1. Vishal sir please make sure video of Big picture minimum 27-28 min not less than it…We love to hear from expert more…Thankx

  2. The best possible move will be to embargo any new politician from entering politics no matter to which party he/she belongs as currently no political party is going to scrutinize its Mla or Mps for any case. Also Supreme Court has pass the ball in courts of EC and central government and it is not going to do anything against these perpetrators in years to come… Only way is to be way strict on any new entrants.. A text will come when there will be no perpetrators…..

  3. I think the supreme court puts ball in the hand of legislature because if parliament would make a law regarding this then there must be a debate on this which would lead to a final conclusion. Supreme court is well aware with the fact that all those politician with heinous criminal record would alway try to make a diluted law regarding this.still sc leave it on legislature because they know if robber would become a king he cant continue Robbery anymore.

  4. A scrutinising body like enforcement directorate need to be made for criminal charges on politicians . This body could only be controlled by SC Nd president so that it can detain Politicians even if they are in office. Political parties would not contest such people in election if they are afraid of losing candidature seat in assembly.

  5. I have a question that what type of law parliament should make in such a case::
    I agree that they must be debarred from having elections until final decisions came….but what if an opposite party leader files a fake case just before elections on other and because of which he is out of elections. So this whole thing creates a question in my mind about what type of law should be there.
    I can only see a solution in faster solving of such cases.
    Does someone have any solution to my confusion?

  6. Much better of the entire above, I would suggest the people of our country to put grievance to the supreme Court regarding reforms.
    1 limitation on nomination for a particular candidate. As they win or lose their knowledge about the political system and administration becomes strong, that results in criminal action.
    2 India being a democratic country, would be in a great loss due to such activities. Therefore an awareness is required in the people in general to understand the actual meaning of democracy rather taking up their own decades developed sense. They should avoid castism, racism, communalism while putting their perspective on a candidate to protect the dignity and integrity and to enhance the pious transparency and accountability of political generation.

  7. Rightly pointed out that is not single institution reform rather multiple institution should come up to solve these problem. Also the on us should be on citizens too to keep track of the political image of the candidate for casting of their valuable vote.
    The Supreme court verdicts are always welcomed but the political parties should come up with more responsibility.

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