1. If mass migration did not happen it would be as it was in 2000… You ether adapt to the changing world or be wiped out.

  2. Why is a right-wing party, always a far-right-party?? It's just demonising and not fair. It creates fear.. something the right always is accused off, but the left is great at.

  3. Germans rise! Put your world war loses behind you. Take control of your lives, grow spines and for your own sake, bring back the balkenkruze!

  4. Do the people on the left know any history ? What has been the nature of Islam's encounter with Europe ? Conquest, enslavement, mass murder and forced conversions, kidnapping children and raising them as muslim soldiers. The church of the holy sepulchre, built under the order of Emperor Constantine, was destroyed by muslims. Has Islam ever called a truce ? Has it's drive to convert Europe ever been renounced ? We live in the stream of history, we are not outside it. Islam is attacking Europe now, everyday. The high birthrates in Islamic families in Europe is the new conquest strategy. Look at Belgium. It is working.

  5. Democracy is the vote of the people, but dark forces are implementing policies that open Germany up to attack from a foreign culture, namely Islam.. they are overwhelming all western countries, their sharia law is revolting .. no human rights for women. Merkel’s policies are horrific 👎🏼

  6. "A culture based on Judeo Christian background"

    Really … I thought Christianity sprang from rejection of Judeo values, lack of compassion being one of many differences …. I know this mantra is repeated every day in MSM (according to Manny Friedman mostly owned by Jews and he should know) but most people I talk to are disgusted by Israel's treatment of Palestinians precisely because it is so vicious, exclusive and based on a pack of lies. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef summed it up when he stated 3 years ago "non Jews are born to serve Jews as a donkey serves its master", at his funeral he was eulogised by both Israel's Prime Minister and President and estimates suggest that 80% of Israel's population paid their 'respect' in some way. Zionist Jews are sucking the life blood out of America in particular and using US body bags to fulfill their ultimate ambition of greater Israel, and paying politicians for their support.

  7. Populism in Germany, Austria, France, Netherlands, UK, USA and National Conservative in Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Hungary and Poland.

  8. If I didn't know better, I would think this video is about America, not Germany. Don't be fooled by those who yell racism at AFD, they are paid to do that, as happens in America. Good luck, Germany!!

  9. I understand your agenda Euronews. But, it is "the disillusion, the deceit" factor which is at the very base. And this is the truth.

  10. No…this is the common sense party. I don't want my daughters being raped by migrants who have no other way to take out their sexual frustration. Not in Europe. Go AFD!

  11. Yeah, those pathetic AFD supporters are just afraid of being "culturally enriched", like in cologne. Why would anyone fear that?

  12. Yeah, those pathetic AFD supporters are just afraid of being "culturally enriched", like in cologne. Why would anyone fear that?

  13. i lost it at 5:35 "The AFD was a no show to peacefull talks" cuz they had the audacity to ask for a "neutral" meeting ground! i mean whats wrong with our own MOSQUE FULL OF REFUGEES that their campaining against… FFS!

  14. fear is the only factor that held our species alive. If I were so careless like the left on immigration, I would be possibly homless right now. No critical thought whatsoever, just these spineless slogans about love and equality for all. Bunch of degenerates!

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