The Election Day 2012 “Math”

let on the phone it’s a pleasure to welcome
back to this program that may be may be the first guest ever
i think we may have been the very first guess before before even i started in radio he was
the first gets a little bit early use in our practice session uh… from the uh… the wilbur blog and daily coz marcus brutus welcome to the program our
conf uh… elizabeth you’re samosa buck and
that’s the way the ears is i’ve been uh… eight plus years now is seven months and five decades to stop the government uh… cell archaic so give us a sense of of let’s start
uh… with the basically what i want to do is i want to start with what your
senses uh… what we should be looking for in
the presidential election what’s going to what’s going to happen who’s gonna win by how much as i raced to trade sports to cash in on
this uh… and then we’ll look at some of the
uh… the state races and then we’ll talk about how much we anticipate the right wing uh… freaking out
tomorrow um… or i should say wednesday what who said doesn’t give us a sense of what
was this presidential election year come down to case i mean there to me as far as i was concerned as races
bent over him and that’s what obama had massive leads in uh… in all the key states that mattered and uh… axi had factored
in the possibility of a disaster happening that would not go bomb a dime
indicated that it was that first debate the fact is that obama never has lopez trails in this in this race in and
nothing in the last couple days it’s has indicated as any sort of momentum in fact any momentum rodney hampton at
risk of being has really been gone for the last few weeks later what they said and it’s what i’ve been said that act
republicans you to say it different than it was that the
independent undecided voters believe breaker miranti actually was in the opposite racine
undecided voters now pray programa and even the most recent bellingham
undecided voters they like obama more so obama has more outside with those voters
so it’s it’s gonna be it’s i don’t particularly pink it gives me a lot of
suspense in the presidential lesson i think that early in the night it’s virginia gets
called now for a bomb ultimate first couple hours i think that’s it at the
ohio really clinch it does i’m not seeing a lot of now a lot of drama no i ran out so uh… okay so uh… we’re looking at
the uh… from electoral standpoint it’s virginia and ohio and does a president obama need new
hampshire and they tell us what your what your map looks like some people
want to are following this thing tomorrow on the
night hi imagine you do too but i attract
um… people just don’t like you’re insane i will have the there’s no way that
uh… obama’s going ot in tomorrow and i wanted to let you know on and on what to to alleviate their anxiety so
they should be watching for virginia how does that what what what is the
recipe there we’ve got uh… carries states in two thousand
four plus what uh… basically i mean you have to actually
start the novel document for may have to be relevant to has to be a lot of
crazies they find does win that ain’t gonna happen uh… so we have to section nine gonna really decided selection so where
are you had to go as ivan sweated i think it’s going to go
bomb a but not very relevant state but first back to states are going to be
at any time in poll closing right in the virginia north carolina florida all three of them are likely to be too close to call so they’re gonna sit icy florida rain out obama is uh… stats late in the head of coca process
not a couple of calling a couple of the composite fell justin gate which by
allied i think of my average amounts lawyers basically type now given the boating shenanigans in
south florida where we’re bowlers were turned away from early balloting over
the weekend uh… back to be enough to turn l
accidents that so i would have been fairly optimistic except that our people are being allowed
the boats out florida again uh… a florida itzkoff
rebound against it’s over silly rodney king world cup florida ibridge in its
call for obama again personally ronteltap virginia collects a worst-case
scenario virginia north carolina florida goes for around me then you have age like when you get a look at the air
about tonight you haven’t run a two hundred and
forty-eight electoral votes he still needs even ohio gets in the two sixty six again ohio is not going to go around me
in the polls show anywhere between eight thirty in five point lead right now for
for obama and again it’s one of the stage for the
numbers are trending opal misdirection that the other way around so i’d like to
see i’m not so much trauma uh… democratic call it all began oksana ka
literally just because it’s not gonna look at it and i wanna wait a while but after that they are looking at michigan uh… pennsylvania supposedly but it’s
not compatibility colorless uh… wisconsin iowa colorado nevada the final back to states the brought up by a
wisconsin and the kings solidly in a lump in obama’s hands so that’s a worst case scenario a high
of pos to obama them to rummy at two fifty sixteen exp dot one of the
other states and most likely be colorado that someone
is so it looks pre tied down again undecided seem to be
breaking a promise direction but as a vehicle state republicans have
done very well in the early voting so i would say that that’s the one of the
more likely states to read this cycle it’s it’s did that well in iran would have to really
relieved on the map if we’re looking at that point right now and look and uh…
certainly voting and whatnot obama’s bedouin virginia florida has a fifty fifty north carolina but we will go brownie although we can actually kickin it killing in the
