The Atlantic slave trade: What too few textbooks told you – Anthony Hazard

Slavery, the treatment of human beings as property,
deprived of personal rights, has occurred in many forms
throughout the world. But one institution stands out for
both its global scale and its lasting legacy. The Atlantic slave trade, occurring from the late 15th
to the mid 19th century and spanning three continents, forcibly brought more than 10 million Africans
to the Americas. The impact it would leave affected
not only these slaves and their descendants, but the economies and histories
of large parts of the world. There had been centuries of contact
between Europe and Africa via the Mediterranean. But the Atlantic slave trade
began in the late 1400s with Portuguese colonies in West Africa, and Spanish settlement
of the Americas shortly after. The crops grown in the new colonies,
sugar cane, tobacco, and cotton, were labor intensive, and there were not enough settlers
or indentured servants to cultivate all the new land. American Natives were enslaved,
but many died from new diseases, while others effectively resisted. And so to meet the massive
demand for labor, the Europeans looked to Africa. African slavery had existed
for centuries in various forms. Some slaves were indentured servants, with a limited term
and the chance to buy one’s freedom. Others were more like European serfs. In some societies, slaves could
be part of a master’s family, own land, and even rise
to positions of power. But when white captains came offering
manufactured goods, weapons, and rum for slaves, African kings and merchants
had little reason to hesitate. They viewed the people they sold
not as fellow Africans but criminals, debtors,
or prisoners of war from rival tribes. By selling them, kings enriched
their own realms, and strengthened them
against neighboring enemies. African kingdoms prospered
from the slave trade, but meeting the European’s massive demand
created intense competition. Slavery replaced other criminal sentences, and capturing slaves
became a motivation for war, rather than its result. To defend themselves from slave raids, neighboring kingdoms
needed European firearms, which they also bought with slaves. The slave trade had become an arms race, altering societies and economies
across the continent. As for the slaves themselves,
they faced unimaginable brutality. After being marched
to slave forts on the coast, shaved to prevent lice, and branded, they were loaded onto ships
bound for the Americas. About 20% of them
would never see land again. Most captains of the day
were tight packers, cramming as many men
as possible below deck. While the lack of sanitation
caused many to die of disease, and others were thrown
overboard for being sick, or as discipline, the captain’s ensured their profits
by cutting off slave’s ears as proof of purchase. Some captives took matters
into their own hands. Many inland Africans
had never seen whites before, and thought them to be cannibals, constantly taking people away
and returning for more. Afraid of being eaten,
or just to avoid further suffering, they committed suicide
or starved themselves, believing that in death,
their souls would return home. Those who survived
were completley dehumanized, treated as mere cargo. Women and children were kept above deck
and abused by the crew, while the men were made to perform dances in order to keep them exercised
and curb rebellion. What happened to those Africans
who reached the New World and how the legacy of slavery
still affects their descendants today is fairly well known. But what is not often discussed is the effect that the Atlantic slave trade
had on Africa’s future. Not only did the continent lose
tens of millions of its able-bodied population, but because most of the slaves
taken were men, the long-term demographic
effect was even greater. When the slave trade was finally
outlawed in the Americas and Europe, the African kingdoms whose economies
it had come to dominate collapsed, leaving them open
to conquest and colonization. And the increased competition
and influx of European weapons fueled warfare and instability
that continues to this day. The Atlantic slave trade also contributed
to the development of racist ideology. Most African slavery had no deeper reason
than legal punishment or intertribal warfare, but the Europeans
who preached a universal religion, and who had long ago
outlawed enslaving fellow Christians, needed justification for a practice so obviously at odds
with their ideals of equality. So they claimed that
Africans were biologically inferior and destined to be slaves, making great efforts
to justify this theory. Thus, slavery in Europe and the Americas
acquired a racial basis, making it impossible for slaves
and their future descendants to attain equal status in society. In all of these ways, the Atlantic slave trade
was an injustice on a massive scale whose impact has continued
long after its abolition.

  1. you could actually list the names if those who owned the slaves ..its all recorded in an archive in England

  2. I forget the actual number, but it is only about 25% of the slaves brought to the Americas from Africa were traded for with other Africans. The majority of Africans transported to the Americas were captured by Europeans.

  3. So let's not explain why the Portugese imported 4x as many slaves to their colonies (ie: Brazil) than were imported to N. America but yet we have 3x more "Blacks" in the U.S than in Brazil? And 10 Million More in the U.S than the Caribbean when half of all the "slaves" were transported there?

    That's right. Y'all want us to believe we have no identity. Say we're from a continent with no affiliation so we have no claim to anything.

