The Democratic Party’s Awful, Rotten, Terrible, No Good Month of July | Gina Shakespeare

The Democratic Party’s Awful, Rotten, Terrible,
No Good Month of July – let me explain. But, you know, what an awesome month it has
been for President Donald Trump. You want to talk about winning, let us explain. First, Trump was riding high in July, having
pulled off a historic visit to North Korea, which was quickly followed by the stunning
Fourth of July Parade in Washington DC. Which I know you all loved. Trump then adroitly navigated a way to accurately
count the number of illegal immigrants living inside the United States by using federal
records. Then a dumb attempt in the House of Representatives
to start impeachment proceedings against the President went down in flames. And now a big bipartisan budget deal has just
been announced. And it doesn’t end there. Trump’s poll numbers keep rising. 2020 is looking promising. And of course, the economy continues to boom
in America, very important to have a strong America for the rest of the world, and of
course he wastes no opportunity to brag about it, true American-style. So, as I like to say, this is not how the
script for 2019 was supposed to go according to the political elite class who thought they
were writing it. These elites fully expected a besieged Trump
to be well on his way out the door of the White House by this point. Instead, Trump appears to be growing stronger,
and not weaker. Despite what media reports are saying. In fact, is this the first positive story
you’ve heard on President Trump in a long while? That’s telling. This same month of July has been most unkind
to the President’s political opponents. Let us explain. The Democratic Party’s civil war has been
cancelled, but just until further notice. That’s right, the freshman Democrat House
Representatives, whom I have dubbed “The Mad Squad” appear to now be firmly in control
of the House. Maybe even in charge of the entire Democratic
Party. And its all thanks to President Donald Trump! A week and a half ago it looked like a full-blown
civil war was breaking out in the Democratic Party. Ocasio-Cortez felt comfortable enough in her
new-found power as a DNC darling to publicly hurl the accusation of “racism” at none
other than her own House speaker, Nancy Pelosi. Conservatives like myself had started popping
the popcorn, getting ready to watch months of vicious Democratic in-fighting… and then
a miracle happened. With just a couple of tweets from his Twitter
account and a few off-the-cuff statements to reporters, President Trump actually got
the entire Democratic party leadership to circle the wagons around “The Mad Squad”
and defend them. That was nothing short of amazing. And it also doesn’t end there. The first Democratic debates were a disaster,
and here’s why. After watching the two nights of the first
Democratic debates in late June, longtime Democratic top donor and billionaire Tom Steyer
suddenly announced on July 9 that he was jumping into the race himself, something that looked
like a sheer panic move in such an already crowded field. Given how badly the slate of 20+ candidates
came across during those debates, Steyer’s panic is certainly understandable. Steyer and many top donors watched all the
hundreds of millions they’d donated to put Hillary Clinton in the White House in 2016
go up in smoke. There is a lot riding on the outcome of the
2020 election, as you all know, and donors like Steyer simply can’t bear the thought
of watching hundreds of millions more of their dollars wasted in a fruitless attempt to unseat
Donald Trump. The most memorable moment from both nights
is an embarrassing one, you may remember it, where all the candidates on the stage raised
their hands when asked if their health insurance plans would pay for the coverage of illegal
immigrants. The fundraising numbers of both the DNC & RNC
for the month of June have been disclosed, and the RNC is way ahead with no debt at all,
while Democrats are lagging far behind and have millions of dollars to pay off to get
back into the black. The rank extremism that Democrat lawmakers
have engaged in over the past seven months since the new House was seated is taking its
toll. Donors aren’t opening their wallets this
time around, and it’s getting noticeable. Next up, let’s take a look into the failed
impeachment vote. Another huge black eye for the Democratic
Party was the absolute cratering of their initial attempt to put months of talk of impeaching
the President into action, when a resolution to impeach Trump was defeated by a large margin
in the Democrat-controlled House. The final vote was 332 to 95, with 137 Democrats
crossing the aisle to vote with 194 Republicans to defeat the resolution. Now, only 95 Democrats in the House voted
for impeachment to proceed, something that was a huge embarrassment to Rep. Al Green