early voting and uh… and beyond that wisconsin that some of the uh… safely
obama pilots safely obama that donald safely obama so it’s it’s a
map data isn’t to be as god is that was in two
thousand eight but still amadee about sending you the season yet the
winded and bassett and then they make sure they were lockdown even after that
first debate when his natural numbers fell obama held steady in the battle grounds and i were heading into election date
with a great deal of muslim momentum real momentum estate supplement about mentally connection to
see in the data right so there you have folks um… now you can uh… now you know
well well how how far that you don’t need to freak out until uvm heee unless i guess uh… uh ohio that’s
when people should get nervous if uh… for some reason that the higher heads to prometheus presuming of course that
people are that uh… and i don’t want to offend
all of the thousands of romney voters who i know this into this program above ants um… now so give us a sense of two cents this is you know still years ago everybody was talking
about and i certainly was one of those people saying there’s every reason to believe the
democrats again lose the senate they had uh… three times or three times as many uh… candidates up for reelection uh… war uh… you seats i should say
democratic helps ease that we’re going to be uh… contested as opposed to republicans and it doesn’t
look like it’s gonna check out that way yet republicans we’re defending had
seats never pay for defending thirty-one and thirty seats uh… it was what was as if the
republicans for defending were in red areas physical at the end of mississippi
uh… wyoming idle uh… utah took a look the kind of environment where we’re
going to make gains in fact the discussion was can we hold their
ground chemical the senate and particularly since this is a two
thousand class of two thousand six if you recall in two thousand six we won
uh… the majority that year and winning elastase by ten thousand votes twenty thousand votes
i mean virginia in montana and israelis rollins singly tight state so we have to
hold the state and again is david virginia montana missouri that actually had not been
tougher for democrats and using yourself basically bleak and an amazing thing happen is is that
republicans nominated a bunch of crazies st dot really uh… godaddy incredibly happening coming in indiana
and in big mother in theory about crazy act you got a text by you had a opinion we had a retirement
in state republican seats only became a play you have any evidence to asian rabbits closest races exactly half of them five of them are
actually republicans we may actually picked up patrick embedded in arizona indiana main
massachusetts thoughts was that one territory and the fact um… that was completely almost impossible
before the election began on the flip side budget democratic seasoned tough states like
west virginia and florida and that’ll high up which would look belly difficult
suddenly are actually fairly safe and and and lock down the and despite heart
attack a case it’s super tax conservative billionaires
who spent over thirty million dollars enough on china a nicer brown the
democrat he’s a freshman is actually a liberal firebrand in a state that’s
clearly not a liberal state it’s a it’s a middle-of-the-road downtown st anybody wasn’t being secret baptists and united unni would’ve been shown brown it said were seen him back to beirut
resilient and headed towards an easy reelection subs we have any situational privately lose
christina basta we’re probably gonna lose sound uh…
likely lose seats in in uh… north dakota and uh… what you want in a i would be tester yet and that’s a lot and although the people bid up in two thousand six and so
you have ec seven were a plausible you were looking at community called the
senate right now the worst case for democrats
is that the we have a status quo and actually just thirty three forty seven at the end of the election because we’re
going to get this evening within a peek at the scene massachusetts and it looks and i want to use it but it looks like
in the exit at the scene in indiana thanks to you at which america murdoch’s
um… tolerate being a gift from god so weeping gifted this is or republic uh… after candidates and as a whole
horrible republican message and hispanic got sent to us and we may actually come out of his best case
scenario you may come out of this with uh… plus four uh… eight fifty seven twenty three
senate now latitude dot right that it happened and uh… a mechanic on my best guess right now so they
didn’t aplenty every bit of fifty four forty six which given the map
that we have and the pre-election picture we’d only seats would be insanely will credited for the democrats well what’s what do you think uh… i do
think there’s a good chance for tammy duckworth and uh… in wisconsin where
you think that worksheet would come and give me a massachusetts uh… potentially indiana uh… do you think uh… it’s a it’s at at the parliament in nineteen always going to attend it seems like a pretty good for that we
already have that seats that senate pick up as one of those difficult holds uh… and fingers crossed by republicans in the
recall right so uh… where where do you think we’ll put that
up there for three are pa possibilities any right now mean is into paper entities as in at st battle offsets we’re gonna be partly
offset by the bhaskar ginny by this one after that were actually very
competitive and remain seats we may have seen a couple of north dakota it’s close enough and the uh… democratic and it is good
