The BBC is FINE | Messi and FC Barcelona | REAL MADRID NEWS

I think the BBC is in good form, could they play better? Obviously. Until they all score more than one goal a match they can all improve. I’m happy with their performance, what I can tell you is that in the last match I can’t be happy with the first half that everyone played. Not just two or three players. We know that Keylor is an important player for us just like Kiko and Ruben, we never talk about him. We’ll see how we…. what’s the word…. how we’re going to organise things. Keylor is an important player for us but the same as Kiko who is doing a great job. We’ll see how things play out. We can play differently but probably something will change because we won’t have all players available, our idea is always, the same, we want the ball and we want to play on the rival’s pitch. We’ll see how tomorrow plays out but our idea is always the same, regardless of who plays. Yes, a lot worst, I don’t like that word though, I know you do, I don’t. The truth is that Messi is Messi, we know what he means for his team, it’s obviously different when he plays and doesn’t.

  1. Grave horror de zidan Messi es Messi y Keylor es Keylor los dos son !!!! Titulares , Casillas no es titular lo esta haciendo bien , pero no es titular esa es la diferencia, eso son los horrores de los entrenadores.

  2. Cr7 is good, he’s great , goal scorer , great athlete, sprinter …. but Messi is Messi no words to describe him. That’s why he’s the ultimate best you can’t just describe him there’s no enough words in the dictionary. You just have to watch him and feel thrilled.

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