of Texas, who introduced the resolution. And of course, Trump wasted no time celebrating,
and tweeted within minutes of the resolution’s defeat. Here’s what he said: “The United States House of Representatives
has just overwhelmingly voted to kill the Resolution on Impeachment, 332-95-1. This is perhaps the most ridiculous and time
consuming project I have ever had to work on. Impeachment of your President, who has led
the…. Greatest Economic BOOM in the history of our
Country, the best job numbers, biggest tax reduction, rebuilt military and much more,
is now OVER. This should never be allowed to happen to
another President of the United States again!” That’s what the President said. So now, it’s fair to say that it’ll probably
be a while before the members of Congress all gung-ho to try to impeach the President
try this again. Next up, the Southern District of New York
SDNY investigation of the Trump Organization ends with no charges. That’s right, after Robert Mueller ended his
Special Counsel investigation without making any charges against the President or his inner
circle for either collusion or obstruction, Democrats then began placing their fading
hopes in the ongoing investigation into the Trump Organization by the Southern District
of New York (SDNY). Now, those hopes were dashed when the SDNY
announced the end of its probe without filing any charges against either the President or
any members of his team. Now, the weirdest thing about the whole SDNY
case to me has always been the spectacle of former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen pleading
guilty to something that wasn’t even a crime. Famous celebrities have been paying women
making allegations against them to go away for decades and there’s nothing illegal
about it. Now, Trump was certainly doing this long before
he ever ran for President. Former FEC chairmen Hans Von Spakovsky and
Bradley Smith patiently explained this over a year ago to media reporters, many of whom
didn’t accept what they were being told. Thank goodness there were several leaks to
the media from anonymous sources that were supposedly “familiar with the matter”
that led to breathless stories about how SDNY prosecutors were closing in on the guilty
Trump crime family at last! Until suddenly… I’m sure I’m not the only one who has
noticed that the same pattern keeps being repeated: 1] A politically motivated investigation gets
started 2] Anonymous leaks keep the audience on the
edge of its seats as they are told investigators are closing in on Trump and his inner circle. Trump angrily tweeting about this “witch
hunt” is taken to be just more evidence he knows he’s guilty and that he’s doomed. 3] Suddenly, just before the end, the leakers
totally change their tune, and begin saying people should manage their expectations and
maybe even prepare for something anti-climatic. 4] The investigation ends, and somehow Trump
and his team escape yet again. How many times are stupid reporters going
to fall for this, I wonder? Next up, it’s Mueller Time at last! (Or is it not?) After the lame impeachment vote failed in
the House and SDNY laid an egg, all Democrats have to look forward to right now is former
Special Counsel Robert Mueller testifying to the House Committees today, that’s the
24th of July. Democrats are now in the position of having
to vainly hope that somehow Mueller drops some kind of bombshell in his testimony. Well let’s all remember that Mueller is
appearing as a hostile witness. He is only there—if he shows up—because
the committee subpoenaed him. He’s not dropping any “bombshell” if
he can help it. So, House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry
Nadler (D-N.Y.) is out giving interviews in which he’s waxing rhapsodic about all the
evidence Mueller’s report supposedly contains that proves Trump committed “many crimes.” My prediction is that this Mueller testimony,
if it indeed occurs, is going to be an even bigger letdown than that fiasco two years
ago when fired FBI Director James Comey was supposed to testify that he’d never told
Trump he wasn’t under investigation by the FBI even once, much less three times. Remember how that all turned out? So, once Mueller disappoints, as he invariably
will, Nadler and Adam Schiff will be back to pointing desperately at their empty clenched
fists while barking loudly about all the “evidence” they have proving Trump’s crimes and threatening
to start impeachment hearings. Somehow, and maybe it’s just me, I don’t
think Trump is all that worried at this point. Thank you very much for joining us on this
episode of Declassified. I do trust you’ve enjoyed it. Be sure to leave your thoughts below. What do you think it going to happen at the
testimony today, or if you’re watching a little later in the evening, please be sure to share
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and we’ll see you very soon.