enough for a minute we may actually whole itself that may actually be one of the the
almost like being out one of the most likely next where we lose the faster we pick up maybe pick
a massachusetts now you may pick up in vienna i’m
feeling pretty good about indiana and i’m not going to be about north
dakota again at least as its plus one sub of those areas are actually quite
possible i think as i was getting away from a
semester will pick up arizona uh… in nevada upon but i’ll close tricky states the last three cycles the point has been
horribly off because they don’t know how to a poll and it’s just uh… going into the two thousand an
election senate majority leader carrie meek was
supposed to lose by about two to three quarters of the points etc he won by five at now our candidate nevada eyesight berkeley is losing by two to
three points does that mean that destroying disaster will repeat itself
until when you know past performance is no
guarantee of future acts uh… what happens in the future so other constituency that was a rugby ken
but they have been run some cautiously optimistic about it the rain on
submitted date i would have to see that we’re not going to win it but again the biggest in or earlier on in about a quickly cycles
in a row all right so let’s uh… let’s move to
the house briefly there’s uh… there’s little chance the democrats if
any they’re going to uh… uh… pickup uh… coordinate take control of the
house i think at this point and the question is and will the pick up any seats at all what’s your sense and that we talked
about the reasons quite a bit on this program i think the
overriding one is probably the redistricting that took place into half on the two thousand ten census
there’s also i guess uh… part of that is also we’ve lost some
opportunities in california with a new primary system uh… in a sense if you think there are other
reasons uh… if the uh… did the deed triple
ceded a decent job and and what you think the outlook looks like it’s been one of those of the year the house has been very strange because
the scene i’ve seen a senate we’ve seen that the numbers will be a democratic
direction honesty about that very well over the
summer uni’s hicfa after the first debate but he’s
rebounded uh… he’s had to what it looks like a
comfortable re-election victory the house to look at the house
generically at what you ask holding up but your point eight about for the benefit of the
republican dennis pinpricks deadlock to a very slight democratic advantage the
entire cycle to pick up bs house we would have to have to have
about a five to ten point lead in internet calling we haven’t at best and i’m not quite sure i understand by
or or or quite grasping what the dynamics are there but part of
it is redistricting obviously the shorter most audible incumbents uh… part of it is actually a king sitting
out of money to protect money doesn’t have a lot of fact the
presidential level we haven’t seen it have a lot of the fact that the senate
level i actually do you think it’s having an
effect down about where people art as well-known in obviously congressmen are and women are very
well-known mysore bummed out putting money has affected it right now
i would say maybe but it can well t if i was saying that there wasn’t any
gains uh… there’s this and at that but that use you is uh… but we need to
twenty-five we’re not gonna get twenty five right and uh… what about uh… what
about michelle bachman your two cents way way way she is going
to exit uh… stage at this right stage crazy crazy
girl that’s it’s really a m out it’s it’s it’s a conservative district it’s a republican district the fact that
that raises even competitive just shows how terrible either candidate she has become a part
of touchy as their district there were tapes clearly see cover enough to overcome the republican toby
that district justice a black i gotta stay down there’s a ton of money pouring into that
this trip from both sides in the us it is republicans dot please feel the heat i
would give the x_-two to bachmann just based on under demographics of the
district but the fact that this thing is you don’t competitive makes me think
makes the ballot late-night like addiction it it can very well she cannot that legacy
here knocked out speaking in iowa uh… unless it’s lowered a and that joel osteen illinois job losses
a goner allah blessed this request every six fifty fifty minutes that’s not
that i haven’t seen any never thought of that i what uh… race but those facts christine though samia and kings apso amount sure what’s going on there but given
that the numbers and iowa in general are tenants with obama’s traction that
exceeded sperm and hopefully about if we were able to knock out the and as far as
that’d be a successful attorney do you do you think i mean when i do and
i think of what surprises me about uh… congress even knowing that this sort of
uh… the structural difficulties that democrats face in in uh… in this election you know the redistricting accepted and and also
the i think you’re actually write about the
uh… citizens united money i think it makes
them much bigger impact in these races you
know you can come in with a million dollars you can buy all sorts of that
time and and a lot of these districts uh… you can really just uh… just inundate people with it do you think that there was it seems to me that part of the problem was that paul ryan was not nationalized
enough like some of the catholic medicare and so security which seemed to
me to be the most sort of bread-and-butter uh… most easily digestible issues or people running for congress were not exploited paul ryan was just simply not exploited
