1. Donald trump but it's the future now and Donald won like I thought so to late m8 and make sure to not h8.

  2. I have a small loan of nothing my father told me your trash so I stole his million dollars and I got a small. loan of a million dollar

  3. Speaking off donald trump… the good part about world war 3 killing everyone is that we won't have to watch this normie giving cancer

  4. I would ask you why why you said not to remember to forget to not care or something like that but by the time I posted this Trump is already the president so yeah

  5. Glad to be dislike number 900. Glad that 1 out of 10 people think that going behind the meme is a stupid waist of time and effort.

  6. turn 1 million into a billion dollar comapy and dont piss it all away then tell me its easy, these memes are weak bro

  7. the way I see it, is that America played a Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun, no matter who would have won both results would have ended in America getting fucked.

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