The Dominant Ideology

any further ado I'm gonna hand you over to Tony member thanks oh well firstly I'd like to thank everybody for inviting you back to speak again you give me a real honor and I'll explain at the end of this little talk why I believe it is so genuine on that now tonight what to talk about the dominant ideology now every society that's ever existed has had a dominant ideology but it's essentially not for society to work and if you want to get on in society you must adopt or at least pretend to adopt the dominant ideology in this country we could call the dominant ideology multiculturalism globalism liberalism capitalism Zionism call it what you like but there is one and it's very strictly enforced if you want to get on at all even if you want to be low low level in the regime's organization a teacher or a policeman you have to adopt or at least pretend to adopt ecology now to explore the dominant ideology I thought what I do afford to compare it with the reality and I thought to split it into two sections first let's talk about the economic ideologies and then talk about the social political ideology and they're really interlocked really warm but might be helpful if if we split it into two so what I'll be doing is I'll be looking at the ideology comparing it with the reality looking at the political theory comparing it with the political practice looking at the propaganda I'm looking at the truth now in order to difference between ideology political theory and propaganda for purposes tonight we put them together so the economic ideology well the economic ideologies capitalism but it's globalized capitalism prey to the war we capitalism within the nation but now we've got global capitalism now for those who are aware of the basics of capitalism the ideology of capitalism the theory of capitalism capitalism is a belief that the free market is the best method to supply people with the goods and services they require and it works something like this well the theory supposed to work something like this an entrepreneur a rich person will see a demand in the market that something needs playing whether it's for bread or a motor car or whatever and he will think what will make money there so he will invest in a facility a factory or a farm to produce this good that he can see can meet the demand with now if he seemed to be making a lot of profits from supplying this demand another entrepreneur will look at it and think working chisel in on him and he will invest in a factory farm or some sort of facility to produce the same goods and the two suppliers we'll then start competing with one another to supply the market and this competition will force them to lower the prices and force them to produce efficiently so in theory the free market will produce the goods that people want and in an efficient manner but what is essential for the market to work is that they have to be no barriers for trade there has to be the free movement of capital labor goods and services now to give you an example how that would work on the global scale imagine in Belgium that there is a shortage of Labor so then players will then be seeking it the people who work for them and they'll bid the wages of the people in Belgium will get high wages if in Poland there is an excess of labour and players won't have to pay very much school to consume the place the the the workers some wedges will be low and in a free market what will happen labour will move from the low paid area of Poland to the high paid area of Belgium but there must be no barriers no restrictions on the movement of people another example would be saying if in Nigeria the mineral resources but nobody's got the money to invest in a man to extract these resources a free market would allow some rush analogues of money to come in build a mine extract the resources and sell them but there must be no restrictions on who can invest where or who can buy where so the point is the ideology the theory is there must be a free movement of capital their goods and services without any mystery and it's job of the politicians to remove all these barriers to trade well that is the economic ideology that is the common theory that is the economic practice very basics of it anyway well what's the truth what is the reality well in order to illustrate what I believe is the truth I'd like to draw on an example from an episode of a popular TV series whatever you might have seen two Sopranos was called and it was about a Mafia family in Jersey New York and in this particular episode was built around the story of this man who had built on a sports superstore and the superstore had many floors and it sold everything from mountain bikes to camping equipment from baseball house to footballs everything you could imagine to taken him years to build the shop and it had made him quite wealthy man anyway fell in with the mob and he enjoyed rubbing shoulders with the good fellows and started playing cards with him in smoky back filled rooms high stakes poker and of course he never eats what happened he got a massive debt to the mob so one day Tony Soprano he was the Godfather the mob came to me with always a are usually said I need pain for the evening our spot and the chops I'm sorry Tony I haven't got that sort of money this is what come on no quit being silly about this is sin just sign over you superstar and we'll call it quits and of course that two traits and Odyssey and the mom then moved into the superstore and what they did they immediately started paying themselves massive wages they borrowed money from wherever they caught whatever banks have lend them money credit cards whatever we stopped paying the taxes stopped paying their employees they AMD ordered goods from every supplier they could think I've got them in sold them until what's out the back door pocketed the back more they ordered company cars business trips to Florida and in a very short they just pulled it leave this facility and of course in a very short space of time the thing went bust what they're done through short-termism through just thinking of themselves thinking what they could get in their back pockets they completely smashed a facility which was providing goods to to the local community providing a service providing employment to a number of people not just in the store but in the suppliers company playing taxes to the council etc etc and it was part of the whole system but they just smashed it through their own greed thinking of nothing but themselves now I believe this is exactly what's happened in this country and with our leaders when I was a young man we had a highly skilled workforce a hard-working workforce we used to make everything from – to linoleum from tanks to toys from Jesus to chairs everything you could imagine our people made with our own hands and we worked hard at wrecking them but because