enough and perhaps by present old bomber it for
it to filter down to the congressional races ear not clearly that didn’t happen and
the fact that democrats have an advantage on medicare
but it’s on a major damage is part of the problem and indeed a should have
been able to write it the reality though and uh… in this is profiting and as a liberal is that one of the democratic super tax
priorities that a focus group and he basically told me attendees but the right and what’s he said doubt he said at mit romney but we know he supports all others and the focus group recipients dot it was sold ludicrous that the refused to believe
that they treated as just as a political
nonsense lies good it was so crazy at them it they just did not believe it was
chips but i suspect this is what’s happening
in the least essentially democrats talk about them and that’s why not wanna eliminate medicare and people think that’s just such a
cruel resi being that nobody would actually want to get
rid of medicare but they refused to believe it and again and republicans have done decent job of muddying the waters with
that eight thousand times really claimed
democrats cutting back medicare by seven and eight billion dollars bottle by race so they have ninety muddy the water and
democrats had seen that that often taking at the side of your falling the focus feels that people just want
buying it and needed a temperature damaged by a clearly big into the job in communicating that
to to uh… two dollars and if there’s one big
failure in independent bank strategy this year
that is exactly and i think you can put it i would i would add that you know we
had like a week after paul ryan was picked joe biden got out there wasn’t a was in
a couple inhibit this twice in one day who’s in a couple cafes i think it was
in all hi al uh… i’ve matured maybe was
pennsylvania and he obey sickly said hike down to you hard ministration will not make any cuts
whatsoever disor security idea flat-out guarantee you he said and since that day those words have not
been repeated we’ve heard um… we will not privatize that we’ve
heard we have no difference between it hyped-up with them massive failure and it it’s also a scary
failure going for it because i think the only reason why you don’t exploit
that in the campaign is if you have a weird integrity uh… to the idea that
you’re going do you need to create some space to actually go ahead and makes them two weeks uh… to you know cut five or
ten fifteen twenty percent of uh… in old person’s pension uh… down
the road uh… it seems to me which is which i think there’s a real electoral prize that it’s
gonna be paid at very least on the house level i think because of it and i think
uh… uh… it’s uh… it it should be it
should set up alarm bells for everybody but uh… beyond that tomorrow you are i don’t know how you know i know people
there are people who who are more into the numbers into the uh… to
actions today and has some idea but uh… most of them got their started
your site anyways uh… so who will you be following tomorrow of course we’ve got a and live lives
that daily cuz but what waiters feeds what uh… sites would you be following
uh… tomorrow catalytic prototype time incredible role uh… then and many are grand isle and and use it for
details uh… dot ralston in nevada as a couple
local journalists in some of these key states that connects eerily kids some context so the numbers but i gotta say the elections demand and
that the elections in the daily coz is sort of the all-star of bunch of people
on the web that were really good elections in approaching severely because elections uh…
whenever assets impasse and the people in that respect ceasefire dot barely
dispatch economy company numbers and in doing projections based on those
numbers on where we stayed too tall so when we were not quite the right the
act of people at the spot but uh… obviously at at the most part ivory on twitter and and uh… s_a_t_
the history makes antibodies present here’s the gist of the d_n_a_ comes out
on that sock have been putting a lot of the best
activity greg road sure allston as they said that detail puking dances technical list now people don’t realize this but uh… uh… exhale t_v_a_ and you go and uh… great we’ve got that would be
but realize that um… uh… that uh… that makes over gotta start it uh…
daily counts is uh… poblano doing the same type and number crunching it’s their cousins i have’nt part
numbers is that seems to me that’s why because of that reality based community
because when i go out and that feeling here is
it based on the data my certainty doesn’t make some uncertainty is based
on numbers now there’s always that off chance that every poll is wrong
and considers i write that everybody’s wrong not really likely because access to the that and it’s it’s it’s i’ve got in trouble in my lap election pronounced occasions one x across the data and i try to grab
rationalize twice that look and it’s good for democrats they don’t exactly everything that they
run in the past ratcheted up none of these unit data interface uh… actor of
tomorrow how crazy do you think the right wing is
going to become uh… thursday i mean assuming assuming that we have
results uh… by tuesday into wednesday there in shock i guess
you know like that you have like a twenty four-hour period where i think
like you’re just total shock how crazy do you think they’re going to
come on thursday because this is i mean this is i remember how crushing uh… two thousand four was uh… we all anticipated that carrie was
gonna win they were exit poll we were convinced of it uh… maybe this