  1. Gina is right, what a hell of a month we all went threw. Never forget our presidents accomplishments in July 2019 … many! What a great president…..Ever! At this point he really needs a crown! ❤️


  3. It amuses me to watch the msm propaganda fools try so hard to spin ANYTHING into this web of total lies.they have NOTHING on the most vetted person in the world, and they know it,but the dummie talking head news hacks,just keep on spreading the hate,and propaganda.its why i dont watch those channels any more,and never will sick to death of being misled,and lied to.

  4. Donald Trump, America's DJ is a shoo-in. And as for the Democrat Congress: Washington's worst: Sadler, Schiffty eyes, Farticus, Harass, Frankestein, Pilates, Watersboarding, Forewarren, Screwmore, "feel the Burn" Slanders, and the "Flawed Squad:" In 2020, all you baby-killing windbags will hear America singing Ray Charles song, snapping their fingers as they sing: "Hit the road…^Jack…^ and-don't'you^come-back^no-more^no-more^no-more^no'more, now^hit-the road…^Jack…^and-don't'you^come back^no more.^-^ What'you say…^" ad infinitum! ☺

  5. Only America's DJ could build bridges no one else could. Obama couldn't build an erector set! ☺ And all Clinton could do was the continued demolition of America.

  6. Sweetie, your orange makeup is AWFUL You are naturally beautiful. There is no need to compete with some of these lady podcasters with such heavy makeup that they look like transvestites covering up a 3 day old beard.


  7. Spot on with your prediction of how things went. Quite impressive. Epoch Times is now one of my go to new sources.

  8. Campaign Dems should put out their personal medical care coverage to the illegal aliens. And that's what they are illegal aliens who do not belong in the United States of America.

  9. You can say it about Trump, he gathers around him simpler people so he can truly shine. 🙂

  10. Bob Mueller “ Wednesday is applesauce day! Where is my applesauce? Call the nurse. I want my applesauce.

  11. Sorry , but" alien occasional cortex" is no one's darling ..not now not ever !! She may have learned how to pour a draft ..but she has not learned anything since then …the only reason these morons are in the public eye as a distraction !!
    Distraction from rising food prices , from global COOLING , DISTRUCTION of crops world wide. And a promise of even more to come with this GSM..that the EARTH is

  12. Gina you rock, and the news you bring is always wonderful and true.
    Thank you for no propaganda, just honest news.

  13. So now Dem's will have to run on policies in the 2020 election? they will promise to hand out candy, and blow jobs? I want to keep my money and NOT pay health care for everyone on planet earth. I'll buy my own candy, and blow jobs. Hope the Black American Patriots get a clue, that the Dems who they vote for are replacing them with illegals, they work for next to nothing, and they don't complain.

  14. Yes good month, except…. kim jun un fired a missile some 400 miles into sea of japan and markets are entering a correction phase. #MAGA #KAG

  15. Good video BUT ITS "DEMOCRAT", NOT "Democratic" (there is no "ic" on the end)….there is nothing "democratic" about Democrats!!

  16. Gina, I absolutely love the way you report good news with a beautiful smile. Its refreshing but sad that you seem to love America more than any American democrat

  17. The insidious Democrats continue to seek and get the bribes from the FEP (Financially Elite Psychopaths), who have allocated huge money resources to replace USA patriots with no skill non English speaking desperate migrants – who have always voted for the party that promises them all our tax dollars in the form of Welfare and Medical moneys…..

    This is Treason by the Democrats !!!!!!

    Democrat Politicians in collusion with the FEP are attempting to use climate change carbon taxes to push their insidious New Green Deal which hides Agenda 21 enslavement ! This would enable Democrats to route TRILLIONS of tax payer dollars to their own greedy interests.

    Paris France is still rioting because their insidious government is also overtaxing by using fake climate change scare tactics to take in Trillions from the common tax payers !!!

    It is clear now why Democrats are forcing our borders open with a Treasonous Migration Policy signed by Democrat Obama.

    The US citizen voters in every US State can clearly see that Democrats are bribed by the Financially Elite Greedy Psychopaths. Remove all Democrat Politicians in 2020.

    It was the Democrats who lured these huge migrants invasions to our borders by promising Sanctuary Cities and criminal migrants by promising to tie the hands of ICE agents. And Based on these Democrat Promises….Mothers dragged their children thousands of miles and more than 5 children died in those caravans !!!!

    But what most do not know is that child trafficking is now at an all time high at our borders along with drug smuggling because these anti-human Democrat promises to these invaders.

    Because the Democrats will not allow any funds so our border patrol is fetching diapers and clothes for this massive invasion !!!!

