The Case For Anarchist Communism

to quote the late great Peter Kropotkin and this works the conquest of bread every society which has abolished private property will be forced we maintain to organize itself on the lines of Communists again turkeys Anarchy leads to communism and communism to anarchy both alike being the expressions of the predominant tendencies in modern societies the pursuit of equality personally I identify as an anarchist communist otherwise known as anarcho-communism some people think that we live in a world where we can live without one or the other and I think that is foolish in my opinion both anarchism and communism need to be in place in order for a healthy society to prosper and today we're going to explore that concept let's start with communism the scary one that most people dig up Joseph McCarthy's great for when they hear the word if a person consistently reads and advocates the views expressed in a communist publication he may be a communist if a person supports organizations which reflect communist teachings or organizations labeled communist by the Department of Justice she may be a communist at its core communism is the working class uniting together against capitalism and then organizing itself afterward to see some into production and that's basically it though the reason why the working class would overthrow capitalism is because the capitalist class has been stealing the fruits of the workers labor with each surplus the worker would completely be in charge of their own value and their work by removing the capitalists you might be thinking though why should I care what a bunch of commies have to say about their bosses they should who work well you have to understand that the communist regimes in the past have only come into fruition because workers have been exploited by capitalist and monarch one such example is when the United States aided the Baal Shem Tov Batista regime in Cuba you have to understand that petit stuff was an authoritarian dictator that allowed the United States to do business there by the late 1950s US financial interests own 90 percent of Cuban mines 80 percent of its public utilities 50 percent of the railways 40 percent of the sugar production and 25 percent of his bank deposits which is 1 billion dollars in total as payment Batista accepted weapons from the United States forbid military such as planes ships tanks and napalm as many as 20,000 civilians were killed as a result of his rule of course how could you blame Castro and his working class people for organizing and overthrowing the potatoe regime now there are images of Joseph Stalin that come into people's minds and that's partially due to the anti-communist propaganda that had been created but some of it is valid Joseph Stalin was an authoritarian that imprisoned people who disagreed with him Marxist Leninist will say that he imprisoned landowners from the previous regime which is a good thing because they were capitalists but he also imprisoned anarchists and communists which is a bad thing because they were not capitalist the thing you have to understand is that these types of communist or authoritarian communist and part of their philosophy is that you need to organize a working class into a dictatorship of the proletariat usually by wealth they have stolen from capitalists and imperialists to exploit the people which will supposedly wither away into a classless society the problem is that it never does evolve into a classless society it ends up getting more powerful into large plutocracies these authoritarian governments take so long creating resistances amongst their people so they breed revisionist that end up undermining their system is a government that can be corrupted that's the point which leads into my next point which is why we need anarchism anarchism is inherently anti-authoritarian in nature if the USSR was an anarchist communist Society there would be no Stalin no Trotsky no censorship and no gulag anarchism favors direct action and direct democracy so the governing process would be completely leaderless and without dogma that's why if we are to have communism which I advocate as long as if it's an authoritarian it must operate completely decentralized each worker would be for their own and autonomy would be very important Peter Kropotkin also believes that each worker should have their basic means of survival such as food clothes shelter etc and in today's society we have the technology science and knowledge to feed everyone according to Murray Bookchin and doing so should be completely automated with maintenance being to a minimal Kropotkin Road we see that the worker compelled to struggle painfully for bare existence is reduced to ignorance of these higher delights the highest within man's reach of science and especially the scientific discovery of art and especially of artistic creation it is in order to obtain these joists for all which are now reserved through a few in order to give leisure and the possibility of developing intellectual capabilities that the social revolution must guarantee bread to all after bread has been secured leisure is the supreme aim what Kropotkin is saying is that the working class people could focus on creative works if they are free from exploitive works humans can focus on creating and innovating if we focus on making technology more now that who knows how much more leisure the people can have and don't think that it's not possible here's a quote from Murray Bookchin there is no reason why the basic technological principles involved in cyber dating the manufacture of automobile engines cannot be applied to virtually every area mass manufacturer to the metallurgical industry to the food processing industry from the electronic industry to the between making industry from the manufacture of prefabricated bridges from the manufacture of prefabricated houses essentially when capitalism spends its money on senseless Wars or making the city unlivable for the homeless and throwing out food out of grocery stores it could be housing more people and feeding those homeless people or hell we should be dismantling capitalism altogether as Peter Kropotkin would say all is for all the capitalists have been brainwashing us into fighting each other rather we need to be fighting the capitalist instead that is why I advocate for anarchist communism hey everyone thank you all for watching my video on anarchist communism there's a lot of fun making it before I go I want to recommend a bunch of books for you all to read if you want to learn more about anarchist communism for further reading first is the conquest of bread by Peter Kropotkin I feel it is the most fundamental and basic book for you to read it is probably the first one you want to go to it is the most important book you want to go to the second one be ultra folk Peter Kropotkin would be neutral laid a factor in evolution this is much more scientific has to do with evolution and actually debunk social Darwinism I actually cover both of these books in my Peter Kropotkin the video so that one's very helpful next would be post gets to be an arc ISM by Murray Bookchin that's another good one I'm currently reading this one I had not fully read this one but it's called ecology of freedom the emergence and disillusion hierarchy the next one would be if you want to get into more the historical aspects of anarchism would be a struggle against the state and their essays by a nasty remark no she actually was planning to overthrow the Trotskyist government when they were oppressing the anarchist collective and Ukraine plenty of resources for you to go to you take care of folks and I hope you have a great rest of your day peace

  1. Thank you for all the book suggestions at the end. Been researching this for a bit. Having almost an entire shift in my views.

  2. Fantastic vid! I'm glad you posted it in your Discord; I didn't realize I hadn't clicked the notification bell for your channel yet! (I made sure to rectify that error.) I really appreciate the reading suggestions and links you provided in the description too.

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