    #AfricanAmericansAintAfrican #WeWereAlwaysHere

  4. This For those who keep saying that slavery is an old subject it needs to be put to rest, and that we need to “let it go”….

  5. How did the slaves that were captured and sent East fare? And how are those numbers compared to those going west?

  6. And you’re telling me that this perspective was never taught in schools? That’s exactly the story I was told in school.

  7. 'But one example stands out for it's size, breadth & depravity'

    Straight off the bat, literally within seconds, it's white-smearing, BS propaganda. Of course it is, 'the Libs' would not be able to resist.

  8. Africans selling Africans? No. There is no way any kingdom would willingly want to sell off their most prizzed assets – People. And talking of criminals? There couldn't have been that many. Also, how about the many African kingdoms that resisted the European invaders and got defeated because they did not have guns?

    I believe the Europeans tricked and forced the African kings to comply or else…… I mean, don't we see that today? So this narrative is flawed. Perhaps to make the Europeans look less brutal.

  9. Don't talk about Muslim slavery which was even harsher, just like they love to bring up the crusades, they bring that up as why west has problems Muslim countries, but they never mention the over dozen times before that Muslims invaded Europe and killed millions of Christian's before the crusades!! Muslims always seem to get a free pass in recent history.

  10. @KATHERINE MACULE: Sister: your ignorance of known easy recent history is defeating your God given intellect. This is not some speculative theory. It is pure known fact. Africa had many tribal kings who had made war against each other and kept slaves for thousands, many thousands of years. But Africa was totally devoid of technology. Use your own mind to analyze this. They had no written language, NO BOOKS, NO SCHOOLS, NO GRAND CITYS, NO ROADS. THEY NEVER DEFEATED A SINGLE NATION IN BATTLE, THEY HAD NO GUNS, NO CHARIOTS, (WHICH WERE FEARSOME INSTRUMENTS OF WAR) NO GREAT OCEAN CROSSING SHIPS, NO DISCIPLINED MILITARY ARMYS.NO CANNONS….. DO YOU SEE?

  11. Does that mean south africa and the middle east's economies will collapse because all the waves of migrants into europe are 95% young healthy males?

  12. The UNITED STATES is constantly chastised over slavery and yet, no one bothers to talk about other nations that were as involved as deeply or more so. Seems that most people forget that it was AFRICAN BLACKS selling African blacks. Very few talk about the FACT that slavery still exists in other parts of the world. OH NO! Always has to be AMERICA that is the CENTER of the Bull's-EYE! Are people AFRAID to talk about the other nations and THEIR history with African slaves or the fact that slavery is still going on ELSEWHERE?

  13. The truth is it never happened the slaves were already here in America…20 an odd Africans arrived in 1619 that’s it to the America’s end of story !

  14. All, sold off by there own, free to go back at any time they wish? Yet, they stay put, makes one wonder?

  15. So humans were literal currency at one point in time, damn.
    EDIT: Wow, I had no idea that people would find this video offensive somehow.

  16. “What few textbooks told you” Funny that no text book talks about how europeans we’re enslaved by northern africans

  17. It's too bad they don't teach this in high school and show the truth about slavery and Africa owes them reparations not the whites

  18. blacks use mexican women for slaves and white kids, for slaves the ungrateful,full blacks are socialist, party recieve every thing give nothing

  19. Curious that you ignore the Muslim practice of slavery which began with the rise of Islam , perpetuated by Mohammed and has continued for over twelve hundred years with cruelty unmatched by any other society. Of course the narrative has to have the wicked white man at the centre of it all. History tells a different story. Slavery was and is a sin against humanity, but it was multi-racial business conducted across the world., with the strong taking advantage over the weak.

  20. I wonder how much of choice these Africannkings had in selling off ablebodied men… They could have refused, but then the Europeans would have gone to another tribe, or all out warfare between Africa and Europe would have happened then

  21. The white man's biggest mistake was the introduction of slavery; BIG MISTAKE!! Since GOD is a just GOD and what goes around comes around, Europe and the America's will be destroyed culturally thanks to SLAVERY.

  22. Atlantic slavetrade is only 3% of this African hobby culture and tradition. 97% was commited by Africans.

  23. I really don't care, after seeing this. No pity. I'm so sick of hearing how I'm responsible for something that happened so long ago. Sorry, not biting. I don't feel a bit guilty.