    These are the last days of freedom as Trump and Republican Patriots attempt to prevent the Army of Islam from doing to the USA – what Islam is doing to Europe, Australia, Philippines, Sri Lanka.

    While the Democrats send billions of our tax dollars to Iran and rewrite immigration policy and force our border open while flying, shipping, and busing in all dangerous foreigners who have a goal to invade and Caliphate the USA and Europe while burning all our Constitutions to be replaced with the enslaving Sharia Law !!!!

    And these invading foreigners will always vote Democrat as we see in Minnesota, Michigan, and California. And the Democrats orchestrated all the migrant invasions, as they stay in power by tearing down our borders and using your tax dollars to pay for the expensive Welfare of the invaders that they are using to replace you and Christianity with Islam !!

    HOW TO DESTROY AND ENSLAVE A NATION, without dropping any bombs, Nuclear Missiles, nor firing a single gun shot. Democrat and EU Politicians have figured out a way.

    1 It was the Democrats who voted for slavery in the USA, in order to preserve the economic gains and cash flow relating to slavery for the Government at the time.

    2 It was the Democrat Congressional Administration that voted to remove the Gold Standard, and then ransack Fort Knox stealing all the Gold Belonging to the US Tax Payers.

    3 It was the Democrats who voted Secretly in the Night (while the Republicans Congressmen were with their Families on Christmas) to allow the Federal Reserve (Rothschild owned Banksters) to take control of the USA Economy by controlling the interest rates, loans, and the printing of dollars out of thin air….to be loaned to the USA Gov at High Interest for you to pay with high taxes, The Federal Reserve is NOT Federal Anything. IT IS MADE UP OF GREEDY EUROPEAN BANKSTERS !

    4 It was Democrats (Obama and Hillary) who ordered our US troops to Stand Down – allowing Muslims to murder our US Ambassador Christopher Stevens, and his guards in the US Embassy in Benghazi – who fought for their own lives for 8 hours while Obama and Hillary slept between high thread-count sheets that night)

    5 And it was the Democrat Politicians in the Obama Administration and Obama himself who rewrote US immigration policy to allow Dangerous unskilled Muslims and Mexicans to mass and invade our borders – resulting in many deaths of innocent USA civilians (NY Trade Towers, Pulse Night Club and many other attacks….many knifed, run down by a car, or shot like Justine Ruszczyk) And a Caliphate of three US States (Michigan and Minnesota, and California now owned by Mexicans and Muslims who have no "Separation of Church and State" – ALL DEMOCRAT VOTERS).

    6 In addition to the coup of the above States in 5, Democrats have been caught in another COUP attempt of the White House, by falsifying a Russian Collusion Dossier, and threatening the FBI to spy and support the coup….otherwise, they will be fired after the coup. in a blatant attempt at a coup and to impeach a US President. And those Democrat Politicians involved know that they are going to be investigated for possible Treason – So all Democrats are now attempting to start Impeachment proceedings in order to remove the threat and embarrassment of an investigation which will indict Democrats for Treason !!!

    7 Democrats are Mobsters bribed the FEP (Financially Elite Psychopaths) who have always bribed criminals who voted to arm their own Democrat Gov buildings with AR 15's while voting to disarm our children's schools – which communicates to all psychos that Gov Buildings are well protected, but our children's schools are easy access, target rich killing fields for any psycho sick fantasy. The law that these Treasonous Democrat Politicians dreamed up for this is called THE GUN FREE SCHOOL ZONES ACT, and it has nothing to do with sugar free.

    But it did kill more than 50 innocent school children and teachers – And the Democrats responded by continuing to force our own children to be sitting ducks while Democrats are protected in their Gov Buildings with AR 15's. While writing hundreds of gun bans targeting the AR 15's of good citizens. even though AR 15's are used in less crimes that any other gun type.

    8) Democrats voted to disarm ALL USA CITIZENS.

    Democrat politicians want to retire in a nice big peaceful home, without the Mexican Sinaloa Drug Cartel or a MS13 or another Mexican Drug Cartel killer coming to hunt down patriot democrats.

