The dark secret behind sexist advertisements. | Natalia Ortiz Hazarian | TEDxYSMU

  1. I'm a mom and I damn well want to serve my family! I like products that help my family. Those speeches 🙄

  2. Why r people so afraid of muslims…most Muslims are God fearing and genuinely kind. Yes, there are zealots in all religions. No more, no less than any other religion. Only genuine responses please?

  3. And these same people can't take it when they see Muslim women in modest attire. They keep calling them oppressed and backward. Well, if this is what you call being modern and civilised, then you keep your modernity and civilisation to yourself. Nowhere is woman more honoured than In Islam.

  4. I don't suppose she's referring to the advertising that makes fathers look like incompetent idiots or the ones that paint all men as violent sexist predators, is she?

  5. Bitches have been creating all there own misery as long as I am old. Thank feminism & feminists for that. Destruction all by Jewish design

  6. She missed the obvious, a child’s head is disproportionately large to their body. Indeed the photo shopped photo makes this grown woman look 11 years old. Why do this?

  7. Beauty is power and women seek to be beautiful and maintain that beauty to retain that power. Ads that appeal to men are no better. You are only manipulated as much as you let yourself be. What about ads that tell a man he is worthless unless he can win a beautiful woman? All feminists see is the woman being "exploited," even though the female model usually makes more than the man.

  8. Marvelous Mrs. Mazel is a show that makes me feel less than as a woman and wife. Because it shows a perfect (inside and outside) woman that does everything perfectly. The only “mistakes” she does is in her hobby- stand up comedy.

  9. My sister used to be an ad model. Sometimes I had to go through a magazine more than once to find her because she was so photoshopped that I couldn't recognize her at first glance. It was heartbreaking to me because I always considered her to be so beautiful.

  10. Do men get all that fuss about objectification? Perhaps they've grown a pair. Of course it can be seen as misogyny as everything that doesn't fit in this victimhood card women like to play so often. Women are empowered to do those adds, they are as much responsible as everyone else, and that's thing women don't like, responsibility towards their own actions, it's way better to blame all world instead

  11. Objectification of women was born in the Bible, in religion. Until you rid the world of the ridiculous belief the we are made out of mans rib to please him, it’s never going to change.

  12. And what makes this sexistist just Because a Woman has a problem a man do not have it doesn’t mean its sexist

  13. Do we need a whole talk to realize that men are the decision makers? The majority of companies, board rooms and presidential cabinets are filled with and run by men. More women in decision making positions equals more representation of real women and women's issues.

  14. im not pro sjw, but as a woman i agree with this talk. many men are visual and they get influenced by non stop bs from advertisement and videoclips. Many men areny that smart to divide fantasy from reality. as a woman i constantly see this bs and i cant see commercials. learned to ignore the bs. sometimes i get angry but i try to ignore it. especially now i know most of the 'women' are trannys i dont feel bad about myself

  15. about the advert about mother day. Watching this first time I did not look carefully at my screen and could not see clearly what mother and doughter are doing. Hearing the slogan however I though that surly picture cant show them cleaning, and here i am, they acctually cleaning. I suspect that advert was created by women, what is even more sad.

  16. While there's always very real bad things happening in the world, this video is one large hasty generalization full of anecdotal examples. Can lead to women having victim mentalities and feeling men in general are oppressors (harmful to male/female relationships). No genuine researchers take things like the pay gap seriously (lifestyle choices explain the pay gap down to just 3%). You are not a victim. You are the powerful creator of your own reality.

  17. more victim talk… I don't really see anything wrong with the beer add. how is it harmfull for women? its a add FOR man, man like to look at women, so it succeeds in capturing male attention, therefore it works as an add. stop being a sensitive snowflake. adds arent harmfull to women, what is harmfull is the lack of education kids get nowadays and the social networks.

  18. After a few decades only Women will be necessary for reproduction.
    By this way, only girls will be necessary to be born.
    This will be the heaven of women and the end of their problems.

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