The Debrief: Immigration detention facilities, Iran tensions, Oregon climate change standoff

  1. If the Black Community Really gave a damn about innocent Black Life Then why are So many Black Women Murdering Their Children With Abortion’s ?

  2. These children are in the shape they are in , Because of the Democrat Party ! The same thing was going on For the 8 Years Obama was President ! But the Mainstream Media turned a blind eye to the children suffering !

  3. I guess dressing Like a dancing whore can win you the life time achievement Award ! Have some PRIDE WOMAN if you had Any Real Talent You wouldn’t have to Dress like a Whore in HEAT To Draw Attention To Yourself ! Look At Marilyn McCoo She Didn’t Have To Dress like Tramp To Get Attention ! Her Voice Could melt an Ice Berg ! Had Marilyn McCoo been On The Titanic Her Voice would have melted the Ice Berg Before The Titanic got To it ! Put on some close ! Act like you weren’t raised by strippers !

  4. Poor immigrant children i wish i could help them its not their fault they are innocent babies so sad to keep hearing this

  5. Where were these "Experts" when OBAMA was Concentration Camp President? Probably torturing American Children….

  6. We support #oregon11 hb2020 will kill Oregon. No militia threatened anyone. Media is the machine of the liberal leftist

  7. Listen ….MEXICO, YOU ARE WELCOME HERE IN THE USA. ……"BUT" why are so many coming here in the way they are coming? I do not understand.

  8. Just send them home to their own country, we can NOT take care of
    the people of South America, let them make their own countries beautiful..
    We are now overpopulated and have no more room.. Just take a look
    at Los Angeles, it looks like Mexico, and has trash every where..

  9. Stop coming illegally, we need to take care of our homeless issues first, homeless Americans. If u come illegally u put ur child in this situation. It's no one's fault but ur own. We can barely take of the people here. Stop with the bs.

  10. This Poor Innocent Children are Suffering !!… Not Detention center… This are Concentration Camps !!! Shame in Congress, Ice, trump, Gop, Total Disgrace in America !!!!

  11. America also needs to rid itself of Islam ! The Quran teaches that it’s OK To Kill , Rape , Rob , And Lie To Anyone That’s Not A Muslim ! Muslims god is Satan they bow down to Satan multiple times A day swearing to serve him ! All Muslimsaim is to take over America and make it an Islamic Country ! America is and will always be A Christian Nation ! Deport all Of These Satan Loving Muslims Now ! Muslims are Americans Worst Enemies !

  12. The Only Climate Change That There is ! Is Caused By Government with a Machine Called , Haarp a machine that’s been used over and over along with Military Aircraft dropping aluminum Oxide in the atmosphere that is why the fires in California were so hard to Fight ! Aluminum Burns super hot and super fast ! You can Thank The Democrat Party For all the Deaths That Haarp And cloud seeding has damaged the Country to convince Peoples that Climate Change is real it is And The Government under Clinton , Bush , And Obama , have Been the cause of it ! Remember The Hate The Democrat Party Has For A Capitalistic Republic Country America is ! I hope to see a Revolution Soon so Real Americans Can wipe these Racist Socialist Leftist Democrat Party Off the Map !

  13. Look at this madness… A list ditch effort to prevent Africans from going extinct within but a few years. We don't want them… they don't want us either… MAYBE one of these lesbians can grasp the implications?…

  14. 🇺🇸 Way to Go America! They are downplaying how much trouble you all are in. Now you have : Isrial pissed off & Mexico pissed off. Well done dehumanizing children of mexico & also your own.

  15. Can they show proof I don’t wanna hear words I need to see ACTION VIDEO PROOF this kids are being treated at least as humans people of the world

  16. I mean just send them back to Mexico then they will suffer less there it’s sad that the president & congress letting this continue happen, seems like the central prison, I thought this was the land for the free land of FREEDOM!! Those who say they shouldn’t be here should get their facts checks remember who was in Texas first

  17. Garfield Todd, you should go kill yourself and don't worry, you will go STRAIGHT TO HELL)!!!!!😄😄😄😄👧 YOU FUCKEN NO GOOD HUMAN BEING. UNLESS YOU'RE NATIVE AMERICAN, YOUR ANCESTORS CAME HERE 4 A BETTER LIFE.👍👍👍👍👍👍KEEP DOING THE 👺👹😈 WORK.

  18. Still no proof the Iranians did anything but after 2 warnings shot down a spy drone in Iranian air space

  19. Shout out to the solider at the end tho. He is the reason we need to bomb Iran and Pakistan to smithereens. He is the reason all you fucking panzzies even have a safe country. Without the war and the wall we so depeperatly need, those people who blew him and his team could be at your door step. We all want to pretend like the war is over. The war is not over till the Death of Islam. We need to remember our warriors and what they sacrifice. We need to remember we have a debt to them before anybody else execpt god of course. We need to continue to always fight the good fight. We need to always show are respect by never forgetting. We have to finish this war. We must conquer the middle east so we can grow n heal as a country.

  20. Where's our outrage over the children of immigrants taken from their families and being held in cages like animals sleeping on concrete floors with aluminum foil for a blanket and not having any soap or toothpaste!
    This is absolutely unacceptable these are innocent children people, where's our compassion for these kids & babies! I don't care what side of the fence you're on everyone should be ashamed of what we're allowing to happen right here in our own Country! We would condemn other countries for the mistreatment of innocent children of immigrants caught in the middle because their parents only crime was wanting a better life for their children!
    Treating these poor children & babies in cages like animals is a HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION! Come on America everyone needs to tell their Senators & Congressmen this is NOT OK! FIGHT FOR THE CHILDREN!!!
    "Children as young as 7 and 8, many of them wearing clothes caked with snot and tears and they're caring for infants they’ve just met because the adults as in guards won't, lawyers said. Toddlers without diapers are relieving themselves in their pants. Teenage mothers are wearing clothes stained with breast milk."

  21. If you want a better life for your children DON’T ILLEGALLY CROSS THE BORDER. I feel bad for the kids because they’re obviously too young, but it is 100% the parents choice and fault. Stop blaming immigration policies for bad parenting.

  22. Are immigrants being treated ok in these detention facilities? What kind of treatment should a US detention facility give to illegal immigrants?

  23. Yes these are awful conditions! But with that said where would you like us to put all of these people? My brother lives in a border city that have 1000 people a day crossing the border. Perhaps if the congress had Ok’ed the funds there would better conditions. And I might add that this seems to be an opinion piece to me…I mean really who drags a baby that needs to have sterilized bottles across the desert 🌵 Seems unrealistic and if not it seems like negligence by the parents to me.

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