    So these Democrat Politicians have decided to not become patriots, and rather, they are securing their own lucrative retirement by buying Mexican votes which as you can see, has secured a Democrat control (a coup) of California, and soon the Texas, Arizona and NY Gov's by forcing our Mexican borders open which insures that Democrats will get the Mexican vote and remain in office until a lucrative retirement occurs, with lots of bribe money from corrupt corporations and drug cartels along the way – and corrupt corporations which benefited by cheap Mexican labor !

    The Democrats have dropped the common people voter agenda, and have taken up the FEP Agenda This is why Democrats will continue to fight any Border immigration policy change and any wall or troops on our border.

    California will never see another non-Mexican Mayor of Los Angeles. because the Mexican and Democrat coup in California was a success. The Mexicans now control the California Gov.

    And they have taken over the Construction Businesses throughout California by hiring cheap illegal Mexican labor, which often does NOT pay any taxes !!!!

    These Democrats who work for, and are bribed by the FEP have been exposed by our Patriot President Trump who has great experience with Banksters.

    In 2020 please vote for Republican Politicians – preferably with a military background, enabling them to protect our school children and our country from this Democrat Politician tyrannical agenda and the use of illegal invaders from Mexico and the middle east to coup our United States.

    Although Trump has delayed the goal of all the treasonous Democrats who want to burn our US Constitution by forcing our borders open to dangerous Islam and Mexicans. The Democrats have announced their tyrannical goal to disarm the good citizens of the USA – and to Impeach our Elected US President – which will lead to high taxes and enslavement.

  18. Gina you and Epoch Times crew were right again. The Mueller testimony was epic fiasko for Dems. Totally embarrasing that the sc doesn't Even remember his own report🤣. Theh just might say it is a Weissman report as Joe Digenova has been saying for a months.

  19. The Demonrats never expected hillary to lose… hahahaha… Russia Russia Russia failed… next will come American Justice… NOBODY can stop what is coming…
    According to my inside sources… Military Tribunals will be used to prosecute and then execute those guilty of treasonous actions and crimes against America…
    Many will be shocked 😳 and surprised 😳 but the country will heal.

  20. ……. this year, we need to have ANOTHER investigation into the Trump family……..
    ……. in 2020, we need to have ANOTHER investigation into the Trump family……
    ……. in 2021, we need to have ANOTHER investigation into the Trump family……

  21. Democrats…. save your money and #WalkAway to Trump 2020….. this is for your own good and for this great country…. Keep America Great……..

  22. Fantastic recap of wasteful myopic and biased Dem led investigations if POTUS Trump. Who on earth allowed the likes of Nadler and Schiff to chair key committees? Hahahaha — give them a raise for their complicity in advancing the worst corruption in US history: the illicit scam and illegalities to unseat President Trump. In with Gina: Let's start cooking popcorn in anticipation of what comes next! 🎯

  23. HEY! The Republicans have had a solid spate of shitty months and it hasn't hurt them a single bit! As a Democrat, I'm not worried! LOL

  24. 5:25 If democrat voters are smart next election they need to vote out those 95 democrat leaders for spending Time and their voters Money on Scamming Ideas.

  25. This video was made before the Mueller testimony in Congress & she predicted it would fail. Well, that was an understatement! It was a total disaster!! So July remains a very, very good month for Trump 👍😃❤️

  26. I like her accent and everything about her. Truly a beautiful woman. But, her reporting style and content are Excellent at the same time.

  27. As a non tv viewer, I find EPOCH TIMES a beautiful alternative to the same old brain dead propaganda ( aka fake news ) that has dominated for all to long. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸20

  28. Gina, I remember when you guys had just over 1000 subscribers. Look at you now, here's hoping you guys hit a couple million, your team has certainly put in the work. I love this channel.

  29. As bad as the dems are Trump hits several out of the park. So as low as dems go Trump rises to every occasion. WWG1WGA.. cA

  30. Tom Steyer's ratings are abysmal. He's wasting his money.
    He's just not likeable.
    In fact, he's a nasty, Trump hating psychopath.
    I just have a feeling that. Steyer is going to be humiliated beyond belief. Maybe he'll even be exposed as a criminal during his campaign.
    It would be better if you enjoy life, Tom. Go travelling. Get drunk. Have fun. Your days are numbered.
    Don't waste your last days of freedom flushing your money down the toilet, trying to win an unwinnable nomination.