if those in power have thought of every possible scam or Wiis they possibly could to draw money out without any thought for the con sequences of the long-term consequences just so that they could have a good time with it paying themselves excessive wages whether it banks lending money to people the newer can pay back but in the short term it I mean the books look good and they could then claim higher wages fixing bank lending rates I've just heard recently they've been fixing the market in energy in gasps charge more money every little scheme and scam you could think of our leaders have been implementing in order so that they're the people at the top could have could have an extremely luxurious life and of course what they've done is they've crashed our economy and we are now we've reached the Buffett and Third Age coming around and things are not going to just jump back because of austerity measures people think that somehow the free market is in what we said the ideology is what sale but so it will come back well the company's businesses take years of care and love and attention to anyone just come back in a minute the ideology is has nothing at all to do with the reality the political the economic theory has nothing to do with the economic practice the economic propaganda has nothing to do with the economic truth there's a massive gap between the two now to move on to the social theory the social ideology well the social ideology interlocks with the economic ideology it's what's on a global scale our post-war leaders said we've got this total war we really need to do things you know and what we're going to do we're going to create a world where everybody is equal regardless of sexuality or gender culture or religion ethnicity ability or disability or age anything at all it's all going to be everybody is going to be equal and we're gonna judge people according to their inner character and we're going to achieve this by outlawing discrimination there be no such thing as the discrimination has been the cause of every injustice you can imagine and we're going to outlaw we're gonna stomp on anybody who shows any discrimination whatsoever and on top of this we have the idea that justice will be brought about by the imposition of human rights we will have a democratically elected representatives who are wise and considerate responsible people sit up there and decide what human rights people deserve and then they will ensure that these these are given to them whether it's the right of asylum or how's married life and they will ensure everybody gets these human rights everybody on the planet not just in this book at all from it and this wonderful utopia will be social justice a little beasts or breath who will live in peace and harmony and it will be wonderful well that's the ideology the reality is very different that's the political theory but the political practice is entirely different the reality is they've just allowed millions of foreigners to swarm onto our lands each for mannitol thousands of little groups and colonies each of these colonies of jostling with each other prepare for a piece of the communal pine and insisting that their culture is respected that their view of history is the one of these distorting schools that they're allowed to worship in their churches and masters and whatever it is and what they're brought to chaos to our country now current remember when I heard you know think it was on the Internet but a little parable which I think explains the situation very well and this parable is about this couple who have been extremely fortunate in life they were inherited a very large house they've got married they've got a large number of kids were all healthy and everything's nice and Deliver well-ordered life very little anyway one day this couple had been out on the town they've been having authority and the walking on and the walk pass the railway arches and under the railway up to you these poor starving kids were dressed in rags I've got more shoes on and they don't cut them anything oh I don't ask me these poor children look how they're suffering it's so unfair that these children have so little and our children have so much that's just not fair we must invite them back and we must make everybody equal and everybody loved the service share everything out so they invite these kids backs our family home and of course once they start first wanted they speak come in every day and we want more local kids as the word gets around you can go back to this handsome yet really fed really nice all four nouns it's really good so they keep coming and of course all the kids some of them don't want to go to school some of them bring diseases some of them I don't want to go to sleep at night somewhere out on the town it's all a bit chaotic and and he's getting worse and worse and is running out and it's very difficult to keep them but the point of this little story is not just about the feckless stupid irresponsible do-gooding nature of this couple the real condemnation of this purple comes when the story goes on to tell how the kids go to the parents and said their own kids go to their parents and say the easier permissibility news or the rubbing from us essentially an abuser now little mary and the parents don't wanna know that competition that culture and you just don't want to know now what kind of parents are those what kind of people are those nine miles preparing this little talk I was trying to think of a word or words have produced to describe these people and feckless and irresponsible don't really cooperate the hypocrisy of these people who could care so much for these kiddies and then not care a little bit about their along and there's something twisted and warped about these people something deeply flawed and of course this is exactly the case with our leaders we've had the child dreamin issue for years this parts in our chairman was going to say look these people are ready now kids didn't want to know what kind of people are these our leaders who cares so much about human rights no longers on how they feel for the africans all there was and those Asians we colonize them what they must have suffered and record the names good and the Jews don't bring up the Jews what happened to those of the people we must feel sure and then I got Holocaust in already lead for all these burners but their own people they don't want to bloody down they don't care about down something and it's not just a child looming issue I'm going to take this as an opportunity to count to and their abuses on the whole range of I'm only bringing up to hear the child grooming but one I wanna bring up is the heroin trade now the heroin trade to me is worse than the slave trade it's more abusive more as exploitative and more lethal it completely destroys people now I know how many people blame the others for the