is what you’re pointing to in terms of data because now i go back and i look at
those polls i go that billy and look that good knows only three
polls that i must have ignored every other paul uh… back but he might have that and trouble uh… there are already kind of crazy and i i
don’t you think you have apparently got some really cute eighty percent above
romney voters are convinced he’s going away yet another trouble and uh… in tibet saint anne’s occurs
between us into that support message wasn’t anything we knew we were going to
lose in two thousand targeting try to rationalize it away are creating all to
reality any acted as intense acts item we got the next day crashed and i knew it was coming who are
prepared so they’re not prepared for what’s covered up which is gonna make it
more time and enjoy it while i say candidates and sadistic pleasure out of
that but they are ready making excuses any eta ready titles
arcane it’s um… that’s a hurricane it so that he saw as a red state that
you c_n_n_ that series on c_n_n_ ise everyone because the uh… pressures
coming i saw that fifty thousand feet i got a
behavior data fifty thousand the looking down uh… practice that is ok areas uh… and that yet people at because i a
cone whitmore issue of those cells there can
be at the the secret police with the ones who both all polls rallying one and a landslide nineteen
stating and of course he planing he’s blaming us uh… sandy just like a lot of these
other people at the site at heads because it got out of this land in did not do they’re gonna get sign off
and he did stick doughnuts i mean even if by some miracle
ronnie meticulous opulent evil inside each is no way in hell it’s gonna happen
so uh… they have to start walking back
but the crazies online and he’s talking about the was front c_n_n_ m and
antiseptic as a possible answer she worked as online uh… they are absolutely presenting
themselves i’m i’m looking forward to the civil war
looking forward to the uh… to being romney um… was too to uh… liberal ya even released a
minute turkey has never on the in the polls
when he was the last we have been killed when is a severe conservative is only
the first debate was all about mit romney finally making that turn to the center he’d actually got to the
left on that president obama couple of things and that there’s no doubt in my mind
that they’re going to move further to the right let me ask you this quickly jump right in again the other day repeated what president obama said uh…
has said multiple times he said it before the two thousand ten election he
said it again and that is when the republicans when they’re going
to realize that now they have to deal do you think that’s the case and i’m
very i’m very uptight about the uh… but uh… the the grand bargain and that uh… i’m not gonna talk too much about it now
because uh… what plane time to talk about in the next few days affects our civil war a and exactly and and of why do you think joe biden says that
he’s just because they they think to the extent that they
re any and undecided voters out there they
wanted here this notion that we can get along after the election yet people like that bipartisan crap yet
is that it was steeple who don’t pay attention in the shade so they don’t
know but there are two sides that are completely percent uh… opposing one-sided specs insane
they don’t know itself n eyes realized this and this is liaising with ticket did you watch the
debate at the c_n_n_ bio focus groups alright everytime either by you or obama extract or even bromley for that matter the numbers without any sort undecided
voters rights it’s lucky and days what everybody catalog they
can’t be bothered it does you know it’s happening and again for whatever reason
some of his legitimate people are having difficult lives when i see that whenever
there’s conflict it means that they actually have to engage more and they are definitional e people who
don’t want to gage in politics so that you have a situation where that
two three percent by percent undecided at this point that’s the top you know what is your tax i want to hear
about how we’re all gonna get alliance income but yene be wonderful which is why run he’s been talking about
how bipartisan ears even those record of that is you know uh… in that file alarming binary because the
abuser last that crappy don’t wanna hear complex you
can’t get into anything and at this point if you don’t have your
bases with you unite europe s allows he better have your bases with you you know
so that we have to go out and other yes about bipartisanship about what they understand part of
combat aside last four years that she believed that and i’m hoping that the
new his second term obama is going to be less uh… less uh… mei about republicans wanting to work
with them uh… well and think uh… help that now you can stay on the
house of summaries uh… his political leanings have also gone away but i know i’m not
so convinced about that but we shall see we will uh… will we will plan i
suspect uh… you’re right said that there will
be a bit of and at the very least it’s civil console
in the context of those of us on the left with this whole grand
bargain thing but uh… that uh… that uh… we’ve got plenty
of time to to save our picky park powder dry for that uh… tomorrow be that the very day um… but um… marcus thank you so much
for joining riser thanks so much margaritas folks you check out the daily
karo has are you will find there all sorts of it really is they they’re just their obsessive the
that they’ve got to know if there was spreadsheets and whatnot and uh… you know who will seem to go to
unsecured polls on skewed police dot com

