The Daily Moth 10-23-19

Yesterday a top U.S. diplomat
in Ukraine, Bill Taylor, told Democratic House
investigators that he was told by other officials that
President Trump withheld U.S. military aid to Ukraine
until they could make a promise to investigate an energy
company that Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, was on. The company’s name is Burisma. Taylor’s testimony was
a part of the House-led impeachment inquiry. Taylor has worked under
multiple U.S. presidents. He also expressed concern
at how Trump was using his personal attorney,
Rudy Giuliani, to communicate with Ukrainian
officials behind the scenes. The military aid for Ukraine was
already approved by Congress. It is illegal for the president
to ask for foreign help to benefit a U.S. election. This would mean
a “quid pro quo,” which is a Latin phrase that
means to get a favor or a benefit in return for
something that is given. President Trump has maintained
that he was doing the right thing by asking Ukraine to
investigate Burisma and denied that he used U.S.
military aid as a quid pro quo. Trump also said the impeachment
inquiry is just an attempt to prevent him from
winning again in 2020. In Birmingham, Alabama,
Kamille “Cupcake” McKinney, the three-year-old girl
who had been missing since October 12,
was dead, and her remains were
in a dumpster at a landfill. McKinney disappeared
during a birthday party on October 12th. She was last seen in a video
footage of her being outside of an apartment
with another toddler. There are two suspects,
Patrick Stallworth, 39, and his girlfriend
Derick Brown, 29. The day after
McKinney disappeared, the police arrested Stallworth
and Brown as part of the search and impounded
Stallworth’s Toyota SUV. He was identified in
another surveillance video that was near the time of
McKinney’s disappearance. Also, the children in
the neighborhood identified Stallwood’s SUV and mentioned
that he was handing out candy to them. Stallworth has history of being
charged for child pornography. Brown was involved with
a kidnapping case before. However, the police mentioned
that there is no link between McKinney and the two
and did not understand why these two decided
to kidnap McKinney. There are murder warrants
against Stallworth and Brown. Birmingham police mentioned that
this kind of situation happens in a split second. It is important that
we keep diligence to protect our children. In Edgewater,
Florida, the police did a welfare
check on three minors this recent Sunday
and discovered that these three were living
in a very filthy home with 245 animals that
included dogs, cats, small animals like
sugar gliders, rats, and even reptiles. These three minors
are little girls at the age of 10, 9, and 7. The authorities removed these
three girls from the home and placed them with
another family member. Based on the charging affidavit
(a written statement), Gregg Nelson,
57, the father, he was the one
who called the police to do a welfare check. He wanted to end
his relationship with his wife Susan Nelson, 43 and his live-in girlfriend
Melissa Hamilton, 49 and take his daughters. The affidavit also says that
Susan told the officer that she was in process
of cleaning the home and re-homing
all of the animals. Some of the animals were caged
and sat in their own urine and feces. Some were without food or water. Some animals had
mange (skin disease). And some animals
were found dead because of lack of
care and nutrition. Officer Anthony Binz mentioned
that before entering the home, he could smell a strong sense
of ammonia and when he entered the house, it was one of
the worst things he has seen. Gregg, Susan, and Melissa face
three counts of child abuse and 66 counts of animal cruelty. Captioned by


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