The Dutch Ditch Their Own Crazy-Haired Populist: The Daily Show

let's move on to our main story yesterday the Netherlands aka Holland aka the land where no one can sleep DUP on any one held its national election and normally that's already more than we'd say about it but this time the world was watching voters are heading to the polls in the Netherlands and what's seen as the first of several elections testing the populist sentiment in Europe turnout was the highest in decades eighty-two percent of voters cast ballots Prime Minister mark Rudess party has won the country's parliamentary election the prime minister was able to fend off a fierce challenge from far-right candidate dirt builders now look we don't really care that Prime Minister Mike Gogan won reelection in fact that's not even his name I don't really care google it most people following the Dutch election were more concerned about the guy who finished second the Dutch party for freedom candidates cat builders and it's not hard to see why here Builders has been called the Donald Trump of the Netherlands a fiercely anti-muslim far-right candidates campaigning to curb immigration to the Netherlands from Muslim countries combating what he calls the Islamization of Europe promised to ban the Quran and close all mosque he compared the Quran to mine can't do I have a problem with Islam yes I do have a problem with Islam I believe Islam is a violent and dangerous religion and even a retarded culture but I have nothing against Muslims Wow just wait until he finds out what religion Muslims are that dude is going to be so pissed now as hateful as builders message Callias there are many Dutch people who find it appealing because they say a Muslims are stealing their jobs and be they say Muslims are trying to miss limits I the Netherlands that's a real word that's why they put their trust in a guy who looks like Christopher Walken when he was a Batman villain and by the way come on Carolyn question real quick what is it with these villains in their hair like they all have the same looking at inholland it's kept in the UK it's Boris in the u.s. it's Trump thank you so I don't I don't know you want to see this but it's obvious it's obvious what's going on here we've been invaded by mind-controlling aliens who look like bad hair that's what it is it is alien that are controlled like it's happening before eyes like if this was a movie and we were watching ourselves we'd be like this movies it's obvious how they'd how do they not see it how do they not know that is the same they look so different and if that animals are going to know everything seems fine to me I don't know what's happening here killing the head like them again like they don't even look real we're watching the movie slowly salience by aliens or not cat builders tapped into a latent racism that many Dutch people possessed and you can see how successful it was because even mainstream politicians have changed their message to sound more like it thanks to his massive following he's already pulled this famously tolerant left-wing country to the right centrist Prime Minister Mark Rutte is sounding populist note taking out newspaper ads saying act normal or leave that's really worrying not because of this dinner phobic sentiment but because a lot of people smoke pot in Amsterdam and if you are high you know and one of them was was in front of you imagine that you are high and then you saw a giant newspaper ad that said act normal or leave you were Japan now oh god the newspaper news her mom now look just because builders lost doesn't mean that the problems that led to his popularity are gone in fact if builders made one mistake it wasn't his platform it was picking the wrong role model this Trump effect because of the chaotic nature of the Trump administration a lot of voters here in the Netherlands seem to have looked at the United States and said you know is that what we want let's take another look and see what our options are we want something that's a little bit more stable I think that's the low bar to set for yourself because anything is more stable than Donald Trump a toddler and high heels is more stable than Donald Trump and IKEA chair on a high wire over Niagara Falls is more stable than Donald Trump a bowl of pudding using a vibrator is more stable than Donald Trump but do you see what happened here hypothetical Trump seems like a lot of fun but once the Dutch saw an actual Trump they were like yeah you know what we will vote for my gergan or whatever his name is and there's not a great feeling America is still the shining city upon a hill except now it's this kind of shining and you're freaking the rest of the world out [Applause] hello mr. president how are you yes of course oh you want me to let people know they can watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free any time with the Comedy Central app with The Daily Show com yes of course yes I know I'm fake news all right love you too bye bye

  1. Act normal has a really different meaning in the Netherlands. It is used here kinda like don’t behave like a little shit

  2. See, I don't understand how the world keeps letting possibly the most ignorant leaders in power. Islam is NOT based on violence, and it's NOT based on hate whatsoever. These leaders are taking the entire Islamic community for terrorists. The terrorists are apart of radical Islam. The Taliban, Isis- these groups. The groups who have taken over Pakistan and who are responsible for attacks such as 9/11. Yes, radical Islam is scary. But a large majority of Muslims, aren't radical Muslims. Leaders around the world should have to actively consider this sterotype when making decisions regarding the Islamic community.