case room but many of these are externally 12 and 13 when they get helped on the thing but even if you don't care about their needs what about the ethics families what about the communities where they're all stealing money from do you know that in 2009 muscle words as big as I can get out of the humping 40,000 people prisoners criminals who serve custodial sentences in this country 60,000 that's nearly half had to be put on methadone to stabilize their heroin addiction we have between 300 and 400 thousand Donuts in this country all who come up where it's all because of speed a slob doubt that it's awful incapable of work they have the kids taken often because they're capable of bringing up kids they cost everybody here in a fortune but what they do they're much more efficient than slaves for the Muslims they're much more efficient because they don't have to say look go out to pick this cotton you don't have to provide them with houses and food you just have to get a book from heroin and there will be off getting money every day to bring back to you their article cash penalties these are real money earners and it is for the Muslims 90% of the world's heroin comes from Afghanistan a hundred percent of the heroin in this country comes from Afghanistan and now he is these people who care so much about compassion Sara Chisholm hooker who Leonor rest of it they could easily stop this not just in this country they're in the whole world is between 13 and 20 million people hooked on heroin so it's a worldwide massive problem they could more or less completely stop that suffering they've got drone aircraft that they could convert for crop spraying they could easily destroy the crops with little damage there's modern herbicides that they could use that will be damaged the soil hardly at all they will hardly do any damage to the local population it would be easy for them to destroy those poppy fields and yet they don't they say they don't because they don't want to deprive the Afghans of the means of earning a living because well I mean the people brought carrots it's obviously that is obviously allowing because the money from the heroin trade buys all the weapons who wanted to destroy now that most experts agree that the reason they don't destroy the poppy fields is because of this because of backhanders the the heroin trade is worth sixty five billion dollars a year that's enough money to group the entire american administration a number of times and most experts believe that that is why the poppy fields are not destroyed there's American soldiers walking through the poppy fields they've even done safar now where the compensation but Afghan farmers if the American soldiers damage the poppy fields that's alumina cement with we've got him and this this trade is causing misery the war around the world and to me that shows the world standing of our leaders what sort of people they are well that's my little rant or via become cynical so the point but I don't want to be too cynical about people I don't want to you to think that I think everybody is terrible because I certainly don't I think there are good people in this world are many of them are in the BM people and I respect the people of the VMP the reason why I've been a member of the BMP for 12 years it's because I really really do admire the people in the BMP they go out they're not earning any money they just get pain and suffering mostly for being in the BMP it's mostly agony they get and yet out of a sense of righteousness they are actually out there defending and kids doing the job that our leaders should be doing and being punished for it and we are being punished for it and I wanted to read just to show how were persecuted an email that councillor Parker got today to show the sort of thing that we have to endure with do you councillor Graham Parker you're not very dear at all I am an extreme software of Asperger's syndrome I there so I therefore suffer also from unending obsessiveness a lustful personality for pretty women as well as the self-indulgence in all my political beliefs and a low-latent inhibition once in a blue moon and check out the hope not take website and picking on you without loss of generality purely because of your abhorrent political party I want your political party out of existence you work for the British Nazi ordinal party and I will not hesitate to wish valance upon you and your own and currently indulging in satanic prayer I am a present praying for you to be petrol bombed you are a fascist Nazi stick counselor blame Parker are more dangerous than Anders Breivik you are off the scale please do pendel and britain a favor and burn in hell no I know Brad Parker I know brand Parker works endlessly for the people in his ward he's a good counter too good man and this is the sort of thing he gets I was a meeting at Manchester the other week and the conversation got round to talking about how people had suffered as a consequence of being in in the BMP there and the sorts of things people had suffered was amazing people lost their jobs one person lots of contact was in people he worked for doing Manchester and I found out it it was in the BMP lost his contract and Lords of other things the people in the BMP do good and we do do good because this whole German issue was come to the fore because of the work of the BMP and our Chairman so we are we are it is working we do do a good job but we get no thanks for it we first beauty for it but people do it just out of a sense of moral responsibility which to me fulfill my believe what restores my belief in human nature and that is why I said at the beginning I said I was honored to come and talk at this meeting I do feel on it because Anna feel on it because I'm asked to speak at a meeting of people that are truly respect so thank you very much Robin you

  1. tony—i love your mellow lancashire accent & the measured way you put the terrible truth about the future for our TINY island &. our people.Race & culture go hand in hand & we are all on the side of our own when the chips are down.Thats why the all powerful zionists are out to destoy us.bnp for survival!

  2. Even the most shallow of research projects into who dominates the world would quickly uncover the reality that Jews are massively over-represented at the top of western society.

  3. Destruction of this country?
    We are one of the worlds dominant global economies, we can afford to look after our own and the definition of poverty here is closer to luxury in some other nations.
    We have the 4th most powerful armed forces, a wonderful nation health service.

    You talk about Britishness, but you don't understand it. Our Empire was what forced diversity upon us, like we forced it upon those in the Empires.

    You are about as far away from modern Britishness as possible.

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