  24. white Irish were also sent to the plantations as slaved for the most simples of crimes ie poaching a rabbit for their starving families or ladies getting pregnant by the lord of the manor they never go home they were mated to bk slaves to produce light skinned slaves as house servants

  25. Love the video but part is wrong the kings in Africa thought the white men were taking the people away to get a better life …..they tell us that in school but its not true

  26. Yes, that’s what I’ve said, the nations that are poor today are still poor because of what happened long ago. Spanish Conquistadors stole the gold from the “New World” and that’s why they’re still poor today! British stole much of their wealth from colonies (slavery) and that’s why the colonies are still poor today! Etc.

  27. 12 milion ( atlantic slavetrade) VS 427 milion Domesticus hypocriticus….and to think they are forcing this negative cultural appropriation on US?!

  28. Vocal fry always signals a false narrative.
    Between 355,000 and 500,000 slaves were brought to British North America and the southern United States, until 1808.
    When narrators say “ten million”, or “tens of millions”, they need to be honest enough to mention that almost all went to the Caribbean and Latin America, and to further mention that the legacy of slavery remains far worse in those countries, than it does in the USA.

  29. This pale face Mutant Has been the cancer on this celestial body since the beginning So much inaccurate information on this video First of all lice are not attracted to indigenous people hair that’s a dog hair people problem

  30. Slavery has nothing to do with race and everything to do with vulnerability. We are all slaves just different degrees.degrees.

  31. And it's all TRUMP'S fault.
    If Bush was still president, it would be all BUSH'S fault.
    The MSLSD mindset

  32. As an African (100%) …well well …I will say this story is not concretely completely truthful but based on a general mental colonizing principle of societal alignments. Definitely keeps people shielded from the factual truth and more aligned with what colonizers taught u during their programming phase called school(lol make senses since they created it after all so, they can B.S as much )

  33. Bringing Blacks into their own land was the stupidest thing any Whites (the British colonists of America and, subsequently, the Americans) have ever done. The question isn't whether slavery was right or wrong…that's a moot point. The question is: Why weren't Blacks DEPORTED after emancipation?? Whites CAN'T live with them.

  34. If this is true that African Kings sold their own to European imperialist guns ,rum, and manufactured goods, why is Africa took over by Portuguese, Spain, Great Britain, Belgium, and Germany?? Then their land stolen, Africans put into slavery and countries in Africa being remapped???? Sometimes you have to question the European story? It reminds you of their werewolves and vampires stories they talk about to this day in 2019???🤔🙄

  35. America bought estimated 300k slaves total while other countries bought them by the millions Denmark had the least amount about 100k over. the same period. Slaves lived better in America and grew in numbers faster.

  36. 0:31 "more than 10 million…" in a few months…
    my research during this period has estimates into the BILLIONS bro! #FAIL

  37. Tell the truth, our story was told in reverse! How does sailboats carry millions over time? How does Africans know about American lands, we have a whole different type of dirt, and atmosphere.

  38. What other race had laws prohibiting their humanity? We're denied reparations while non-citizens obtained them? Everyone wants to point the finger and say "hey, we all did it", but this is a video about U.S Slavery; y'know, the most unique?

  39. I posted on here before. But, I am wondering if you ever read history of the Indian in the U.S.? About the wars they had between each other?

  40. there is alot of wrong info in this video,and alot of true facts left ever slavery has to be one of mans worst and horrible injustice to human beings.

  41. Africans were biologically superior which is why they were used as slaves contrary to what the speaker said.

  42. load of sht. africans showed the dutch what slaves were. africans have been brutally enslaving each other for thousands of years and brutally killed and tourtured them. No mention of the fact that only 2% were owned by white southerners. Jews owned more percapita than any other group.

  43. Stop saying Europeans, when you say Europeans it sounds like whites. It was the Spanish that had the explorers, boats and financial backing to find USA, South America and Carribean and showed white Europeans the way to USA !!

  44. 1, These people were sold by their african owners. 2. Jewish merchants facilitated the business. These are the essential facts commonly ignored.

  45. Just like the typical edomite to omit the part that Africans sold God's people the Hebrew Israelites. Always amazes me when an edomite try and describe our ancestral history.

  46. You are telling a lie mathematically impossible to bring 10 million people on sailboat to the United States you leaving out that the so-called blacks had already migrated from what is presently called Africa to what is presently called America we got enslave when the so-called white man came to America with their guns and enslave us stop telling lies and they also migrated two places that we call Japan China Russia Hawaii Australia Iraq Iran in all parts of Europe and India

  47. Also missing from modern text books is the plan Thomas Jefferson had to ship all slaves back to Africa. He had calculated how long it would take and how much it would have cost. Unfortunately, it was never implemented. I am sure it would have made slaves and blacks of today happier to be scratching out a living in the jungles and deserts of Africa. And it would have been so much better for America.

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