  3. Trevor I really love watching your shows, you're a real humanity lover, you speak against Islamophobia & racism, that's why I love you, your fan from Pakistan. Love you

  4. Wanting to protect your country and the people in it doesn’t make you a racist dipshit. Do some more looking into foreign elections you know nothing about the situation in Holland now that Wilders lost.

  5. Muslims are not taking anyone’s jobs in the netherlands. In the past the Dutch invited a lot of marrocans to come in and do the jobs most dutch people don’t want to do, but most of their children are highschool dropouts living of welfare. It’s not right to generalize all marrocans but the hatred on them is based on a large number of them committing crimes and cursing and white women on the streets and sexually herassing them

  6. People who voted for Wilders. Trump and Brexit are mostly older, from less populous areas and afraid of foreigners because they have never met them.

    I think it's important to realise that populism isn't just gaining momentum by chance, it is doing so because of social isolation, fear of the unknown and belief that the cause of the reduced standard of living must come from these people who infiltrate our countries. To combat this sad direction we all seem to be going in, we have to get the people to get acquainted with the people they're trying to get out of "their" countries and show clear cut statistical evidence about jobs "taken" by immigrants. If anything, what's taking our jobs is automation, not foreign farm workers, waiters or cleaners.

  7. Laugh all you want, at least we didn't elect our loopy goofball as our prime minister! 😁👌

  8. Fake News! All those Countries i Europe knows what's going in America?,No we probably knows more about them,frankly I don't think they give a shit! Trump had to visit all those Countries to start paying for Nato,unfair trade deals. "act normal or leave",yea that will scare the hell out of all the terrorist. Trump is a con man-everybody knows that,but if he makes Fair Trade Deals with other countries,is that bad? We can't hate the guy for everything he does.Trump was the only one bringing up all this stuff,remember? CNN is the one reporting this Breaking News! Getting a little tired of CNN vs TRUMP thing,feeding of each other. Still 2020 we gonna have to rethink:).

  9. Wilders was expressing that he was against the ideology and beliefs of the Islamic religion in the Netherlands. Not Muslims worldwide you dimwit.

  10. He won in these eclections. They became the 2nd biggest party and were just a tiny fraction in the parliament before. Besides, Wilders is not really a far-right politician. He's a nationalist fighting for freedom of speech. He tries to protect typical western values in the Netherlands such as equal rights for women and homo sexuals, freedom of opinions and speech and the health care system for older people. Thus the name PVV which translates as Party for Freedom

  11. I love his focus on Wilders, yet hasn't dug into the problems there are from the Islamic communities. There's a reason Wilders was as popular as he was – because there are problems that are ignored by Neoliberals like Mark Rutte, and mass immigration is one of them.

  12. Lets just Ban religious teachings to Little children, and then countries Will be atheist/neopagan/agnostic in 100years. Its not Just Islam that is the problem,its abrahamism in general. And hinduism. These are all backwards with no room in better,peaceful future.

  13. Trevor, Im a bit dissapointed in you now. If only you and your team would've looked a bit closer into our politics then you probably would've changed your opinion about some of them. I agree with you On Geert Wilders but Mark Rutte most likely meant to say with the message that people shouldn't act like Massive Dicks or else get out. There's a difference.

  14. So you had to pick a guy from holland, and somehow relate that to trump just so you could bash him again
    It sad really…

  15. Act normal here in the netherlands is not just saying stop being different it means to stop being a dick, Mark Rutte meant as in don't break laws or leave

  16. the leftist countries love Muslims until they realize you can't assimilate people who want to rape women who don't cover head to toe. Example: Sweden

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