  31. Are we done after Trump? Who will have the guts to stand up to the globalists? Perhaps if the European countries can keep the desire-for-sovereignty trend going we'll have some allies, but with the media, schools, and internet demanding the global UN government, I don't see a way out.

  32. I admire the DemocRATS tenacity, But am totally in awe of their stupidity. It is one of these things where you ask, " Do they have to get struck by lightning before they will let this Russia thing go." They have SO played into the Russians meddling thing that they are sending Russia an ENGRAVED INVITE TO DO IT AGAIN. They could easily be put into the song, Where Have All the Flowers gone," by substituing the subject of the song with Democrats. The key phrase in the song is
    'When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn.

  33. Failed Coup D Etat by demonrats but they will never stop. They will find another way to resume their Coup D Etat. They should be charge of Treason.

  34. Anti White racism is mainstream left policy. How can 90% of normal White people vote Democrat after all this anti White racism is beyond me. It's called basic human dignity. They hate you, you don't vote for them.

  35. Thank GOD for President Trump he is a wolverine. Demonrats getting ripped apart. Enjoy the show!! Just blows my mind how anyone can vote DEMONRAT!!! WWG1WGALL

  36. Thanks Again Gina. Your Smart And Beautiful . all mainstream media even Fox all spin the truth .not you you tell the truth that's the way it should be . Mark loves Gina


  38. Hopefully the electorate will look past the evil Globalists, Dems, Deep State, etc., and see President Trump's amazingly great accomplishments.

  39. And, once again, the clowns and Deep State start their predictable red flag mass shooting events to create ‘talking points’ on gun control, Trumps fault. It’s a cynical effort to bring down Trumps numbers … they are sick. If they think we will take this lying down, they are WRONG. We give law and justice a chance, then we fight like the Dems. They know the Declassification will destroy them and they are panicking.

  40. Is there a protection clause against charging a person of a crime while running for president? If so it would explain all the swamp rats that are running now.

  41. Obama's WH Legalized Lying to America MOAB: Please Share with EVRYONE

  42. GOD BLESS AMERICA GOD BLESS DJT and his family God bless the Patriots past present and future MAGA KAG WWG1WGA Trump 2Q2Q wall is getting built

  43. They want to fund full medical care for illegal aliens while insisting that white folks go back to the countries they "came" from. Good luck with that, Dems.

  44. Democrats are the enemy of Americans they want to replace the voting citizens with non identifiable ones which would be the end of the electoral process.

  45. What a beautiful articulate conservative woman! Love the accent and the common sense view of news!! Thank you!!

  46. Ms Gina your smile is infectious , I can't help but smile and feel my heart glow with excitement whenever I hear your voice and see your beauty . Your reporting is key on all the time . I am so pleased you're on Epoch New , we Patriots will make Epoch News the most important news ever. You will knock out most MSM agencies in the near future. Love all you do to bring the truth of all Patriots . <3 <3 <3

  47. Hi Epoch Times.  Trust me if I had been in charge spygate would have been a Sunday picnic for Trump. I would have already have him and his kids in prison for life.  This President has done something a first a conservative republican who voted straight republican for all other candidates will never get my vote.  Yes, we exist  and yes your tilted view of news is pathetic. Just to make it fair we can throw Bill and Hilary in there too.  They are ALL corrupt. Corrupt politicians, corrupt businessman, corrupt family.   I laugh.  So the picture that the Russians took of the President yukking it up with Communists in the Oval Office was fake.  Of course, the kids had a fake meeting with communists.  And yes, President Trump doesn't want to offend the still head of KGB!  The republican party sadly is red because it is run by Russia!

  48. AOC hate marriage, she needed her granny loving lesbian friend but however AOC says if The USA don't let her Indian crook who their $900,000 dollars go back to India quick as no charges or JAIL needed, it was only one minor million dollar, the jobless sustainabliltry with good fake wages eil do the deal

  49. Trump is the sand that polishes steel, he is the torque in an engine and the wisdom of liberty and freedom. God Bless America and God Bless Mr. Trump and his family.

  50. Good News looks like finally something will happen SO Good we having the best strong PRESIDENT DONAld TRUMP. Thank you Gina have a goodnight 💖💖💖💖

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