  1. If Michele Bachmann loses her seat, it will show that we have a right to some hope in the intelligence of the American people.

  2. There are 33 Senate seats up for reelection in total. 23 of those are held by Democrats. Polls show 20 of the seats strong or leaning Democrat, 1 going to independent Angus King (who has liberal views), and 4 tossups. So, the Democrats should retain at least 21 of the 23 seats, with a chance to get up to 25 seats and push their total up from 53 to 55. The big year for Democrats to try for 60 seats will be in 2016, when 24 Republican seats will be up for reelection (as a result of 2010 gains).

  3. I'd like to see the winner win by 1 vote, then everybody will be running around blaming everybody else for not voting. Wall St wins, America looses, no matter who wins.
    If Obama wins, it means people don't care if he was born in Kenya, and the past 4 yeas was a complete lie.
    If Romney wins, it means people don't care if he bankrupted companies, created unemployment for all their workers in order to profit from their misery.

  4. Most defintely. The reason I didn't mention him was that it now clear that he is going to lose. Duckworth was beating him 54-40 in the polls last week.

  5. it scares me the way you are talking, you are saying the republicans have no idea they are going to lose, that they are completely blinded, and your gonna love their reactions come thursday. I am a labor voter (democrat) through and through and we recently had a territory election that was hung where the polls were saying our left wing was gonna romp it home. Just saying dont count the chickens before they hatch. I do hope Obama wins though and am cautiously confident for you guys.

  6. erm… Romney is the conservative … you know that right… as in the pro-capitalist, screw the people side…

  7. as a long time dedicated Marxist this election has me repeating over & over Keynes message to FDR after his election:"You are all that stands between orthodoxy and all out revolution". Obama seems to be in a similar situation; he wins & the Revolution is delayed a few more cycles. Romney wins: Every1 get ready cuz it's starting "on day 1" as Romney is so fond of promising.

  8. Pro-capitalist when you are already in a capitalist state risks turning a country into a corpocracy – run for the corporations by the corporations… which.. well.. Citizens United…

  9. Starting at 28:19 Markos Moulitsas says, "Yeah. People like that bi-partisan crap. The undecided voters: People who don't pay attention to this shit, so they don't know that there aren't two sides that are completely 100% opposed and one side that's bat-shit insane. They don't know this…"

    It's perfect description of all the undecided voters- IDIOTS who can't be bothered to educate themselves on the issues.

  10. true that the "market" is no longer free but being directed now by the state…i think it was Mussolini who coined a term for that but to use the phrase "socialism for corporations" is to embrace the century of propaganda & misinformation we in the US have been subjected to; socialism doesn't accept the legitimacy of corporations. as i mentioned, "socialism for corporations" should be called what it is: Fascism.

  11. Ooooh–Sarah Palin's gonna be mad at you. But it does clear up the question of what's wrong with you. You're a very stupid 12 year old.

  12. Democrat and Republican. OMG. Just supporting one side or the other shows the depth of you knowledge of what is going on in the world. You types of people make me ill to my stomach. Have you ever looked at who is around Obama? Wall St. Monsanto lawyers…etc. Idiots.

  13. You do a great job of proving your ignorance by yourself. You don't need to post here to let educated people let you know that.

  14. wow !thats a cute little fit you threw ! were you on the floor pounding your fist while doing it?…haaaaa haaaa haaaaaaa

  15. capitalism never screwed the people! It was corporations merged with the government that done the damage to the american people. We haven't even ever has true capitalism yet! capitalism is a free market system where everyone person has the chance to work, buy, sell and trade without any regulations or controls withing a country. No out-sourcing, taxes, lobbyist or kickbacks to restrict the economy.

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