UNFCCC conventions, have university economics students present proposals, and then present legislation to governments around the globe for their healthcare laws. That's why universal healthcare is a UN goal: to control costs for Wall St globally.

  15. Dinesh called critics of Dan Crenshaw "crazies" for criticizing his push of red flag laws. Dinesh is a gun grabber too, lol.

  16. The existence of a state/ government is based/ founded upon the initiation of the use of force( coercion, violence, theft, murder) against peaceful/ innocent people. The existence of the state is pure Evil. Statists support/ propagate TRUE EVIL! Statists are sociopaths!

  17. When the US government was formed, it took days or even weeks for news to travel from one end of the country to the other. Now it takes milliseconds, and yet government continues to grow, and those who are elected to represent the people who elect them are in less touch than ever before. Government spends more time and tax money representing the special interest groups, and the corporations that pad the pockets of those we elect than it does looking out for our interests. They pass laws that take away from us, and give to people we don't even know.
    It's time that we took back control, reform, and set up a new system where we represent ourselves through electronic voting of bills, rules, and yes, laws. When a government is no longer representative of the people who elect it, it is time for that government to be dissolved. Instead of a government of the people, for the people, we the people are working for the government, supporting the government.

  18. Thanks Mr. DANESH, I was just sharing this because I know forst hand in my overpriced Sanctuary State I reside in as a Latino American single mom. :/!!!

  19. The government represents the best of intentions and the worst in execution and results. They NEVER think about the ramifications of their legislations/regulations/actions.

  20. Wisdom of crowds. The beauty of the free market system, with everyone operating in their own best interest, is the market reflects the intelligence of the total human race. There is no way a group of bureaucrats to approximate the intelligence of the total human race.

  21. Giving away liberty, no matter how good the original intention, always abscess into a massive infection! All government must have a reset button, to a previous point!!!

  22. Pulled it out of their butt that was awesome but we also know that that's pretty much where everything comes from when it comes to the government that's why it all stink so bad !

  23. "But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

  24. Sadly…..
    the " CHRISTIAN CHURCH SYSTEM and INSTITUTIONS " have progressively become…..
    and MANIPULATING as our

  25. Not only that, but the appointed heads of these agencies don't know anything about the U.S. Constitution. I love the video of Trey Gowdy questioning Kelly Anne Buriesci. She was clueless about what due process is and she's the number four person in DHS.

  26. "Why are we putting all this faith in effectively the DMV? You know when you go to the DMV and everyone there is borderline retarded and lazy as sin? That's everyone in government. It's hollywood for ugly people except even more ruthless and shallow" – Gavin McGinnes

    If there's anything worse than putting your faith in something that you don't even know exists, it's putting your faith you something that you know for a fact is incompetent.

  27. The Framers never intended for the Fed. govt. to have so much power. It was supposed to handle Foreign Affairs and disputes between the states. The states were to have the lion's share of power.

  28. our ( usa) gov. is just one of many of the tentacles 🐙 of the BEAST SYSTEM of SATAN and ALL govs are part of it! EVERY HUMAN needs to stop being faux WOKE and get REAL woke! it’s not about RELIGION especially “christianity” they are part of it also! it is about GOOD ( GOD) vs EVIL ( Live) ing under the RULE OF SATAN!!!
    B eing
    U nder
    S atans
    Y oke
    you can STAY busy or you can get FREE!

  29. The first concern of any bureaucratic agency is to ensure its own survival, the second concern is to ensure that it has the maximum level of status, and the third concern is to ensure maximum number of people are dependent on it. At best they equate to a slow spreading pathogenic bacteria, and worst they equate to cancer. Being basically parasitic, they are never analogous to anything good.

  30. Calling the Government the villain is making it sound mischievous. It's not the villain, it is the Enemy. Truly. It cannot be anything else. It does not matter who it is made up of, it corrupts, and it employs people *who seek power for power's sake*. It invariably grows like the cancer it is, and like a parasite that doesn't know any better it will kill itself by killing its host, i.e. the people it is supposed to serve and who pays its salaries.
    Things will never get better until people learn to live without 'leaders' and without a State.

  31. In the 20th century government has murdered 2.62 million innocent people.. Governments are cancer to this earth…

  32. Not wrong, Dinesh, but not precise. The villain is not "the government." That statement is too abstract. The government is made up of people who need to be called out by name. The villain is not "the government" but the cultural Marxist feminist SJW Leftist Democrat Socialists in the government driving the country in a certain direction. That is the enemy to be dealt with. Names and policies. Give us names and policies.

  33. The Government is the enemy of the people. Politicians are mostly incompetent corrupt bureaucrats spending our money like its their's.

  34. I know people who work in government. They describe each other as a bunch of “numpties”. Self aggrandising ambitious for point scoring no clue self appointed justifying their own existence

  35. Imagine working for a company that doesn't expect anything from you, never holds you to account, pays you more than comparable companies do and basically can't get rid of you. Welcome to the wonderfully wasteful, inept, corrupt, American government!

  36. I've been in Phoenix for 6 years and have yet to meet someone working Republican business. The party needs to build up it's grass roots! I'm suffering from local zoning/permitting problems. Who can I call? There should be a party office that can make a bureaucrat sweat. A robust party would come in handy in a greater emergency not to mention common elections.

  37. D'Souza is 100% wrong. In America, the government is us, and it serves us and we can change it whenever we need to through legal processes put in places by our founders. Read the fucking constitution, you right wing morons and stop shitting all over the essence of our republic.

  38. How agency's are able to dictate laws is insanity. They were not elected and do not represent anyone but themselves. They are totally Unconstitutional

  39. BOOM!!! Dinesh brilliantly makes a point that I make repeatedly, albeit poorly, on Twitter. All these parasitical politicians who claim that slavery is the basis for the US, or that we're going to die in 12 years, or that gun control is necessary to stop the gun violence in this country–THEY CAN'T POSSIBLY KNOW WHAT THEY CLAIM THEY KNOW!!!! Why do we fall for it? Call them what they are–a bunch of bull shitters who know no better than anyone else what the future holds or have no better access to the minds of those in the past than we do. For some reason they arrogantly proclaim (and probably sincerely believe) these things. To my way of thinking, every politician who does this disqualifies themselves from any position of responsibility whatsoever. The first quality we need from our representatives is HUMILITY!

  40. Don’t forget folks. Police enforce laws that make no sense and are a government agency as is the military that enforces foreign policy.

  41. So far, all we see is EMPTY accusations WITH NO ACTIONS! DOJ needs to take ACTIONS against those who broke the law!

    Fox News, JW, and D'Souza, instead of repeating the accusations day in day out, they need to spend their time to FIND OUT as to WHY DOJ and the Republicans refuse or avoid to take actions?!

  42. Everything the people struggle with today is because of everyone in legislation incapable of doing their job. AND…because voters dont vote them out.

  43. Dinesh ain’t wrong. The biggest challenge with government operation and programs is the lack of market incentives. In government most incentives actually drive inefficient behavior and growth for the sake of growth.

  44. Perfect example. In the Navy, there are hundreds, if not thousands of people in charge that have not a clue! They do not care about anything except that you do what they say, right or wrong, 99% of the time, wrong! They do not care! I'm in charge, damn it! Do what I say! Excuse me, but that won't work! I said do it! If you don't, bad marks. If you do, bad marks, only this time for breaking the equipment. We live in a conscience non existing psycho babblic country of evil Godlessness because the church has turned it's back on 90% of the commands from Christ! The result? Hellbound Hustlers! 1John 2:3. The church body is the first to be sent to Hell. Matthew 13. And yes, that is all churches, including Calvary Chapel!

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